Gukurahundi planned in 1979: Dabengwa

ZAPU leader, Dumiso Dabengwa on Friday sensationally claimed that Gukurahundi was planned in 1979 during the Lancaster House talks, adding he still has more to reveal about the 1980s mass killings that left over 20 000 civilians in the Matabeleland and Midlands provinces dead.


Dabengwa was making a presentation at a policy dialogue forum organised by Southern African Political Economy Series (Sapes) Trust, in conjunction with the Women in Leadership Development (WILD), that was attended by tens of Bulawayo residents.

The discussion where other panelists, who included renowned human rights activist Elinor Sisulu, academic Martin Rupiya and Open Society for Southern Africa director Sipho Malunga, spoke about the need to address the issue of the killings in Matabeleland and Midlands provinces by the North Korea-trained Fifth Brigade soon after independence, was held under the theme: Gukurahundi: Towards a National Dialogue.

The same panel had tackled the topic in Harare where suspected Zanu PF youths tried to disrupt the event.

Dabengwa told the gathering that former President Robert Mugabe, current President Emmerson Mnangagwa and some army generals were in 1979 told Zapu and Zipra were “enemies of the State”.

“During the Lancaster House talks, when it became clear to our colleagues in Zanu PF that the British had preferred them to be the victors in the 1980 elections it is then that they planned to make sure that Zapu and Zipra were dealt with. Zapu and Zipra were the enemies.

“This was said in front of Mugabe, in front of Mnangagwa, in front of [the late Solomon] Mujuru, [the late Zipra commander Lookout] Masuku, Ken Flower and Peter Walls by one of the majors in the intelligence service of Zimbabwe. This is why I am saying Gukurahundi was planned as way back as 1979,” he said.

Dabengwa said one of the majors serving in the intelligence service of Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia), who gave a security briefing of what threats the country could possibly face after independence said Mozambique, Malawi, Botswana, Namibia were not threats.

“Then he (major) said, we only have one enemy and that threat is Zapu, that threat is Zipra. I am saying for the first time.
Some people will not know, ask Mugabe, Mnangagwa … I was the only one who tried to intervene and find out what this army major was trying to say. I was sitting next to Mugabe during the security briefing and asked him (major) ‘are you telling the Prime Minister that I am the enemy’ and he said to Mugabe that the enemy next to you is Zapu and Zipra. This is why I am saying Gukurahundi was planned as way back as 1979,” he said.

Dabengwa, who was detained, even after being acquitted by the courts during the Gukurahundi era, said Mnangagwa now had an opportunity to lead the country to national healing by resolving outstanding issues over Gukurahundi.

Mnangagwa, last week signed into law the National Peace and Reconciliation Bill (NPRC) to operationalise the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission, setting a framework on how the commission will conduct its duties in addressing past human rights violations such as Gukurahundi and Operation Murambatsvina, among others.

When contacted for comment by Southern Eye on Saturday, Dabengwa refused to reveal the name of the said major: “I deliberately did not mention his name, but will mention it at the right time.”

“The only way to move past this terrible episode is to address it head on,” he added. “If the authorities seriously want to address this issue, there are many like me, who despite being victims, are ready to peacefully resolve this issue and heal our country.”

Sapes Trust director, Ibbo Mandaza said Mnangagwa’s bid to win this year’s elections could go up in smoke if he fails to deal with the thorny Gukurahundi issue.

“Mnangagwa is in trouble electorally,” he said. “He underestimates the toxicity of the Gukurahundi issue and its electoral implications. If he fails to enchant and Mashonaland West and Central, he is headed for a train smash defeat in 2018.”

Mnangagwa’s predecessor Mugabe had suppressed debate over the atrocities and the meetings in Harare and Bulawayo, were the first to be held without disruption by the State.

Mandaza said he had never imagined that the topic could unify the people of Matabeleland in such a manner.

Malunga, whose father Sidney, a PF Zapu stalwart, was a victim of Gukurahundi called for tolerance, saying attempts to silence debate on the subject were doomed.

“On Gukurahundi no efforts, will succeed to deligitimise victims including myself,” he said. “I don’t need anyone to validate me or my victimhood. I have said many times that I am a victim and there are thousands others more, who are not able to speak for themselves because they were killed and more because they are afraid.”

