Mnangagwa won’t campaign for gays

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa will not give gays and lesbians any special treatment, but will follow the Zimbabwean Constitution, which bans same-sex marriages.


Speaking to CNN’s Richard Quest at the just-ended World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Mnangagwa said it was not his duty to speak out for gay people, departing from former President Robert Mugabe’s hardline stance, which classified gays and lesbians as “worse than pigs and dogs”.

“Those people who want it are the people who should canvass for it, but it’s not my duty to campaign for this,” he said.

Pressed on whether he was going to change laws to allow same-sex marriage and protect the rights of gays, Mnangagwa turned to the Constitution saying his hands were tied.

“In our Constitution, it is banned — and it is my duty to obey my Constitution. With regard to areas that we felt we would not accept, it is issues of gays and homosexuality, which is unlawful in our country. We rejected all those.

“There are a few countries from Europe, which recommended we reconsider our position with regard to adults of the same sex marrying each other — that we rejected,” he said.

Mnangagwa also faced grilling on his claims that his government was turning a new page and looking to leave its past mistakes and focusing on the future.

“Those who want to live in the past can continue to live in the past. But those who want to see the future can look at what we are doing, and make a judgment of what we are doing,” he said.

Mnangagwa, who has been on record saying Zimbabwe is lagging behind by about 30 years, said it was time to implement policies that would ensure the country catches up.

“We have to say: Why are other economies in our region progressing? Why are other economies growing? Why do we not have direct investment coming into Zimbabwe? We must say: What did you see which constrains you from coming into our environment. When they do so, if we’re able, we’ll adjust the legislation and laws.”

Mnangagwa has already amended the Indigenisation Act, removing restrictive investment quotas, especially percentage ownership limits.

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  1. freedom is a key to prosperity, but some of these “freedoms” are an absolute indicator of weakness on the part of the leadership. practices like cross specie camaraderie (beastiality) and inter-generational mutuality / paedophilia are next in the pipeline.

    1. Homophobia is not about perversions being accepted as normal. Bestiality and paedophilia hurt children and animals. The root of homophobia is misogyny. So if women have to also live in a society that is misogynistic then they will not prosper either because the patriotic systems will keep them and their children down, just like it’s always been.

      Just want people to know, homophobia is not about disgust or rejecting something you think is abnormal, it is about hating the feminine. Africa hates women, not westernisation. That’s why these kinds of policies will hold Zimbabwe back, and true woke Africans won’t support people like him.

      1. is your line of reasoning that limited? the entire human race exits as a result of non homosexual relationships, and yet you geniuses decide to end our existence by promoting sick pervaded habits and you give it fancy names like gay rights. what is right about being gay?

        1. You couldn’t have said it better. We really don’t want this in our culture. If UN agreed to it, let it be for the countries and communities who voted for it.

          1. You don’t know a lot about your own history then. Homosexuality has been with us since the beginning of time, it was not brought to Africa by the white man.

        2. You seem to think your rights are interfered with when you allow others to have rights, that is very limited reasoning if you ask me.

          Well then other countries have no choice but to take in gay people on asylum from countries like Zimbabwe because they don’t have rights like you. Maybe you think that’s how it should be but I think a country must look after all of it’s citizens.

      2. Very silly…you fool

    2. How can you compare what two consenting adults do with paedophilia and beastality? Only a sick mind would do that. You are not better than a gay person simply because you are straight. Your reasoning pretty much proves that.

  2. Political leaders should not be forced to accept cultural changes called for by other political leaders of their countries.

  3. Ah its simple let the west import gays from zim.

    1. Correct. Let them import them and give us forex. We have no problem with that. Ngochani inongobhowa zvayo hama dzango. Honestly, dogs are far better than them.

      1. Craig Van de Meerwe

        Well dogs are NOT better than anyone really. The president spoke very well here. He didn’t insult anyone, but was clear that the constitution (Drafted by the people of Zimbabwe) is against that practice. No name calling, no insults…just plain brain.

  4. These are the last days according to the word of God, and sinners are no longer ashamed, they sin in the open daylight and they no longer hide their sins unlike a few years ago.Anything against the word of God will never be normal under the earth, no matter legalised through the human law or not and those who approve such laws do it for other reasons (finance or bitterness) but within them they feel guilty all the time coz human nature (spirit,body & soul)are spiritually connected to God and his word no matter one likes it or not. Gayism and lesbianism are a sin before God and God will destroy all those who don’t repent.
    Read Genesis 19 and know where gays and lesbians are headed-total destruction.
    The devil is very clever and is a deceiver Revelation 12 vs 9, Revelation 20 vs 2-3, Revelation 20 vs 7-10. Read and you will know what I mean.

