Chiwenga causes storm in Parliament

VICE-President Constantino Chiwenga yesterday caused a storm in the National Assembly when he appeared to rubbish Members of Parliament’s questions during his maiden appearance for the question-and-answer session in the House.


Commotion started after Kuwadzana East legislator, Nelson Chamisa (MDC-T) pointed out that all the countries in the world, except Zimbabwe, took care of their war veterans.

“This is now 37 years and we are still talking about it (welfare of war veterans). But how can we restore legacy when we continue saying that we are looking at it?

“Is it not going to affect the government’s image? We must ensure war veterans are well taken care of,” he said.

Chiwenga responded: “I wish you could continue with that spirit instead of boarding planes to America and other countries to ask for sanctions.”

This did not sit well with opposition legislators, who asked him to withdraw the statement.

Other opposition lawmakers interjected and shouted that the country was ruled by the ballot, with Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda threatening to chuck out some of them from the House.

But the MPs shot back, saying Chiwenga was the one who deserved to be ejected.

MDC-T chief whip, Innocent Gonese (Mutare Central) said the Vice-President’s answer was out of order.

“I think the chaos happening in this House is as a result of the words uttered by the VP, where, in terms of responding to the question, he cast aspersions on the character of Chamisa by raising issues of him going to America, which have nothing to do with the question,” he said.

“It is un-parliamentary for the VP to respond in the manner in which he did.

“It will be appropriate for the VP to withdraw that part and then respond to the timeframe instead of provoking pandemonium and chaos in this House.”

Chiwenga responded: “The matter is withdrawn, but an arrow shot is a fly already gone.”

His response attracted more interjections, with opposition legislators saying this sounded like a threat.

“The duties of a VP are of a top job. The VP has withdrawn, but he said something else about an arrow.

“If a former top army general says something like that, it sounds guerrilla-ish and threatening,” Chamisa said, prompting Mudenda to order Chiwenga to withdraw the statement.

“I am retrieving the arrow,” Chiwenga then said, after which order was restored.

Earlier, Makokoba legislator Tshinga Dube (Zanu PF) asked Chiwenga to explain why it has taken long to align war veterans’ laws with the Constitution, as well as to explain if pensions of the former freedom fighters would be reviewed.

“On the issue of alignment of laws, the MP was minister of War Veterans,” Chiwenga responded.

“The matter is receiving attention because there were issues that needed to be clarified in terms of what is meant by war collaborators and how are they vetted.”

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  1. Out of topic Chiwenga .SEE ME

  2. Chiwenga is stuck in ‘stone age’ era politics & needs a quick course on political diplomacy, diversity & tolerance in order for him to catch up with the rest of us progressive Zimbabweans

  3. I think the problem is Chamisa who is dangling in Zanu (PF) agenda. He is trying to be a good boy. Remember last week he was trying to sympathise and campaign for the fired MPs. He should mind his own business and tell us the MDC strategy in the new dispensation. Someone tell him this please.

    1. Hatidi, iwe muudze wega


    3. i think mr going forward is point blank on his take on this whole matter

  4. Chamisa is a problem. He wants to be a good boy and looking for sympathizers from ZANU. He should leave ZANU politics and concentrate on his MDC.

    1. How is a National issue of war veterans ZANU politics. Not all war veterans are Zanu.

  5. “Going Forward” you are an idiot! The war veterans Ministry is not a Zanu PF appendage but a national institution so there is nothing wrong with Chamisa inquiring on the welfare of the veterans of our struggle! Eee retired General Chiwenga zvema tanker zvakapera the moment you were sworn in as VP you became a civilian. You now need radical political and mental transformation. We however, remain grateful and indebted to you for the great role you played in bringing about the new political dispensation.

    1. makanzuro emdc atadza kugadzira nhau yemvura tanzwa necholera ,tsvina uye mavendors zvose izvo ibasa re mdc councellors iye must be busy with such matters which are affecting people everyday .mawar veterans were compensated long back ma$ 50000 plus mapensions ariko so what else do you want.Yesterday you were busy kutuka machiefs apihwa mota today you sympathise with people who refused you victory in 2008 stupid little man chamisa school boy politics ,war veterans will never support you they have rejected g40 in zanu ko kuzoti iwewe mwana zvake.

      1. hant makapururudza harahwa ichiti ndakanzura zvikwereti zvemvura. unokaura ne cholera wangu. dai mabhadara zvikwereti zviya kana muchirikuzviyeuka

    2. Charlie I please! “Going Forward” is definitely not an idiot; he is a retard. There is a vast difference: idiocy if of your own making while retardation is caused by factors outside your control.


