Zodwa dupes Zim promoter

South African socialite and entertainer Zodwa Wabantu has duped local promoter Biggie Chinoperekweyi of Devine Assignments as she went incommunicado, forcing the promoter to cancel, at the 11th hour, her scheduled appearance at a gig last night in Harare and today’s show in Bulawayo.


The Mzansi star was expected in the country yesterday for a show at Private Lounge in the capital and Club Connect in Bulawayo, but vanished despite having been fully paid for the trip.

This is the second time that Devine Assignments has been left with egg on the face because of Zodwa.

Zodwa was initially expected to came in September for three shows in Bulawayo, Harare and Mutare, but without explanation, she cancelled the trip on the last hour.

In a statement yesterday, Chinoperekweyi described Zodwa’s conduct as unprofessional and deceitful.

“Devine Assignments regrets to announce the cancellation of Zodwa Wabantu’s scheduled two-show tour of Zimbabwe, which was supposed to start today (yesterday) in Harare and Friday (today) in Bulawayo.

“While effort was made to ensure that the socialite fulfils her scheduled appearances, in bad faith and with no communication, Zodwa has gone incommunicado and all access lines to her are either going unanswered or are totally off.

“While we appreciate that her legions of fans in Zimbabwe have been clamouring to have us bring her to the nation, our patience has worn thin and barring a very spectacular explanation from Zodwa, we will not be having any further dealings with her.

“As we had paid her, we are treating this unfortunate incident of bad faith, unprofessionalism and outright deceit as fraud and we will be advised by our partners on the way forward.”



  1. How did you pay her? Maybe she realized the Bond Notes were actually useless and worthless in South Africa?

    1. stupid comment indeed

    2. one thing that surprises me,what will she be perfoming or how .kubata can otambisa kagumbo asina pant chete zimboz work up mhani

  2. Why do you expect her to be professional when she her no profession??? Moving around pantyless and gyrating is worth getting paid for. Rambai muchi birwa mari. Nyatso dhibhai.

    1. kkkk birwai hanty ndeyezvikwambo saka birwaiii ..ungati hurr harisi professional ..there is nothing professional about tht act

    2. yah taura hako

  3. This brainless girl will not take you anywhere. She was so hurt by being not allowed to perform at the carnival. Now she is revenging and taking aim at everyone. Asiwo chokwadi chatinganatso pira Zodwa wembiri yekusapfwka bhurukwa chiiko? Ma funs acho anotowoneka kumba kuti tichamboenda kushow kwaZodwa? Zvimwe ndiMwari anenge atibvisira tsvina munyika.

  4. Liked the comments

  5. You deserve to lose your money. You are fools. What makes you think we have a shortage of filth in our country. Munorwara. Get married and see nudity every night and at least produce something useful like kids. Pigs!

  6. It just shows her true character of being a ‘hustler’ from the streets as she claims she was before, as they say you can take a woman out of the streets but you cant take the streets out of her, once a ‘hustler’ always a ‘hustler’

  7. If you want to see dirty nude girls, just go the Harare’s Avenues area. Why import a dirty girl when we have an excess.

  8. why do u want her to come, we don’t want that in our country, Y cant you just take your wife ofamba asina kupfeka panty se zvinoita zodwa wacho ka

  9. We don’t need such kind of stories right now. Lets focus on developmental issues. I hope the payment was not some kind of externalization.

  10. Why bring her in the first place.Uzaliphaphamisa

  11. Zimbos call themselves educated yet they are so intolerant of others. I am just reminded of Dokora who just got fired because of peoples out cries on unfounded allegations that he wants to impose Islam in our education system.

    If you don’t see the entertainment value in this Zodwa character then that is not for you, and who are you to prescribe what is of entertainment value to the next person, a grown man for that matter. Its not just surprising but funny as well that some are saying its not even news worthy yet they have not only read the story but have even gone on to comment on it

    1. There is nothing to tolerate on people who seem LOST. True, why waste foreign currency bringing a woman to showcase her naked butt and *****. If you really think its worth seeing naked bodies go to avenues. Plenty of those. Very cheap, not forex required. But at the same we must grow up. Whats funny about seeing a naked woman. You can do that with your wife

      1. Who are you to determine for someone what is worth spending money for, especially if it is their legitimately gotten money!? Grow up and think like a free person!

        1. Zodwa is an entrepreneur and her target market are you “free men” (she obviously has a meaner name kkkkkk)! Mucharamba muchibirwa till u realize that freedom is not enough without a pinch of common sense! Endesai mhuri out nemari kumusha kuvabereki kana hama Christmas ino Mhofu!

      2. That’s true, if you want to see a naked woman just get into bedroom.

    2. Education has no relationship with tolerating “others”. So, with your “education”, you tolerated Dokora!

      You sound really uneducated on saying, “Dokora who just got fired because of peoples out cries on unfounded allegations that he wants to impose Islam in our education system”. Dokora didn’t WANT TO impose Islam. He actually DID impose it and the outcries weren’t unfounded.

      I can actually see you between the fired disruptive Dokora and the Zodwa without under panties.
      Shame on you.

    3. Dr Dokora imposed it already and why do you need something to happen first before you act on it? R G Mugabe was disposed from power after allegations that he wanted to make his typist turned 1st Lady the successor to the throne. So you are saying we should have waited for Grace to be president and act? or for half of our Christian kids to convert to Islam and desert us? since being a Christian its sin to them.

    4. nxaaaa you deserve it agona akasauya ..ndimi mukukinzeresa kushaikwa kwemari muchingo importer zvinhu zvisina basa apa mune vakadzi kumamisha ipapa

  12. Mapenzi evanhu.Wasting foreign currency on a cheep whore.

  13. Who is talking of a useless DOFORA?

  14. That’s true, if you want to see a naked woman just get into your bedroom.

  15. kuprivate lounge kwapastor ikoko. pastor ngavaparidzire vanhu Proverbs 5:19 kuti mazamu emukadzi wako ngaakufadze, kwete kutiunzira zvemanyoka izvi

  16. Its not bad to have variety,you can`t look at the same woman everyday, Even those who do not like Zodwa at some point you crave to see a different woman.A man is a man. We pay for what we want

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