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  1. Gukurahundi my foot. Compensation should start from the time Ndebele robbed Shona of their properties and girls.Ndebeles killed Shona at Entumbane and should not pretend they have nothing to Account. Mutikwanire vana Davengwa

    1. Umkhonto ka Shaka

      when Mzilikazi raided Mambo it was fist to fist and assegai to assegai and the powerful won the territory,it was how different tribes of old age lived and but gukurahundi was guns,machetes,grenade against innocent souls or if it was a battle they should not have demobilised ZIPRA forces for gukurahundi to be termed a territorial battle

    2. How uninformed; or plain stupid, due to denial, can one get? Give us one bit of evidence that supports your outrageous claims. Taking the emotional route is not the right way to go. It only exposes a weak, insecure and fearful character. The 1980s genocide waged against Ndebele people claimed the lives of over 50,000 unarmed innocents. You’ll have to get used to that fact together with the reality that those agitating for justice concerning this matter will not rest until justice is served!

  2. Nonsense Dabengwa and now you have lost the plot, and i now doubt your military supremo title with this recent load of crap from your mouth.

  3. Ibo Mandaza is a known G40 cadre who celebrated when former president Mugabe intervened to stop the expulsion of Saviour Kasukuwere from the party which was otherwise quite apparent in mid-2017. He said then that by preventing the ouster of Kasukuwere from the party Mugabe had foiled a coup by Mnangagwa and others.
    To his surprise E D will win elections in the whole country whether he, Mandaza, likes it or not, whether he says it or not.
    Why fail to talk about Enos Nkala who was anti-ZAPU and very anti-NKOMO. Everyone knows that E D was a nonentity in the party in 1979. There were other people who pulled the strings but, that he is now president, facts can be invented to smear his name and person with mud.
    By the way, the security agent would have been dull to cite Namibia as being no threat because that country only became independent in 1990, eleven years after 1979.
    Dabengwa got his facts wrong there, and may have gotten them wrong in other respects.

  4. Why now? Gukurahundi is an easy way of seeking relevance and attracting cheap publicity among academics and unsuccessful politicians. To NGOs it also serves the same purpose, but more importantly, it is a cash cow.To get money from donors one has to keep making noise and ruffling feathers of the establishment.As we face elections the noise about Gukurahundi will be ratcheted up. Such people had decades to confront Mugabe about Gukurahundi but they never did so in any meaningful way. Mugabe was never liked in Matabeleland but he always won elections nationally. It is not therefore impossible for the country’s new leaders to also win. Dabengwa is essentially a good man but should be wary of individuals and organisations seeking to profit from his name.

    1. Because it was unresolved. You cant bury your head in the sand and expect a raging fire to die without you fighting it. ED is right to take it head-on.

  5. It is so sad that reporters and fools become expert investigators.
    I investigated thoroughly and spoke with the man who organisaed it and was proud of his achievement Tim Sutton.Price in phtchological warfare.
    He said it was the bestv operation of his career.
    There was the cold war and Mugabe had turned to Russia.
    South Africa was concerned that the independence struggle would move to them.
    At independence he said he employed locals which in home affairs to destabilise the terrs and transferred them to the SA payroll.
    If they sent them to Matabeleland to stir up violence Mugabe would be forced to send in the army, not trusting the integrated army he would use the fifth brigade.
    he would train mercenaries accoross the border in Botswana and Mozambique and when the fifth brigsde moved in attack from all sides. Due to the cold war SA brit intelligence approved the plan to disgrace Mugabe.
    Then under threat of international prosecution Mugabe would resume trading with the West.
    journalists in Zimbabwe are not bright and exteremely gullible and would blame Mugabe and they did.
    Iasked of the missionaries who were caught in the middle, he said there is always collateral damage in any operation
    local payment was organised via a senior local lawyer acting as paymaster with funds coming from phychological warfare as reported on the front page of the herald in whayt was described as the largest ever currency deal in the country.
    the case was downgraded by a south African prosecutor from terrorism to illegal foreign exchange to fraud and five locals were charged with fraud the leader getting 15 years and the prosecutor getting a cushy job in cape town.
    Described as murders by Mugabe he said it was the best operation of his lifetime supported by the local propaganda press.
    local journalists were so dim they failed to ask why psychological warfare would send so much money to Zimbabwe as related in evidence in court.
    Also why a deal was made that local funds were placed in cabs and returned with interest to keep people quiet withy neither prosecution or confiscation of funds.
    As a state witness I spoke with Nkomo and more recently his grandson volunteering to give evidence at a truth commission and telling him it was his duty.
    I am able to name all those who were behind it and am tired of those journalists reporting imagination, and more importantly stupidly covering up those really responsible.
    All that is need is an honest non political reporter and those who lost loved ones may get the justice they deserve. They have a right to know the truth. To be able to answer Jack Straws question as to why the murders were unremarked in the commons in 2000.
    There is a need to put anger behind us and unmask those who deliberately organise the murders and stood and watched.

