Govt mum on Mphoko pension

GOVERNMENT has remained mum over former Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko’s pension, weeks after he wrote a letter of demand for his benefits.


Mphoko’s lawyer Welshman Ncube said they were yet to get a response from government on his benefits, although the former VP continues to enjoy police guard and State security.

“We have written to the government pointing out the constitutional obligation that they have, to the former Vice-President Mphoko … we have drawn their attention to the clauses in the Constitution … as things stand they are giving him all his other benefits in terms of his security, his close security, his police guard, they are all in place. We await for them to process his pension, his allowances in terms of the Constitution of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Ncube dismissed war veterans’ secretary-general, Victor Matemadanda’s utterances, saying he was “a drunken man, whose opinion on Mphoko’s pension” should not even be taken seriously.

“Don’t run with opinions by drunken people, the Constitution provides expressly benefits and services which accrue to a former President and former Vice-President. It is stated in section 102 of the Constitution, it is in black and white. It is stated in the Presidential Pensions and Benefits Act and it’s not an exit package,” he said.

Matemadanda at the weekend said Mphoko should not be given his pension because he deserted office and, therefore, was not entitled to any payout by government.

Mphoko through his lawyers said he would proceed within the dictates of the law if government maintained its silence on his pension, which according to the Constitution, was a salary equal to that of a sitting Vice-President.

“They have not reverted back to us, if they don’t we will cross the bridge when we get there, but if we get there we will proceed, as provided in the law,” he said.

Before President Emmerson Mnangagwa was fired from office as Vice-President, Mphoko had a tiff with him, who while acting as President, accused Mnangagwa of misleading the nation, saying that he was lying that he was poisoned, eliciting a strong response in a bare-knuckle fight between the two former Vice-Presidents.

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  1. Comment…A so called learned lawyer who calls others drunken people because of a different opinion, cannot blame you Ncube because that is the culture of the man you are representing, putting words before thots.

  2. Ncube is right on point. He is simply saying what the constitution says. Only a drunk man doesn’t understand this. Why didn’t Mutemadanda said this on Mujuru case?

  3. Danai Pazvagozha

    The constitution talks of VP that has served at least one term, and a term has five years. Mphoko, because of his stupidity and lack of brains, failed to serve the whole term. Ncube is trying to play politcs in the courts. He calls Matemadanda drunk, and yet these are the people whom he expects to pay Mphoko. It is you ncube who is drunk by the desire for money you charge Mphoko. I nbet you, you will not get even a single cent, just as your attempt o be Vice Prime Minister also failed during the era of GNU. Mugabe told you, asifuni, we are again telling you hasifuni. We cannot give people’s monies to the dogs, not even the crumps that fall under our tables.

    1. une problem ,the law doesnt say a term it says vice president ,where he stayed in the role for 35 seconds ,but was sworn as vice president he will enjoy the benefits ,stop being drunk yourself .as a matter of fact it is not the matemadandas of this world who pays him,its the people of Zimbabwe and we say pay him,his term was inturrupted by a military coup,which is not a legal process of removing a head of stop it

  4. Cde Mboko, claim your undeserved pension from uncultured and unhinged Grace Marufu-Goreraza, your former employer.

  5. Mphoko you got your pension while you were still in office. It paid the hotel bill at the hotel where you stayed for the greater part of your term of office. So please have mercy on us taxpayers.

  6. this is [pure tribalism and factional politics. matemandada is just being stupid, and i wonder why people would support that. mujuru was fired and is still getting his pension. Mphoko was going to complete his term but he was affacted by the coup. why would you support illegal gvt and deny a person who real deserve his pension, how can matemadanda say mphoko went awol yet the serving president has been put under house arrest. stop tribalism and give Mphoko his pension

  7. Ncube must clarify whether Mphoko completed a full term as VP or not. I don’t think he did and so he does not deserve a pension. You cannot be VP for four years and then claim a pension.

  8. No pension for Mphoko never. If he want it he must go to Gushungo dairy or to Doctor Amai. This is one of those stupid guys who was dreaming that Mugabe and Grace are heroes.

  9. va mpoko chipoko mari yenyu ye pension ndoyatakashandisa kubhadhara hotera yamaigara muchiramba kubva

  10. sajeni gombototo

    mphoko unopenga. wakadya pension yako pawaigara mu5 star hotel. tinzwirei tsitsi maZimbo.. tiri kutambudzika imi muchidya mafuta ayo nyika

  11. Comment…Cde Mboko.ingazvirinyore wani
    svikai paChoppies iri pedyo nemi mutore pension yenyu

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