Mugabe nephew dares Mnangagwa

Patrick Zhuwao, former President Robert Mugabe’s nephew, has warned President Emmerson Mnangagwa that his tenure in office would end in the ballot box this year, as his rivals were regrouping to vote him out.

BY Everson Mushava

The former Labour and Social welfare minister made the claims in a lengthy article on Saturday titled, The Zhuwao Brief Reloaded – #2018Resistance.

Zhuwao said 2018 will be a year of resistance against Mnangagwa and his military allies, warning a lot of aggrieved soldiers, persecuted Zanu PF members, ex-Rhodesians and members from opposition parties, who initially supported “the coup” hoping to get a share of the spoils, but now felt used, would vent their anger in the ballot box against the “current coup” in elections scheduled for this year.

“The Zimbabwean political environment is increasingly becoming ripe for straight-thinking and progressive Zimbabweans to come together in forming movements that advocate for the values enshrined in the Constitution, most notably the preamble and founding provisions set out in Chapter One with specific reference to Section 2 on the supremacy of the Constitution and section three on founding values and principles,” he wrote.

Mugabe resigned over a month ago after spending a week under military siege spearheaded by the former Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and now Vice-President, Constantino Chiwenga, to pave way for Mnangagwa’s ascendancy.
This forced many G40 stalwarts, who include Zhuwao, former Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo, former Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere to flee the country, while those who remained behind have been arbitrarily arrested on corruption allegations.

But Zhuwao, without giving evidence for his claims, said the arrests of G40 members were a sign that the “coup conspirators and terrorist junta” have been shaken by their rejection by the majority of Zanu PF population and were frantically scuttling the rebirth of the faction, through intimidation and arbitrary arrests.

“Such efforts will be met with an even more determined resolve for #2018Resistance,” Zhuwao said, adding he was ready to support any effort that “restores Zimbabweans’ infringed civil rights, liberties and democracy that has been stolen and plundered by the coup conspirators and terrorising junta”.

“These robber pirates threatened and have actually unleashed a reign of terror, extreme violence and disinformation for the purposes of self-serving and parochial individual interests totally devoid of the national interest.

“The military personnel that engaged in the illegal, unconstitutional and treasonous Operation Restore Legacy were authorised to keep, as spoils of robbery and piracy, whatever money, gold and diamonds that they came across.

There were no such spoils of robbery and piracy.

“What is in effect happening is that cash resources are being commandeered from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe ostensibly for ‘operations’, but in reality to appease restless elements, who did not get the expected, but non-existent spoils of robbery and piracy.

“This is made worse by the fact that disbursements of these commandeered resources is being done on a kinsmanship basis. Those that are not part of the inner circle and clique are also becoming part of the #2018Resistance movement.”

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  1. Kkk talking of sour grapes.

    1. G40 vs lacoste 2018

    2. Zhuwao is definitely depriving some village in Zvimba of an idiot. Diaspora 101: keep your mouth shut and find gainful employment usati wadyiwa nenhunzi.

  2. Gagagahaaa kkkkk! Umzukulu kakhulu bakithi nikisi. Sowaphela umbuso kakhulu wakho bhoyi

    1. Bazokunanka Joao!!

  3. Mgobhozi Wezintabeni

    He first denied that his uncle would relinquish power when the inevitable was obvious.Today he is indulging in another reverie.Organising people is not as simple as consuming whisky in the safety of foreign lands.Quite bitter because his uncle is out of power.Poor Zhuwawo! he should simply enjoy his whisky but the unfortunate part of it is that, the continued looting of state resources through the dynastic arrangement came to an abrupt end, unceremoniously for that matter.So he should spend the left overs carefully lest he becomes a vagrant.

    1. Very TRUE. The problem of the Mugabes is they thought they own us, zim as a nation, each & every insect within Zim and even the oxygen we are breathing. So Zhuwao ari kutoona achidzoka mupower nasekuru vake. Zvino zviroto zviroto.