  6. Such arrogance. No.

    1. Going Forward na kilo itai now you should be able to make some differance btwn ZANU-PF and the Govenment issues.

  7. josphat mugadzaweta

    let these army monkeys murmur like this. it shows that who ever plans to vote zanu havana urozvi

  8. josphat mugadzaweta

    so it is only the war vets that matter in zim? this crop of politicians is rather contemptible

  9. Mkanya ngatigadzirisei nyaya yedhiziri zvenyu imwi. Iyi nyaya yokunzi petroo yakadzika ne 5 cents woont help if investors find out kuti it 40 cents else where in tyhe region. Lets find out kuti why is diesel and petrol or fuel in general not just expensive but very very expensive in Zimbabwe which inevitably makes it very expensive to do business in Zimbabwe. Ipapo Mkanya ndipo panenyaya yose. Ngapagadziriswe please ipapo ASAP

  10. Instead of talking about something better,you raise an issue about war veterans,yes they fought and they already have their prazeros then what about us? the young generation, aint we important as well?..I pray that MDC will stop looking for loopholes in ZANU Pf, instead sit down and learn from ED, as if you were gona do something better if you were in his position, all you want is to rule, what will you do without the leadership qualities and the nation at heart…. Zim aint looking for a president wwho will juss come and revise the old strategies but it really needs a president who walk the talk, lets wait and see what ED will do for us, its not even half a year but you already looking for loopholes, if he fail then you go for it…Its not like we are more focused on who rule the nation,but on what he does.. but to MDC its a different case they juss wana rule,, dai makangwara maingonyarara nekuti taitoda kuisa our votes on you but you are proving kuti hamutigone ba

    1. They have raised a lot of issues and this is just one of them. What is your problem?

  11. Nelson’s father is a Zanu die hard supporter and a war vet.

  12. chiwenga needs to be taken to chitepo ideological school for reorientation. he need to be told that there is a big difference between military and govt business which by the way is civilian. we were once soldiers and we now swim with the fish that we once protected. chamisa is point on there is no one who wasn’t affected by the liberation struggle whether u were on the front or not and without any political bickering its the duty of the govt to make sure that those who were affected by the war are taken care of. and on another note chiwenga and his team were the ones who refused victory to MDC now that u are party of the ruling elite, respect the will of the people and accept defeat now that the elections are around the corner

  13. Nelson and associates think that parly is court, where lawyers are the only ones who are allowed to raise their voices and dress you down, whilst your responses must be polite and humble. The VP’s terse response was just that -rather witty and apt.

  14. Josphat.Do not denigrate voters for voting any party they want. If we look at MDC as well (Chamisa and company) going to Trump America to ask for sanctions on their own people ? Call that having a brain?

    1. wakasara if still believe in sanctions. smith lived under sanctions he never mourned about them. n. korea is under sanctions hatina patahwa zve high inflation. talk of sound policies and account for every cent that is generated by the gvt.

  15. But people forget that Chiwenga is a soldier.I like what He said.Because its straight forward. These Mdc pipo
    want to try to be good but for sure they are the authors of the so called sanctions.
    Mdc pipo are not deserving to be in Parliament. they shud concetrate on removing their sanctions.

  16. vana Nelson vajaira kumatare edzimhosva kwavanotaura zvavanoda, vachikutukirira, iwe uchingofanira kupindura uchiti “yes my lord”

    VP akatogona. that was a terse (witty, apt and concise) retort which demonstrates one’s effectiveness as a debater.

    1. u r wrong

  17. Some people here need to go through a lot of hansards. Opposition MPs have raised so many issues and this is just one of them. You seem to think they have not raised other issues before. Do you want them to keep repeating?

  18. one thing that surprises me about educated pipo of Zimbabwe is that when they want to solve problems they keep on going round in circles instead of going straight to the point. Do u really think that Chamisa is that kind so as to care about war veterans?
    we never heard that He tried to remove sanctions that doesn’t only affect war veterans but the masses of Zimbabwe at large. Even police claim to be educated better than soldiers but they were the ones terrorizing people rather.certain things don’t need education but conscience.

  19. The language of the VP is what investors abhor about “military takeovers”. This “my way or the highway” mentality does not work in a democracy Mr. V.P. People are reading your lips for every utterance you make. Wearing suits in exchange of combat uniform does not board well if you remain combative even where civilized discourse is called for. This is just a preview of what this country is up against for sanitizing a coup.

    1. spot on Mr Moyo.

      1. don’t abuse us. kasukuwere wavakumawere .ne law yake. Iwe une dzungu I personaly don’t see you
        living a long life kana ukakara kudakutonga sakasukuwere nezerarako irorodr. grace takambovayambira kuti muchamama henyu. chete same applies to you chamisa unobvongodza muto nyika ichida kuseva wodakuvanda nechirungu chenhema chemarights akoiwe you can’t fool everyone all the time

  20. I retrieve the arrow kkkk

  21. haiwawo ko chiwenga akataura nhema opposition leaders arikurwadziwa coz chokwadi chinobaya.

  22. The war vets were given a lot of money by Mugabe 50 000 DOLLARS each that is that if they abused that money its their ndaba they were taken of already .

  23. hubuyima

  24. Comment…nyika haitongwe ne pfuti shame ndosaka zimbabwe is shambles

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