2 new opposition parties unveiled in Bulawayo

Two new political parties launched in Bulawayo at the weekend have ruled out entering into coalition deals, with other opposition parties, describing the existing alliances as too loose to pose a serious challenge to the ruling Zanu PF party.

They are Democratic Opposition Party (DOP) led by former Mavambo Kusile Dawn executive Harry Peter Wilson and Free Zimbabwe Congress fronted by Joseph Makamba Bosha.

“With Morgan Tsvangirai’s health problems, the MDC Alliance is doomed. The alliance is in disarray and we cannot join it,” Wilson said at his party launch at the Bulawayo Media Centre on Saturday.

Bosha concurred, saying: “Why should we join the MDC Alliance or any other coalition? We have contested elections before, learnt our lessons and re-strategised to ensure we leave a mark in the 2018 elections. We only need to engage people more to win their votes.”
Bosha’s FCZ contested the 2015 by-elections in Bulawayo and lost dismally to Zanu PF.

Both Bosha and Wilson said they will contest in the presidential race against Zanu PF’s Emmerson Mnangagwa, MDC Alliance’s Morgan Tsvangirai, Joice Mujuru of the the People’s Rainbow Coalition and Elton Mangoma’s Coalition for Democrats (Code).

Wilson said if elected into power, his DOP government will create equal opportunities for all citizens regardless of colour, race or creed, and avoid creation of dynasties in government.

“Look at what is happening now both a husband and wife hold ministerial posts, yet we have millions of Zimbabweans who are capable of effectively leading these ministries. The same dynasty, which we were accusing Mugabe of perpetuating is exactly what is happening,” he said.

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Bosha said his party will push for a corrupt-free society.

“There is a vacuum of leadership in Zimbabwe. We need to go back to constitutionalism, and have a government elected by the people. We need to complete the triangle of independence. We need socio-political independence, where people are free, where there is the rule of law among others.

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