  4. A sad lone voice crying in the wilderness, the guy is still suffering from a ‘political power’ hangover

  5. Kamunhu aka ndaakambokuudzayi hakana mukanwa.Vote you out kupi .Une vanhu vangani ko iwewe vangaita ngwenya vote out .Usangovukura .zuro ndizuro zve vaiti sekuru havabve .Iwe ndikakubata mustreet chaimo ndirikukubvisira fine .Haunganditorere musikana vangu iwe vachepa.Usatombofamba hako woga

    1. Asante Sana wandinakidza kkkkk

  6. Nyatsimba Mutota

    Zhuwao waifara iwe sekuru vako vachitishungurudza vachi-rigger ma-elections iwe. Gara pasi unyarare uti -hlo

  7. brighton Maposa

    Comment…Ibva apo.sekuru vako vakauraya nyika wakanyarara.

  8. Zhuwawo kkkkk should just keep quiet he should help his silly uncle to herd cattle kumusha. How dare does he now talk about progressive zimbabweans. Its sour grapes. Actually you should not talk about Zimbabwe, you are an alien.

  9. Don’t worry Patrick. It will take time to get used to being an ordinary person. However, don’t give sekuru nambuya fàlse hope.

  10. Tinemishonga yechibhoyi inobva kuMalawi inorapa zvirwere zvakawanda zvakasiyana siyana kusanganisira ma fibroids, asima, shuga, kuwedzera nguva pa bonde, (ma rounds and apetite), kukudza nhengo mumazuva gumi nemimwe yakawanda. fonai pa 0714066125. tinodhilivhara pachena muharare

  11. Chikomana asi hauna kupihwa munda kani pa land reform,,,,,kana usina enda unokumbira uncle just a piece of land urime fodya sevamwe uwanevo kamari,Zvakurwadzaka hauchanzi panyanga,,,,dindingwe rinonaka richakweva rimwe rokwevewa roti mavara angu azaravhu

  12. Mugabe never won an election since 1980. If Mnangagwa loses, that’s fine. That is the democracy that this country has never had under Zhuwawo’s uncle for decades. People go into positions in order to get out one of the days. Mugabe stifled this noble practice. But, thanks he is now out of the picture. The country can return to normality.

  13. Kuvukura….noku vukukura achingo vukura….

    Regai ivukukure.

  14. Even though we are so democratic in this country, a puppert of Mugabe like Zhuwau should keep zii after all these years of persecution by his uncle who never minded about anyone except for his family and inner circles. Wawata hako but unosungwa chete dont think you will go free. ZACC is closing on you if ever you did some misdemeneous like your fellow G40 cabal.

  15. The guy is simply telling us how he used to survivr during the Mugabe era. I once heard him preaching violence. He was a proud beneficiary of the violence land grabbing and killings. He must sit down and enjoy life in exile

  16. …and your uncle was an angel, ne”..mxm

  17. Zhuwawo ? He should simply know that it is over and he should not day dream .No one in his right mind would say what he is saying , its only that it is now painful to be ordinary. People no longer want to hear anymore about his uncle .

  18. Alien zhuwawo. Go to moza your country. You are just a bitter and ranting idiot. Mnangagwa is going to win the election. Tell this to that imbecile friend of yours called jonathan moyo. Imbwa yomunhu

  19. It’s you, Zhuwao, your uncle and your cohorts who truly robbed Zimbabweans of their resources and dignity. One family with TWELVE farms when policy says ONE family ONE form? You are a DISGRACE. No pun intended.


