Mugabe owes us an apology: War veterans

WAR veterans have ordered former President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace to publicly apologise for “denigrating and disrespecting them” at the height of Zanu PF factional fights last year.


Addressing a former fighters’ indaba in Marondera last week, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association secretary-general Victor Matemadanda said nothing short of a public apology by the Mugabes would restore their broken relationship.

“It is known that all of us supported Mugabe. As for me, I remember when I kept a cutting of his picture from the Zambia Times before we came back to Rhodesia. I kept that picture for two years. Such was the love I had for the old man. But to think that he said I had no place in Zanu PF, that all of you are a welfare case, that is degrading of the highest order,” he said.

“Sure, here is a general who goes to war with soldiers and become victorious, upon returning he calls them dogs; he must apologise. Yes, they can pardon each other with [President Emmerson] Mnangagwa, but given what he did to us, he must be man enough and say ‘my children, I am sorry’,” he said.

The war veterans fell out with Mugabe, after they accused the G40 cabal of hijacking the party. Grace is on record attacking war veterans and at one time they were teargassed by police at the City Sports Centre in Harare, where they wanted to hold a meeting.

Matemadanda said Mugabe’s wife was ungrateful.

“His wife [Grace] reached the extent of saying who sent us to war. We want to reach the stage of forgiveness, but one has to admit their wrongs,” he said.

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  1. If Mugabe is to apologise to everyone he insulted during his reign he would need the rest of his life to do so because the list is just too long

    1. kkkkk damn right but charity begins at home (in this case Zanu PF or Zimbabwe). He will need another 37 years to apologize…

  2. Comment…Mugabe was right on those war vets. The war vets must apologise to the rural voters for the beatings, intimidation and forcing them to vote for zpf in order to keep Mugabe in power.

    1. how can you say Mugabe was right Both of them were wrong somewhere but Magabe was

  3. who doesn’t know that these war vets victimized and killed a lot of innocent civilians at their farms for the sake of power. They too(war vets) must apologize for the wicked things they did at the expense of protecting the Mugabes. They carried out the #short sleeve, # long sleep, # Takura Zimbabwe …..# drown with a stone tied to you…. that’s being wicked …. Just like Mugabe, you are smaller Mugabes… same ideology… it now time to get back to constitutionalism

  4. This Goblin MUST be chased out of Zim witi immediate effect. Am so surprised to find out that, you have the audacity and the temerity to keep on paying this old man all his full benefits when he was the one who destroyed Zim. WE DONT WANT HIS APOLOGY, WE WANT HIM OUT! OF ZIM. PLIZ DO US A FAVOUR, CHASE THIS OLD IDIOT.

  5. The war vets are just a bunch of nonsense.they too victimized and killed people for Mugabe to win elections forgetting elections were a constitutional right drafted after independence giving every Zimbabwean a right to vote for a leader of own choice.Let’s have Mugabe’s apology on 21st Gushungo holiday followed by the war vets apology to the people of Zimbabwe.

  6. The ED BBC interview left a gaping deficiency on accountability. This is, perhaps why war vets want an apology. Well, my take is:-
    1. RGM apologizes to everyone in Zim for the mess he created.
    2. ED apologizes to all opposition voters for Gukurahundi and boundless election terrorism.
    3. Chiwenga apologizes for electoral theft machinations.
    4. the war vets leadership apologizes for, mainly, rural (and urban) election terrorism.
    5. all Zanu PF members to apologize to all their neighbours for the misery they caused over the last 37 years.
    At the end of such an exercise there will be relief and FREEDOM for everyone!!

  7. Mugabe owes many people an apology for that matter and from the look of things he is going to owe nobody an apology, ED said this nongenarian must spend the rest of his days undisturbed.

  8. Regies Chingosho

    Both must apologise to the people of Zimbabwe for the wrongs they did during elections and the land reform.

  9. These old men are holding the country hostage until thier children can rule. The current Youth need to take this away from this old greedy men! We had enough!

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