Mnangagwa is illegitimate – Mujuru

NATIONAL People’s Party leader, Joice Mujuru is rekindling her old internal Zanu PF rivalry with President Emmerson Mnangagwa after calling him an “illegitimate coup leader”, whose power rests in the military.


In a statement, Mujuru, who was ousted from Zanu PF following a showdown with Mnangagwa, said the current government lacks legitimacy.

Also leader of the People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC), while applauding the position taken by the European Union (EU) on Zimbabwe, Mujuru attacked her former foe, whose inauguration she ironically attended in November last year .

“The adoption of such fundamental conclusions goes a long way in vindicating PRC’s consistent and firmly stated position that the new administration is a product of a military coup, it is an administration that lacks both legitimacy and legality to govern the people of Zimbabwe. Resultantly, there can be no doubt that the country is in need of genuine political transition back to the imperatives of constitutionalism and the rule of law,” Mujuru said, through her spokesperson, Gift Nyandoro.
Mujuru said the country remained under military rule and called on Mnangagwa provide a transitional mechanism for a return to constitutional order.

Mnangagwa has promised to have free and fair elections within five months, which will be open to observers including those from EU.

He has also called on Zimbabweans to desist from intimidation and violence ahead of the polls.

Mujuru also demanded that Mnangagwa provide access to the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation for all parties and remove the military from electoral processes.

Meanwhile, PRC will be rolling out provincial rallies beginning tomorrow in Mashonaland Central to woo votes ahead of the elections to be held in five months.

“Mujuru and her team shall be embarking on a ‘meet the people programme’ that will see her visit all the provinces in the country within the next two weeks. All team leaders are required to prepare for this programme in their respective provinces,” Nyandoro said.

In an interview yesterday, Nyandoro said this was testimony that PRC was “already in election mode”.

“That is a programme of action. The process of compiling the diary and rationalising the dates and time is underway, and that should be done by this Friday (tomorrow). Probably this coming Friday, she will start in Mashonaland Central, where she will have four provincial leadership meetings.

“On Saturday, she will be in Mashonaland East. Harare comes next. It’s a rollercoaster exercise that we have since started. As the PRC, we are now in election mode,” Nyandoro said.

PRC brings together the People’s Democratic Party faction led by Lucia Matibenga, Zimbabweans United for Democracy led by Farai Mbira and the Democratic Assembly for Reform and Empowerment, whose leader is Gilbert Dzikiti.

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  1. He knows it, that is why he is lobbying for elections. She is now losing it.

  2. Lets Make Progress

    The new Zimbabwe roller coaster is moving fast she better gives way before she is made useless and completely irrelevant.

  3. She is just an Empty vessel,she was in the same government doing nothing to save the nation but instead she was busy concentrating on her businesses.Only a fool would follow that woman she proved already that she is not capable of leading the country just because she was not included in the system she now wants to bring confusion to the people.She is already in the Titanic zvakatopera Amai endai Kumusha we want a new Zimbabwe without your support.

  4. if he is an illegitimate leader why then did she attend his inauguration

  5. well said mai mujuru tht is why ED is saying lets go to elections in july so i dont see why u are complaining

  6. Mujuru we are better off than during the dynasty of MUGABE. Now we can freely express ourselves unlike during Mugabe era. Yes his rise to the presidence involves military hand but we Zimbabweans celebrated that too. So far so good ne Ngwena. No PORISI muroad mama Mujuru. Tongofamba ne mota dzisina mavhiri porisi yakangotarisa. Ungatoidiiii

    1. and u celebrate using unroadworthy vehicle as a milestone, no wonder why we are in this mess. but the good thing is when u are involved in an accident the police will be there with those red blankets and a steel coffin to take u to the morgue, vana vako kana unavo usiri ngomwa ndivo vanochema not the police. be and act responsibly.

      1. I agree he took it too far but basically, the police had become major contributors to road carnage through their rampant corruption

  7. You wording Madam makes you look stupid. You were all smiles shaking his hands. Now he is an illegitimate President. Come on. Don’t have double standards. Try a different approach.

  8. Comment…Mujuru has nothing to offer besides critising Munangagwa Coup or no Coup Munangagwa helped millions to get rid of Mugabe and we are very happy about ED he is advocating for early peaceful elections wht do yu want him to do Come elections Joice and your team the whole country yu wouldnt gather 50000 votes betta yu shut up

  9. Euphemistically, this is a caretaker govt. To Mujuru, the foundation on which is built may raise eyebrows but the end justifies the means. The main purpose of the current govt set up is to offer the people a chance to elect their leaders uncoercingly. Remotely, Mujuru has a point albeit gravitated by ill will.