  21. Zhuwao needs rehabilitation. People will either vote for ZANU (PF) under ED, MDC-T, MDC, or Joyce. Anyone aligned to Mugabe will not get into power come what may. People are tired of the Mugabe dynasty in whatever form, thus Zhuwao should wake up from the day dreaming and know that when Zimbabweans from all walks of life came out in their numbers that Saturday, they were not welcoming ED and the new ZANU(PF), they were saying to Mugabe we no longer need you. Zimbabwe no longer Mugabe and his cronies in the political sphere, and no political party worth is salt will ever have the likes of Zhuwao, Kasukuwere, Chombo and Jonathan in its ranks. Zhuwao, you and the Mugabe dynasty are doomed and no one sympathises with you. Repent from your evil deeds.

  22. day dreaming shame mbavha ye munhu zvakaperaka chisingaperi chinoshura waiba usingachengeti imwe bvazvapera usingafungire saka wakurwadziwa kkkkk

  23. Eagle's eye & baboon's ears

    Lets comment on realistic minds and not insult for the future is unknown.I got something good from this alleged looter and possibly fraudster,(anyone is innocent until proven guilty);
    1.The change in leadership was a coup.
    2.Current Leaders plundered our natural resources.
    3.All along those in the ruling party were aware that the election environment was not ripe.
    4. Elections this year may be the first to be at least free and fair

    1. apa wavhara iwe murume ? What is a coup? Revise your history nicely? no more mafaro amaiita miuchitamba nenyika

  24. It’s Zhuwawo’s democratic right to voice his dissent. Infact, opposition voices are always welcome.

  25. Zhuwao is the type of guy to cause terror among the citizens to make his point clear. he never loved the people. Zhuwao is on record on calling Zimbabweans STUPID… if u think sanctions hurt the people, zhuwao can drop a bomb to kill all of us

  26. Can someone please help this Zhuwawo boy. Please take him to the psychiatrist.

  27. He is a lunatic and requires some serious mental examination. What was progressive about his G40’s insistence on a geriatric (uncle Bob) running for political office in 2018. You are off the feeding trough, dread. Welcome to the Povo and please go over your bitterness by smoking dagga. You are not needed in Zimbabwe.

  28. Just arriving Zhuwao? Never said a word when an autocratic despot was in charge. Hollow.

  29. Idiot Zhuwao keep were clapping hands when your uncle treated this country like personal property.With the situation you are now because of your family stupidity kana mbanje hadzivhari.You better stop smoking,you need serious counseling.

  30. The Crocodile and She Crocodile are frightened little Lizards and no amount of intimidation will stall their demise in 2018 elections. People are not fooled by this Junta’s deployment of paid CIOs to flood News Articles with dozens of comments seemingly supporting the illegal Military Junta.

    The Junta is a frightened lot and their end is 2018

    1. wakasara. the era of abusing the cio is gone, go into government right now cio are monitoring government departments and parastatals implementing reforms iwe uchiri kufunga zve zim yakare.

    2. False kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  31. so imi mose mukutuka zhuwawo ko ndiyani asina kupaticipater paivo vacho vapazvigaRO

  32. KKKKKKK Wanga wajaira kuba uchidya zvemahara nekuti sekuru vako vaibira nyika mari.uri kunyora rubbish. Kutonga kwaro garwe tiri kumhanya naro

  33. Dzoka kumusha ukumbire ruregerero,zimbos are a forgiving lot.zvimwe zvinopedzesera zvonzwisa vurombo.

    1. uuye neapolojersey. chipanga will loan you one or even give it to you for keeps

      1. Justin Manyenyere


  34. you can lick your wounds man. your despotic malume was kicked out. your benefitted from cronyism. what did you do to merit your being in government. leave mnangagwa alone. if he messes up we show him the door but that door will remain shut to you and the other corrupt G40 buffoons like kasukuwere. makanyangira yakaona kare. to hell with you. even if ED messes up your sekuru was something we want to quickly forget. plundered the country’s resources with your blubber mouth ambuya. crap

    1. Great going until you decided to resort to crude insults. That defeats the object of an intelligently written comment. Shame!

