Man in trouble for killing rapist

Police in Mutoko have arrested a 51-year-old man on allegations of murdering an intruder he caught red-handed raping his 15-year-old daughter.

By Jairos Saunyama

Chakanetsa Nyakabau, of Karidza village under Chief Chimoyo, is accused of murdering Tawanda Nyamukacha of Kanyenze village after catching him raping his daughter.

Mashonaland East province acting police spokesperson Inspector Tendai Mwanza confirmed the incident and urged the people not to take the law into their own hands.

“We urge the public not to take the law into their own hands. They must desist from applying instant justice when effecting citizen arrest to avoid such cases,” he said.

According to the police, on January 18 at around 1am, the now-deceased went to Nyakabau’s homestead and forcibly entered a spare bedroom, where the accused’s daughter was sleeping.

It is alleged that Nyamukacha then attempted to rape the juvenile, who screamed for help, thereby, alerting her father, who woke up to investigate.

It is reported that Nyamukacha was caught in the act by the suspect, who then tied his legs and hands with a rope.

It is said the suspect then assaulted the now-deceased with an ox harness several times all over the body before taking him to Makosa Police Station, where he intended to file a report.

It is said while on the way to the police station, Nyamukacha complained of dizziness, collapsed and died.

Nyakabau proceeded to the station and reported the matter to the police, who attended the scene and arrested him.

The deceased’s body was taken to the Mutoko District Hospital mortuary for post-mortem.


  1. Munhu anorepa ndezvake izvo…Women rights groups pindirawo musapote baba avo…Down with rapists…He can go to hell

  2. nhai nhai rapist ngaarohwe paaabatirwa ipapo

  3. I would like to say kudos to Mr Nyakabau for killing the social misfit Nyamukacha.The rapist truly deserved to die and am glad he is no more.Other would-be rapists in that area have been forewarned I think.Anyone who feels pity for a rapist should have his/her head examined carefully because that is a case of abnormality.Mr Nyakabau did not the law into his hands but did the right thing any normal person would do,defend the life of his daughter.The area is safer without his presence.

  4. a rapist deserve to die, because rapping others hayiiii its truly unfair, just imargin if she is your daughter hayiiiii kill or punch to death any rapist.200%

  5. Tru guys,arresting him for what protecting his daughter…police yashaya zvekuita iyo,ngaiende inotsvaga the missing 15 billion and the culprits nxaa..

    1. Taura hako

  6. The man should be freed.He was protecting his family,If I’m to find myself in the same situation I would do the same or even more.Kudos kunaMdara avo

  7. Hanzi desist from taking law into your own hands, while they watch?!
    Ticharamba tichiponda varume vanobata vana chibharo.

    bull shit! they should do something about it so that we don’t take the law into action!

  8. In as much as we should not take the law into our own hands. raping is raping, there is no way it can be right. Too bad the rapist had to die but non the less no one should be arrested for defending your own child.

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