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Moyo releases short film


SOUTH Africa-based Zimbabwean producer, Mthulisi Moyo, has released a short film, titled Mahlalela to Know the Truth, which portrays a man’s struggles to win a woman’s heart.


The film is set to be officially launched on January 30 by Diamond Studios.

Through the character Mahlalela, played by Moyo, one gets to appreciate the sacrifices that men are bound to make and capture a woman’s love, including approaching self-styled prophets for help.

Moyo told NewsDay that men of little means often face the greatest difficulties, as women often pandered to the whims of men with significant means.

“Mahlalela is proposing love to a woman and he fails to win her heart. He goes to a prophet that demands tears of a frog or R1 500, mucus of a lion or R1 500 and droppings of an eagle,” he said, adding that the man is eventually swindled after paying the money.

According to the storyline, the woman that has interested Moyo, Precious, does not reciprocate.

“Precious has no interest in Mahlalela and on that day, Mahlalela meets a young man called Small, who knows the girl very well. Mahlalela then begged him to propose love to the girl on his behalf. Small, who turns out to be a conman, keeps giving false information to him telling him that the girl had agreed to a relationship,” Moyo said.

Mahlalela later realises he had been conned and then continues in a fruitless cycle, seeking help from several other people in his love quest.

One of the lessons from the production is that people needed to be wary of con artists disguised as self-styled prophets.

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