  35. Tajamuka uri kurasika papi? It is Zhuwao who is scared. Grace is scared. Jonathan is scared. Saviour is scared.

    1. Cruel Crocodile

      Jonathan Moyo and Saviour Kasukuwere were KILLED BY MNANGANGA AND CHIWENGAS JUNTA on Night of the Coup.

  36. Usanyepera vanhu Patrick.Its only you kumhuri kwenyu murikurwadziwa nekutonga kwevamwe nekuti maifunga kuti Zimbabwe ndeyenyu.Hapana zvauri kutaura “kungoukura chete”

  37. Iwe ngochani zhuwawu nyarara. Rwadziwawo sekurwadziwa kwatakaita kasekuru kako kachitonga. Dzoka kuno ku Zimbabwe udaire mhosva dzawakapara neka sekuru kako. You shit.

  38. I had no idea he knows the meaning of “INNER CIRCLE”.

  39. Suddenly Zhuwao, you are an authority on voter legitimacy! All along when the people were calling foe free and fair elections you and your principal turned away from those very calls and today you expect the people to pro your bent imagination. You go on to talk about various oppositions including ex- Rhodesians, are you mad???
    If any thing you have a very dangerous mind and we give credit to that to your uncle. Listen carefully, incase you missed out on issues while you were in self imposed exile. A lot has been done by way of bringing back work and other ethics (including clamping down on corruption) A new dawn is upon us. Take heed, When you are deep in shit, its best you shut up! least you draw attention to yourself and the long arm of the law will catch up with you. I am sure aware that many of us readers have come across your stories of corrupt conduct under your uncles administration which by the way was pro-corruption as long as there was no mention of change of president.
    This is a new Zimbabwe and we expect you to contribute positively to its development, so stop talking nonsense as the contents of your article lack intellect. The change of events has clearly upset you and has affected your thinking and from your article I can deduce that you are very emotionally charged. Have you considered therapy and perhaps a new hairstyle young man. If not then you should.

  40. eeeish kkkkk kanzwa kamwana ka Sabina

  41. You want to push for a resistance so that you and your crew are restored..? Who wants you? Who wants you?

    Do you think you can even win an election?

    Iron sharpeneth iron says the Bible. Gona ana gona wakevo. You are crazy. Look much damage your evil gvt did to this nation. How many died of political violence, how many had their rights violated. Now you are crying because you are now naked.

    No one wants you. Yes, you can go ahead and play your retaliation trick of sponsoring armed attacks… Rest assured, whichever way it goes, you are history. Bye

  42. Muka ubike doro. Uti Vadzimu vakaurasha. Kupera kunge chumi ndokwakaita mgabe ne mhuri. bastards. EDM has my vote

  43. Get a haircut and a job Pat. Your days are up ….

  44. “Reloaded” in the sense of having secured a qualitative brand of “weed”.

  45. Patric forgets that His own Uncle for the past 37 years he has killed, maimed, or made disappearance of many innocent people, including the atrocities in Midlands and Matabeleland .

  46. Ex-Rhodesians?? What all 12 of them? The “white” vote has always been negligible, lets get that out of the way.Now lets be clear the coup was to “restore legacy” code for the opposition will never win an election because the military said so quite clearly. Zanu pf will rule for ever amen.

  47. Msunu wakho wena nja. Uyanya wena mgodoyi

  48. Go to hell you bastard. Now you know that there is a constitution to uphold just because you are no longer in a position to loot. Didn’t you know about the constitution when your sekuru blugeoned innocent and peaciful demonstrators in Africa Unit Square? Where was the constitution when your sekuru wanted to make this country his family business? Where was the constitution when your mannerless mbuya Grace evicted innocent people from their land so as to satisfy her insatiable greedy desire to continue loot productive land in Mazoe? Do you remember very young children who were dumbed in the open by your crazy mbuya Grace, when it was very cold and drizzly in June last year (2017); where was the constitution then. Where was the constitution when your sekuru killed thousands of innocent people in Matabeleland; including Rashiwe Guzha, Kadzamara and many others? Usangohukure kunge imbwa ine rabbis!! Shut your smelly mouth. We will get you. You can run but you can’t hide; just like your fellow lootist Jono. Imbwa isina baba!!!!

