Chombo seeks bail reprieve

FORMER Finance minister Ignatius Chombo, on $5 000 remand over various corruption allegations, yesterday approached Harare magistrate Josephine Sande seeking relaxation of his “punishing” bail conditions.


Through his lawyer, Lovemore Madhuku, Chombo claimed the requirement that he reports to the police three times a day was punishing, as it confined him to Harare.

Besides the stringent reporting conditions, Chombo was also ordered to surrender his passport to the clerk of court, barred from visiting government offices including the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe offices and ordered not to interfere with State witnesses.

In his application for bail variation, Madhuku asked the court to reduce his client’s reporting conditions to once a day between Monday and Friday.

Madhuku submitted that his client was now a full-time farmer in Raffingora, hence, the need for him to travel frequently to the farm.

“His farm is in Rafingora. This is a drastic change of circumstances,” he said.

“The applicant has a right to keep his life intact and fend for his family.

“The applicant has complied with the current stringent conditions to the letter.

“There can be no doubt that even without any bail conditions, he will attend trial whatever the nature of the charges.”

The State, represented by Edmore Nyazamba, conceded to the bail condition variation, but opposed the release of Chombo’s passport, saying the former minister was a flight risk.

The matter was postponed to Monday next week for ruling.



  1. Personally i don’t think the bail conditions for Chombo should be relaxed coz this guy have to feel the bitter pill that he used to give Zimbabweans during the reign of RG.There are a lot of people who were detained for no reasons and for a very long time during the hey days of these guys. They could detain someone and give unnecessary reasons for letting one in cells, so why does he think that he is now a special creation. People like Chombo should be treated like animals coz they attained their so-called degrees from Animal Farm University where other animals are more equal than others.He is supposed to report five times a day and forget about being a family man coz the Mugabe regime taught us to be women who follow their orders and can’t raise a voice.

  2. no no Chombo yours are various corruption crimes and the state could have been tighter on bail conditions

  3. I never read and heard of any minister jailed since 1980.
    Chombo, the satanist and thief must be jailed.

  4. Madhuku kanofarisa, kanongoti musoro banga.

  5. What about Itai Dzamara who was not even given bail & who’s crime was nothing at all compared to this thug

  6. This evil man must pay for his past sins – keep him locked up so he knows what it’s all about. If you don’t listen – you must feel. You horrible individual. You must pay.

  7. chombo you are punished by God directly…. you looted a lot leaving our country broke. everything is subject to change. yu never thought you would end up like this.

  8. Pana Chombo batai munhu he was very wicked murume uyu.

  9. Potserai mujere …Murume akati shungurudza iyeyu…utsinye hwaainahwoso apa kuba…hundreds and hundreds of properties maidzidii dzimba dzese idzodzo ana Chombo…You personally distroyed the city of Harare with your interference…you and Kasukuwere …you distroyed Harare and Bulawayo and all towns and cities..I will never forgive you for that…Takunwa mvura yakasviba muHarare because of your evil ways

  10. Dear Ignitius Chombo,
    l, and am sure millions other Zimbabweans have no sympathy for you devil’s son. You aided Mugabe’s iron fist rule for decades and stripped Zimbabwean citizens of there basic rights. Why should your bail conditions be relaxed ? This will only give you ample time to sneak out through Zimbabwe’s porous borders and then regroup with other on the run self exiled ex-G40 members outside to destabilize the country. Farming has always been there and will always be there, it can wait. The court will exonerate you of your many crimes once proven you have no case to answer. In the meantime the courts must put a stay on your current bail conditions.

  11. Why only Chombo, there are many more who are more corrupt, namely the former “first family”, why not lock them up too.

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