I have always been Mnangagwa’s party boy: Chiyangwa

Cosafa president Philip Chiyangwa

FOOTBALL administrator and Zanu PF central committee member, Philip Chiyangwa, has claimed to be the brains behind the infamous 2004 Tsholotsho Declaration, adding he has always been President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s “party boy” since 1994.


Addressing mourners at the late Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) deputy director, Nixon Chirinda’s funeral in Chinhoyi yesterday, Chiyangwa said the precursor to the Tsholotsho meeting, which led to the axing of several Zanu PF provincial chairpersons, was held at his rural home in Zvimba.

He said contrary to public perception that the indaba was meant to plot former President Robert Mugabe’s downfall, the agenda of the meeting was to elevate Mnangagwa to the Vice-Presidency to replace the late Simon Muzenda.

“I fought in President Mnangagwa’s corner during the Tsholotsho Declaration,” Chiyangwa said.

“Remember the meeting was held at my Zvimba rural home to elevate President Mnangagwa to replace the late Vice-President Simon Muzenda.

“In fact, I was appointed the fundraising chairperson of Zanu PF by President Mnangagwa in 1994 [and] since then, I have always been his party boy contrary to what others say.”

Chiyangwa, long considered to be closely related to Mugabe, said the initial indaba was attended by Local Government minister July Moyo, former politburo member, Jonathan Moyo, ex-war veterans leader, Jabulani Sibanda and National Assembly Speaker Jacob Mudenda.

“Mugabe lied in Bindura that I wanted to replace him with President Mnangagwa, that’s not the truth . . . I wanted Mnangagwa to be elevated to the position of Vice-President,” he said.

Chirinda, who died in an horrific road accident on Saturday night, was declared a provincial liberation war hero and will be buried at Glen Forest Memorial Park in Harare on Saturday.


  1. KKKKKK, Mr. Chiyangwa, are you forgetting that yesterday chaiye you were saying MUNHU WESE KUNA MAMA wani. Please stop it.

  2. Chirinda, who died in an horrific road accident on Saturday night, was declared a provincial liberation war hero and will be buried at Glen Forest Memorial Park in Harare on Saturday.what has this to do with the story above??

    1. What are you smoking? PC was addressing people at the funeral of this CIO agent…read the story again.

  3. This man is consistently moving with the wind. Where the wind blows you will find him there! He was a Rhodesian policeman, then a Muzorewa loyalist, then a Mugabe loyalist, then an Amai loyalist and now a Munangagwa loyalist.

  4. That is how madzakutsvaku behave, Fidza is land baron , he must face the wrath of the law , he is Mashayamombe and Chombo’s partner .

  5. Vibes , the statement is related to the story. Chiyangwa was speaking at the funeral of the late Chirinda. Refer to the second paragraph

  6. Always a happy occasion when the evil die! The good ones are blessed with long lives…soon to be 94!

    1. It can be a long miserable life – not worth it!! Quality of life counts.

      1. I guess to you being a President is poor quality of life! Give me that poor quality any day and lets be happy for this dead one then. We are on same page

  7. The day MDC-T comes into power Chiyangwa will claim he’s the one who formed it back in 1998 kkkk

  8. Chiyangwa ihwenyakwese iyi.

  9. It has always been clear to me and other thinking citizens that the so-called Tsholotsho declaration was about ED succeeding VP Muzenda. Any other version was/is an obvious and mischievous lie. Well said Firip.

  10. The maverick BOOT-LICKER finally steps in!!!

  11. Ian Muteto Makone

    Chiyangwa, please just shut up.

  12. Fidza ,Fidza please we do not have thin memories only yesterday you ran a video on social media on your way to Amai rally in Mt Darwin singing all sorts of praise songs and that still lingers in the minds of many, you have never been anyone’s party boy, but a racketeer of all sorts, and that is what you are known for.

  13. “Party boy..” Hapana kupeta muswe kunopfuura apa.

  14. mandebele Lusaba

    Comment…lunacy at it’s best. fooling who really kkk ayi.

  15. Gukurume ReMasvingo

    Fidza kunyarara kwanga kuchiita vanhu vakanganwe kuti uriko. Zvino yep yep ichakusungirira
    You surpass a chameleon in changing colours

  16. Once a close relative of former president Mugabe that never was. Now always have been Mnangagwa’s party boy. Does it surprise you why I can never be a politician

  17. Comment…You need to appreciate Marxism inorder to understand Phillip Chiyangwa’s actions.

  18. Kunyepa vana Chiyangwa kuda kuti uwane kuba pasina anokubata pane asingaiwe here kuti u brought yourself close to the Mugabes to get the illgotten wealth u now brag about. Kana Gudo rikanzi ndiro rawe president unototi ndine ndakakwira mugomo kurishedza kuti riite president.

  19. At long last! I have been waiting to hear from you Fidza. You never disappoint, you always perform as expected – a slicky, slithering spineless snake. Who do you think yore fooling, ED?

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