  6. Comment…We have what we call CARRIED AWAY JOURNALISTS here, they investigate what is good for them and their friends and relatives.

  7. Can Mr Dabengwa also care to tell the nation what ZAPU and ZIPRA’s plans regarding ZANU and ZANLA were? Records are also there that clearly states that ZAPU and ZIPRA regarded ZANU and ZANLA as their enemy. Records also state that when they sensed that ZANLA was making more inroads in the country, ZIPRA felt threatened and mooted plans to overrun the country from Kariba (unimpeded of course by the Rhodesians) and capture Harare and then team up with the Rhodesians to crusha ZANU and ZANLA. Can Mr Dabengwa also explain and tell the nation the clear provocation by ZIPRA to ZANLA components in the ceasefire committee when they were moving around assemply points. ZIPRA showed utmost respect to the Rhodesian officers and disgust to ZANLA commanders. But at ZANLA assembly points ZIPRA and ZANLA commanders were given equal respect. Gukurahundi was bad, the nation need to know both sides of the story.

    1. The courts in the mid 80s cleared Dabengwa, Nkomo, ZAPU and ZIPRA of any wrong-doing. It was the Mugabe High Court, Mugabe Judge and Mugabe Prosecutor who cleared them. Stop this nonsense of backing genocide in the name of saints. You are very tainted and dirty with genocide blood

  8. You are all right in your senses , but some of you lack objectivity, if we cant reconcile , its better we divide Mashonaland lihlale lodwa , thina uMthwakazi lathi sodwa

    1. en u go bek to S.A hantika,

      1. and you shona go back to Tanzania HANTIKA

  9. Guys like Musa are a disgrace. First, Zipra was attacked by Zanla at Entumbane. They were repelled and thrashed thoroughly. They had attempted the same as far back as the 70s in Morogoro and Mgagawo when they ambushed the Zipra and Umkonto combatants at breakfast and they were thrashed on both occasions too. Furthermore, they tried the same at Seke, at Cornmara as well as in Addis. In all cases they were the aggressors but were repelled and thoroughly thrashed. So with Gukurahundi, which was planned by Mugabe in January 1979 and is contained in his Red book, they sought to try to avenge and try to decimate their long time nemesis, Zapu and Zipra. Being the cowards that they are and have always been, you went after unarmed civilians and demobilised combatants. No matter how much you try, the truth is known to all of you!!!

    1. Can Mr Dabengwa also care to tell the nation what ZAPU and ZIPRA’s plans regarding ZANU and ZANLA were? Records are also there that clearly states that ZAPU and ZIPRA regarded ZANU and ZANLA as their enemy. Records also state that when they sensed that ZANLA was making more inroads in the country, ZIPRA felt threatened and mooted plans to overrun the country from Kariba (unimpeded of course by the Rhodesians) and capture Harare and then team up with the Rhodesians to crusha ZANU and ZANLA. Can Mr Dabengwa also explain and tell the nation the clear provocation by ZIPRA to ZANLA components in the ceasefire committee when they were moving around assemply points. ZIPRA showed utmost respect to the Rhodesian officers and disgust to ZANLA commanders. But at ZANLA assembly points ZIPRA and ZANLA commanders were given equal respect. Gukurahundi was bad, the nation need to know both sides of the story.

    2. They were repelled and thrashed thoroughly….They had attempted the same as far back as the 70s in Morogoro and Mgagawo when they ambushed the Zipra and Umkonto combatants at breakfast and they were thrashed on both occasions too.. it looks like someone is using emotions to think here… pipo who do that are often referred to as morons.. anyway just for interest’s sake where was this thrashing ZIPRA when this Gukurahundi thing happened.. i just thot they should have thrashed again as per their usual norm


        Gurahundi was bad but it was a military strategy thought appropriate to the dictates of time coz the soldiers were also killed by the renegades who pretended as civilians think of Gaiguso and Gwesela.We the Shonas who lived in Matebeleland had torrid time with the dissidents that Dumiso instructed now that he lost he now trumpets evils of Zanu. Get lost Dabengwe.