  5. Tyson Kasukuwere

    Anyone is free to do what they want with any part of their bodies as long as they do it to themselves or with consenting adults. A country can not prioritise hatred for what someone decides to do with their hidden body parts. Its none of anyone’s business as long as its not in public or forced on non-consenting pple or children. We cant police people’s waste holes. It doesnt make sense.

    1. @Kasukuwere, well said brother. Good words.

    2. Amen Tyson!

  6. what a headline .Who should campaign for who? Them or him?

  7. Comment…shrewed leader

  8. No ways not in Zimbabwe. We will not allow gays and lesbians after all mahure awanda in town day and night. We respect our Constitution when it comes to the issue of Gays and Lesbians.

  9. Who is better a corrupt, murderous and selfish minister and a gay or lesbian who did not ask for anything from anyone???

    Zimbabweans are good at condemning what is not important to their personal lives whilst ignoring or sometimes cheering at their politicians destroying their lives and the future of their children. 15 billion went missing but not many of them gave it a fuck. Talk about gay or lesbian rights and see if they will not kill you.

    1. Non are better, we should never condone any of it.

    2. Izvi hazvimboda ku swero taura izvi muno muZimbabwe hatidi ngochani. vanodzida endai kunyika inodzida muno kwete. Tingava takabirwa 15 billion haina basa pane our moral values. Hazvishande kunzi tine mari tisina hunu. saka kana muchidzida endai ikoko. We are not satanist here. Ngochani taramba dogs and pigs are far better than them.

      1. Well said better lose money than lose Ubuntu/unhu. We will never accept this level of degradation.

    3. @Nyanduri, A very good comment my brother.

    4. Vanhu vashe kana usati wambonyengwa nemumwe murume achitofungira pfungwa you wont see kuipa kwazvo, come to cape town muwone kuipa kwehungochani

  10. No one but themselves shall be governors of their boot packs. If they tear themselves, its theirs. Why do u care? all who say its horrible are just jealous.

  11. You may hate the response of the president or love it but sin will always be sin. If the owner of the earth hates it does not matter how man countries have legalised it. It will remain a sin before God Romans 1 verses 25-27. Knowing what is right is not being backward zve 15 billion isina kuwanikwa imwewo nyaya but hazvitadzise munhu kuramba hungochani hwakaipa kani. People needs deliverance kani. Knowing how an African man wants to felt kana aripamba pake no matter murombo akaita sei he wants his position wozomuona apfunya chisero achipfugamira mumwe murume iye woita mudzimai haaaaaa musatambe nemadhimoni. Seing a lady calling another my girlfriend usadadherere hakuna kupusa kwakadai its a spirit yakaipa. Hell is real don’t waste time get deliverance

    1. I stopped reading when you started quoting verses. This ED was responsible for the deaths of thousands of Zimbabweans and you are trying to portray him as some saint for not supporting gay rights. Religion is a curse upon Africa. People cannot reason for themselves.

  12. I does not make sense to call African a Sh***hole when you find please in another man’s sh**hole. That place is meant for waste material unwanted by the body and it stinks that is why we buy fresheners to try and kill the smell in rest rooms and another man takes it to the bedroom and enjoy it. Shame on you. You actually think that you are a human being? You are a beast. Even animals will not make such mistakes tingadai tanzwa nemacross breed emhuka musango umo. Godo haribati tsoko even though both are apes

  13. It’s far better to sleep on an empty stomach than to bend over & sell one’s soul to the devil

  14. I don’t even have enough courage to stick my finger up my own butt hole, how I can even dream of putting my valuable equipment into another man’s hole is just unimaginable

  15. Tell me guys, if you are offered a dog, a pig or a gay person, which one would you take.
    That shows you which one is better.

  16. Smart answers Mr President. At least you are sober and smart upstairs!

  17. Lesbians Gays Bisexuls and Transgender pple have the rights similar to straight pple and should be respected. In Zim we have GALZ offices in Belvedere meaning to say, LGBT pple are here to stay.
    Lord bless LGBT pple.

  18. You might complain, shout or cry crimson tears but the truth is, you dont know what happens under the roofs or behind the curtains of most Zimbabwean hses. Its same as banning mbanje but the truth is mbamje is being smoked everyday.
    If Gays, lesbians or bisexuals chose to love each other, its non of any straight person’s business. NDIMI HERE MUNENGE MUCHIKWIRWA KANA KUKWIRA???

  19. gays and lesbians are brothers and sisters to the devil,we dont want to see them in our beautiful country,they shud continue doin it secretly,let them go to those countries where such wicked practises are legalised.Let them go to hell.We are tokin abt a sin that made God to leave heaven and come down to Sodom to find out whether or not it was really happening tht a man He created can sleep wth anthr man,people.LGBT go to hell,i said so.

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