    1. This Zhuwao idiot needs a thorough beating,we will get him he must be warned.i ask the special new government to give him to us for disciplining ajaira kuvukura sa musoro bhangu jonso

  49. Patireki wati tidzose sekuru nambuya here? Ndiyo resistance #2018 resitance here? Nyatsotaura nyaya yako chaiyo, wati tivhotere ani?

  50. Zhuwao of the Royal Family, chii chanetsa? Mari yema 51% yapera here?

    1. Ko mukoma wake rio mugabe aripi ambokatsvinya nzeve ka dread kakarohwa ne mogo pfutseki zhuwao

  51. hauna vanhu tibvire apo pasi newe

  52. kana mari yasekuru yapera wongovukura


  54. Iwe ZHWAU SHUT UP.Hee sekuru vangu will prefer dying for what he believes – NHASI VARIPI? Enda umorapwa flu isingaperi iyo you monkey.Zvakatopera you daydreamer!


  55. Mene Mene tekelfasin umambo hwapera Zhuwawo

  56. Hapana anokudai maG40. Go and rest, you have looted enough

  57. factual. only kt zvabva kuwrong person.mnangagwa was in government since 1980 and he is to be blamed much more than Zhuwao for everything we are crying of

  58. Ukabuda muZanu upenyu hwako huno svava kunge shizha rabva pana amai kkkkkk

  59. Zhuwawo you must remember your roots is Mozambique I think it’s high time we tell you that uri mwana wehure. Amai vako vakakuhura neMumoscan aifudza mombe kwasekuru vako ivavo Robert saka vana vemahure munonetsa kunzwisisa. To hell with your sekuru.

  60. True, this Moscan should go back to his roots. They think Zimbos are fools just becoz we are quite NO NO NO NO! YOU AND YOUR GOBLIN UNCLE BOB SHOULD LEAVE ZIM NOW!!!

  61. Vana vemusango vagara vanonetsa shuwa.

  62. Shut up already Zhuwao.

  63. Gospelmuparidzi

    patrick go and remove that mop on your head .wakapfeka chikorobho chekusukisa your already dirty are incapable of anything progressive you are a spoilt brat.getting jobs by nepotism im sure even pakuroora chibaby chakano batwa by ginya.manga ma jaira madisnyongoro.buda pachena .i tell you you will enjoy your last shit.garwe harisimpurwa.coup or no coup manga moda kutumbuka choya chewhite muchingodya mega huchi nemukaka .mbava todzi ziva asi we just dont want you telling us.pako pakapera and hamufe makatonga futi we will make sure to remind our children through ngano that you are ogres of an evil bloody empire.

  64. Pple shld look beyond hatred of G40 & Mugabe.Chiwengwa & MNAGAGWA STOLE USD$ 15billion from Zimbabwe & pple are celebrating these individuals as heros of Change. In Gweru they gave all the countries traditional chiefs 4×4 twincabes in a forced exchange for “sabuku nevanhu vake pakuvoter”Mark my words ZIM is not a changed state & the military “Command element” is busy looting & blocking dualisation of Hre-BBrdge Road coz they want their company to have the tender.

    1. Kana urimu g40 ingonyarara, sekuru venyu vakanzi vauye va taure nezve 15billion vakaramba, why is Zhuwawo out of the country when Uncle and Grace are freely partying in Zimbabwe.

      Does it mean when ED loses g40 has won? Thats why i voted ED. which people is Zhuwawo referring to who are going to vote out ED?

  65. Shallow despot Zhuwao. you will languish in self imposed exile. one thing we know is that you wish u were home but now you cant soon the spoils you gathered during the rein of sekuru bhobho will be finished.

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