  10. Both Mr. Dabengwa and Mandaza benefitted from previous gvt. Raising noise now sounds tribal. The common populace is cognisant of tribal attitudes that exist. That is why Mandaza points to Mash West and Central intending to create dissaffection kumazezuru with a karanga presidency. That is a disgusting lack of political maturity taking our country backwards. This gukurahundi issue must be tackled wisely and not for cheap political mileage.

  11. the ndebele should accept a defeat . Gukurahundi was settled in 1987 , the conflict was btn Mugabe and Nkomo sponsored by White south africans to suppress the struggle by black South Africans for freedom .

    1. You are ill informed

    2. Defeat by who, my foot!! Settled by who?

  12. Dabengwa and the so called matebeleland pressure groups are trying to gain relevance using the gukurahundi issue. The ndebele started this thing when they attacked the shona at entumbane because they wanted a seperate state. When the shona relatiated and won they started seeking sympathy from the world. The world and everyone continues to ignore them because they know its just the bitterness that comes from the inability to accept defeat during a war. Thats why Mnangagwa continues to ignore too, hapana nyaya apa. Ana dabengwa zvadhakwa so vakuda kutsvaga relevance.

    1. Put a sober mind in this issue as you seem to just waffle not knowing the truth. We talking about GUKURAHUNDI here. You can say what ever now, but mark my words it will affect you one way or the other.

      The death of a fellow citizen in the country should not be gloated upon as you seem to be doing. ONE MAN’S MEAT IS ANOTHER MAN’S POISON. You can despise or call Supremo Dabengwa with whatever vile intentions you call him, the bottom line is he knows the truth as all Zimbabwean citizens do.

      Don’t be a scare crow and face the truth. Ndebeles or any other tribes in this country are not animals to butcher whenever or whatever. LET THE GUILTY FACE THE LAW WITHOUT FAVOUR AND YOU INCLUDED IF YOU PARTICIPATED IN THE GUKURAHUNDI ATROCITIES.

    2. A buffoon and moron is how I can describe this commentator. By the time of gukura, ex-combatants had been de-armed and demobilised. Stop playing games on people’s lives and emotions iwe mugukura.

  13. Dabengwa is a bitter African after being jailed for four years for organizing the dissident attempted insurgency which the Fifth Brigade crushed.
    There are many ZIPRA cadres who fought valiantly for Zimbabwe who did not join the insurgency. Civilians were killed but they where never the target.
    Dabengwa’s ZAPU (is fake and that is why it has not had traction. It not the real ZAPU-which was a national party and not regional. Robert Mugabe was is ZAPU as General Secretary.

    Those campaigning of the basis of the Fifth Brigade interventions have already lost the election.

  14. Where on earth would any govt allow an unruly group of armed men to roam the countryside-destroying state infrastructure, killing tourists and civilians for whatever reason? It should also be borne in mind that note that collateral damage is not uncommon in such conflicts.

    1. 20000 souls ,is collateral damage ?thats genocide killing people like rats ..i dont support you

  15. @john u are parthological liar pliz stop this propaganda.let the truth come out.iwe eliasha kana usina zvekutaura nyarara kutaura kwausina kuswera.imi mazezuru 54% of the liberation was fought by zipra but zanla cowards will never admit.just tell us the truth tobatana as 1 nation full stop hatisi kuda compansation

    1. @g40 lying is your expertise, I investigated the truth.
      propaganda is what was promoted by the press and by you.
      If you cover for a terrorist, you are a terrorist.
      I offer to give evidence, what would you say, I imagine I know nothing.
      I c an tell the truth I was annoyed at the way the court case was downgraded and the law firms warrant of arrest was even withdrawn.
      You cant take lawyers to court prosecutors and judges are also members of the law society.
      This is about truth and fact not about you trying to look big and failing, even calling yourself g40 like you invented the name.

  16. Sybdney Malunga the MP of Makokoba?? he died in a car accident! Solomon Mujuru was ZDF commander retired but at Lanacaster Josiah Tongogara was commander of ZANLA, Ken Flower was DG CIO in Rhodesia , Peter Walls was commander Rhodesian forces… Do your research please. ND depose your story once and for all you cannot keep giving people sound bites..

