ED govt clueless: TZ leader

TRANSFORM Zimbabwe (TZ) leader Jacob Ngarivhume has said President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government is clueless on how to address the ever deteriorating economy.


Ngarivhume was reacting to a move by Zanu PF to appoint a politburo taskforce headed by Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga to deal with price increases as well as multiple pricing structures in the market.

He described the move as a cheap political campaigning gimmick ahead of polls, accusing Mnangagwa’s administration of being behind the price hikes.

“Mnangagwa’s government remains clueless as to how to address the economic challenges bedevilling the country,” Ngarivhume said.

“Zanu PF remains the chief culprit for these problems and so cannot proffer tangible and meaningful solutions.

“It will be too much to expect any positive change from the recently established politburo taskforce that is led by someone who knows nothing about economics.”

Ngarivhume, whose party is a member of the MDC Alliance, an electoral pact with Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T, said the current economic situation was reflective of political misgovernance by both Mnangagwa and former President Robert Mugabe.

He said the ill-advised introduction of the bond note valued at par with the United States dollar, created a black market.

“The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is well aware of what is transpiring as it is the one creating the black market. It is the one pushing citizens and companies to go and buy the Greenback on the parallel market and then deposit into their accounts for them to be able to undertake international transactions,” Ngarivhume said.

“As a result, buying money on the black market by companies has increased the cost of doing business and this has been transferred to the last consumer thereby compounding the suffering of the ordinary citizens.

“Therefore, government is simply playing politics whilst it is aware of the real factors that are causing price increases.”


  1. Mgobhozi Wezintabeni

    True these people are losing the plot.If this situation continues unabated,the slide back in the cheques bearer era is more imminent than ever and prices of basic commodities are soaring unabated.It is surprising what this team is going to investigate when it is obvious that foreign currency is not available in the formal channels of the economy but in the black market.Business is getting this foreign currency at a premium and pass it on to the consumer.Simple and straight forward.

  2. Comment…Mati murikushaya? muchashayisisa ndisave homeboy wangu aitaura izvi.Mdc even though you win elections it will take 100 years to rebuild this country.To blame zanu alone in this mess is not fair,many western owned companies closed companies in retaliation to land reform and this is not bad management from zanu.After 2002 election Mdc campaigned for stronger punishment to zimbabwe and this crippled most of our parastatals companies.Kudeedza ngozi mumba haiendi yoga ngozi iyoyo asi neupenyu hwevanhu ndosaka tichitambura ingozi yenyu vana ngarivhume ipapo muchaona kuti makaronga dondo muchashaya help iyoyo from west friends hoyo Tsvangirai arikutambura ega uye zim government irikumupa help yemari yokurapwa uye pokugara ko varipiko vana America ko handiwo here vane zvipatara zvine unyanzvi ko nagavatore vamurape ikoko tione rudo chairwo.Zanu pf under RG was another hell on earth kuondonga nenyika nehuori vaingoba masikati machena pasina aisungwa.Bond note was created to steal real money from people unfortunately the tactic backfired. So this mess cannot be undone overnight it requires years of harding working to bring our economy back not in months as dreamers think its years and years of hardworking.

  3. “Mnangagwa’s government remains clueless as to how to address the economic challenges bedevilling the country,” Ngarivhume said.“Therefore, government is simply playing politics whilst it is aware of the real factors that are causing price increases.”Ngarivhume said .Ngarivhume , if you do not know what so say just remain quiet . You contradict yourself through and through .

  4. if you are queit sure garivhume thatv ED was or is responsible for price hikes as u say so let him (ED) fix and lower the prices . lets be positive guys even if mdc comes to power they will never fix this economy in two months

  5. Imi vana Garivhume pasi tsvee zvekuti muprepare for elections makadyiwa kudhara neZanu pf muchingovukura zvisina maturo

  6. Comment…Newsday is slowly becoming anti-ED.I hope you guys wont lose sales by publishing stories by people who only care much about getting power rather the good of the nation.Next you guys meet Ngarivhume please let him give solutions rather than just give him a platform to attack a 2 months old government.

  7. true ngarivhume this so called zanu does not have any clue how to run a country we are in this mess because of these people whether you like it or not its true,,mdc hasisiriyo yakati isa ma economic policies ekupenga makaisa mega ,,mdc haisiriyo yakati lootai 15billion which was supposed to help the economy,mdc haisiriyo yakati itai corruption so dont blame mdc blame yourselves

  8. Now I know that Ngarivhume and his lot are not worth my vote. Not progressive at all.

  9. kana pane paanyepa Ngarivhume, pataurei varume. I just feel its to early criticise Ngwena.

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