  10. The current leadership is doing exceptionally well and Zimbabwe has changed within a shorter time for better than expected. We have a president who is tolerate and has vision. ED is doing an excellent job lets give him support.
    I agree with the issue of giving air space on ZBC to other parties just like in S.A but i believe all wrongs can not be corrected at once. Attacking personalities shows Mujuru has grudges and is subjective instead of being objective. Point out Principles and policies that need to be revisited and not personalities.

  11. kkk iiii anamujuru askana.chinjai trade kwete kungodhomoka panevakuru.kana mazogara zivai kuti kutonga kwaro.let ED be okay..

  12. Amai ure here to put confusion to the Zimbabweans,please stay away from Zim politics

  13. Danai Pazvagozha

    Sisi Joy, why did you not give MDC radio access when you were VP before being dislodged by Grace? Joyce, do you think you have any chance to be voted for. Why. You just remained silent when your hsband was assasinated. You never demanded to know cause of his death. why did you not hire foreign pathologists. Because you feared to lose post from Mugabe. silly

  14. Comment…Mashonaland east, Mashonaland west and Mashonaland west will go to Mujuru. ED superitending the intimidation of voters by the organised collection of voters registration slip serial numbers. ED has not said a single word about this planned rigging.

    1. Mujuru haana vanhu Cde politics is a game of numbers and all Mashonaland Provinces are ZANU-PF strongholds

  15. If she can explain the big smile that split her face in half for the duration of ED’s inauguration then we can take her seriously.

  16. Way To Go Dr Joice Mujuru! We are fully behind you supporting you all the way.

  17. Runaida should just shut her mouth. If it is an illegitimate government why did she then attend the inauguration. She is just bitter that she is not party of the new administration. This so called PRC thing is a waste of time and no serious voter will take this bunch of loosers seriously. Politics is a game of numbers Joice and thats the painful truth.

  18. politicians in zim are evil and dirty let them play their game and leave us alone. you are birds of the same plumage may the Lord have mercy on you all

  19. Grace you are nothing just live our country and our President (ED) what do you want, pliz be mature enough kungorespecter vamwe vanhu so ita lol takzoshaya respect manje

  20. Comment…fuck

  21. mbavha dzese idzi

  22. Let’s give the man a chance

  23. Comment…leave ED alone let the man DO his business you Mujuru close your mouth remember you have forged Degree so please just shut up your mouth we want our Diamonds you took from Chiyadzwa, you are SO jealous about ED and you don’t want to see Zimbabweans people working with investors we can SEE not soolong you where crying about the package from our government.

  24. Comment…jealous empty politicians, ED has done something better for over 37 years in a short he has managed to crack down corruption Viva ED Viva

  25. They is total nothing Mnangagwa has done to this country since he was put in power by soldiers 5 weeks ago .Long ques at banks across the country remain the same no jobs only threatening poor vendors . Prices gone up in shops Any one saying Mnangagwa has changed things say what did he change . Mujuru is just repeating what everyone knows already . Mugabe was removed by soldiers not by pple and that means they committed a coup AND when we celebrated Mugabe removal some fools thought we were supporting Mnangagwa demity heeish

  26. We have a picture of Joice Mujuru heartily congratulating ED in his inauguration. This woman is a snake. Mugabe was right in firing her.

  27. Aaaaaah, so who is legitimate, isn’t it you guys were also saying Mugabe rigged the elections? So to you Mugabe is a better devil? At least Munangagwa did the nation proud by getting rid of Mugabe in record time. The whole nation including yourself celebrated. He has brought peace to Zimbabwe. You were fired by Mugabe and never complained because Mugabe couldn’t take criticism, now you have been liberated you find it to be abusive. Tirikutoida Ngwena iyoyo, endai munofa na spokeshusbund wenyu.

  28. Joyce just wants to be in power, how she gets there does not matter. Tried to go it alone, joined forces with MDC, now with Grace and still dololo. Why would Zimbabweans want such a daft lady for President?

  29. mnangagwa is a better president than mai mujuru,

  30. Your Name (required):

    we need aur new president let’s give him a chance

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