  17. nehanda nyakasikana

    Gukurahundi requires a “national peace and reconciliation commission” its immoral for politicians and academics to attempt to ride on it to attract publicity. I have not heard any politician proffering a solution or proposal to resolving the matter except merely pointing fingers….If Messrs Dabengwa and Mandaza were progressive as they claim to be they must drop the bitterness and activism mentality and begin to offer answers that the nation should adopt in order to bring closure and move forward..

    1. From memory Peter Mandaza was the ring leader and whilst on bail even stood against Mugabe in the elections – check the back issues of the herald and the Mandaza case on the front page at the time.

      1. you seem to suggest that gukurahundi is a plot ,and because it was a plot ,those who killed 20000 ndebeles in the plot are not guilty simply because the south africans where a third must be very stupid or a dillusional operative working hard for to justify a promotion..Mugabe said it was a moment of madness,its that madness we seek to understand and seek closure on at this moment ..iwe oti kunyepa

        1. You don’t translate what I write well. It was a SA plot I don’t suggest, I can prove it.
          I state it was wrong those who organised and planned it got off scot free because the local gullible pointed the finger in the wrong direction as usual. we need media control, if you cover up for a terrorist you are a terrorist, so be cautious when reporting.

  18. In short Dabengwa is saying he planned the dissident activity in 1979 . How on earth would Mugabe plan Gukurahundi in 1979 way before the dissidents except if he already knew that Dabengwa was going to have dissidents destabilizing the nation .

    1. in 1978 there were proposals of a ceasefire already,and it was evident that black majority rule was to be the new era ,when lancaster house tlks were held ,blacks and whites were already open to the fact that they would work together and muzorewa was made prime minister ,ceasefire was declared ,and zanu pf stood up to take the credit as zapu and zipra did not trust the whites chose not to let down their guns and they continued to be sporadic attacks …its not a lie,so whites where not sure if they should stick to the ndebeles or the shonas ,and they mad their choice

  19. Davengwa is toxic to the bones .Why not talk of Zipra dissedents who were trained by the SA apertheid regime with his knowledge as the Zipra intelligence supremo.How come Zipra cdes could be trained wihout his knowledge and he claim that he worked and headed Zipra intelligence.So he should not lie to the nation he played a roll in the unrolling of Gukurahundi which he should tell the nation.He wannts to play victim to what he took part in creating.inorder for us to move foward he should come open and tell the nation his part and apologise and set the pace for what followed.That way I believe he will show us he was a revolutionary otherwise his intelligency was for nothing and it was applicable during the war where it was used to create a rift betweenthe fighting parties not now in independent Zimbabwe

  20. I have said this and will say it that stupid shnas will always raise an issue with this issue,its simple if these shonas bekoeve in what they are saying,they should allow the perpetrators come through the truth and reconciliation and prove us wrong that these people ED,MUGABE,SHIRI just mention but few are innocent,if these maswina othuvi believe they were ambushed by the mighty ndebeles,they should raise the issue not hallucinate their thoughts in trying to burry this genocides,come on mani you morons think with your minds not your back sides

    1. nehanda nyakasikana

      you don’t have to call shonas stupid ppl..what happened during the genocide is a very sad thing in our history but we zimbabweans across tribal divide are our worst enemies…look at how Rwanda has managed in a short space of time, to engage in “national” dialogue about the genocide there and how the country is progressing..In our case this matter has been left open to the manipulation by self-serving academics, NGOs and failed politicians and that is very immoral and shemeful in my opinion

  21. Dabengwa is senile and should be ignored at all costs. He should just shut up because he is a failed polititician

  22. I was in Bulawayo at the time of Entubane, the Ndebeles wanted to get rid of all the Shonas from Bulawayo. The NRZ carried bodies from Entubane to Mashonaland not Matebeleland look at the Chronicle of those times. The Ndebeles went around the western suburbs greeting people in shona if you answered in Shona they would kill you.The first Entubane the Zanla cadres were caught totally unawares with the result that many of them died but the second Entubane they had dug trenches on their side thats when Zipra lost and took to the Bush.This is what start the So called Gukurahundi. The numbers of civilians killed during those disturbances is grossly blown.

  23. Dabengwa must be mad.Mugabe even warned that the dissidents had to stop before the fifth brigade was created but they took him for a joke.Shonas were being killed,property destroyed by the dissidents.Why the fifth brigade was created was not a secret a that time.Dabengwa is actually one of the people who failed to address the issue in the early stages before the moment of madness.

