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Almasi conference offers knowledge exchange


ALMASI Collaborative Arts is currently conducting the second edition of the African Playwrights Conference, which seeks to create a platform for knowledge exchange between upcoming and established playwrights, at the Zimbabwe-German Society in Harare.
The conference is supported by the David Haas Pen Foundation and has seen collaborative ventures between American and Zimbabwean artists, all working together to facilitate the growth of new African talent.


Almasi creative director, Zaza Muchemwa (pictured) told NewsDay that the event — featuring Rudo Mutangadura, Patrick Miller and Farai Mabeza — is meant sharpen the skills of local playwrights.

She said the trio was working in collaboration with local actors led by American teacher, playwright and performer Alice Tuwan and Gideon Wabvuta.

“They get to further develop their plays in an environment where all they are thinking about are their stories and plays and how to really work through that and see how the plays can be more of what they need to be,” she said.

“We are providing artists with space to further develop their work and, in the process, explore and strengthen their voices.

They can create work that can be globally competitive.”

The conference will also see three staged readings of Miller’s The Prophet, Mutangadura’s Please Try Again Later and Mabeza’s I Am An African.

Almasi Collaborative Arts is the brainchild of Patience Tawengwa and veteran international actress, Danai Gurira.

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