    1. What ever the reason for the murders,ther s no justification n ppl shud not be in must be accepted as having occured in that ‘moment of madness’.let mnangagwa address it n not ignor…it shall never be untrue tht it happend n he n others r better placed to explain it….the rest wil follow…we need closure n a happy nation

  24. Gospel muparidzi

    how sad that those who died where unarmed and now they are victims on the lips of the hateful sad that politicians continue to amass wealth and remain on the spotlight because of sad that a historically incorrect person derives status of mthwakazi but does not trace his route to this sad that the very ndebele he upholds had a class structure and he or she would be fodder of the sad that we recall that ndebeles stole shona cattle but easily forget that robert mugabes government of murders,and errors robbed us all of a valuable commodity which is called sad that we dont blame the white men who is the architect of our misfortunes and all the sad that africans dont realise that leadersare puppets always acting at the behest of white interests.being a colony has serious long term effects and the clonial status is always maintained one way or the or the other.general knowledge is destroying the moral and spiritual fabric of zimbabweans.let us read and research less but meditate and think more for clarity.because the inner here is the white long as africa as a collective is not strong.then as groups we will always think along fault lines.leadership even the one you support consders you to be collateral and just a not be loyal to leaders be loyal to the sacrosanct document called the constistution.use they very weapon of oppression to liberate yourself.otherwise i see digital rebels and keyboard warlords killing data with inputting relevance.dont be unemployed and ignorant.if you want to fight arm your smart to work with those you dont like for a common in nature are big.but those who destroy them attack the pillars that hold up the roof of deception.usewhatever foul language pull up any emotional punchline and behave like a primitive spiteful ingrate and that is what you are going to get.flies will drone over your decomposing thought process and you will just be a pile of shit stinking.use love to work with your brother then its easy to make war with a common enemy.we are subjugated collectivley.under the authority of a gun .but hear you are abusing the pen your own tool of salvation.

  25. Comment…somethings dont need one to apply acadèmics ,this is not a debate its reality ,why dont you let us the victims speak out we don’t need to be told what happenned because we know ,as it happenned on us .what we want is to be given the right plattform uncluding the aged ones who do not have the access to the net ,some of you are bessing your on asumptions .our silence does not mean stupiduty .

  26. Comment…Typically African Once upon a time, long way back, Zimbabwe did not have inhabitants on its face. There were no shona, kalanga or ndebeles. Migration took place. All migrants took arms with them and they were of various nature as long as you could defend or hunt or kill with them. From the east came the Portuguese with their own local faithful who knew the countryside. They were guides too. They killed or were fought till they won. From the south came the different tribes of ndebeles. That trait of history is amongst us Zimbabwean citizenry of different tribes. It is well known and documented that the worst hatred of all exist between two groups ndebeles, and shonas. Ndebeles crossed the river limpopo to ‘hunt’ and whatever they came across was theirs. There was no justice. To conquer was justice. That on its own was a moment of madness. Take it or scorn it but that is what it was. So in the back of the aggrieved’s mind retribution was lurking. It is a very irritating topic, “Gukurahundi” but part of all of us to talk about. Unfortunately it came at a very late time with strings and traits attached. The arms caches on one side, dissidents to the other. Who then must spell peace amongst us, once and for all?? And if nobody does then another disaster is on a cards…….. (not yet signed off)

  27. The truth is that gukurahundi was bad but a amilitary strategy considered appropriate to the dictates of time.had Zapu renegades succeeded in their plans nobody was going to complain. Gukurahundi era was not aone sided thing even the shona living in Matebeleland were traumatised by the likes of Gaiguso and Gwesela to cite examples.Shut up Dumiso you were also behind those evils of the era with you ZAPU

  28. Comment…This was war. the Ndebele started but now because they lost they are crying for sympathy,,,, You Ndebele you are always tribalist Go to any country now and find a group of Ndebele people, they are crimes of killings,,,, SA ,Zambia. etc mune mweya wekutanga Hondo yamusingagone,that’s why makazonzi muri “Hundi” munotosvora meso imi

  29. en u can go bek to S.A hantika, were u will be Khumalo under yo King futi hanti..

    1. I am sure you know the way to Rwanda too! Its dangerous to rely on history taught to you by your illeterate grandmother!

  30. If they do not want to compensate its okay

  31. I am sure you know the way to Rwanda too!

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