Zec may extend voter registration: Makarau

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) chairperson Rita Makarau has said they may consider extending the biometric voter registration exercise should the need arise.


In a recent interview, Makarau said Zec would assess the situation after the final phase of the registration blitz on December 19.

“We may extend the registration period,” she said.

“Remember, we gave ourselves a deadline of December 19, where the fourth phase is supposed to end, but in terms of proclamation His Excellency (President Emmerson Mnangagwa) said we would go up to January 15, but we thought by December 19 we would have completed the exercise.”

Zec is preparing a new biometric voter’s roll following concerns by political players that the previous register was in a shambolic state and prone to manipulation.

Makarau said in the first two phases, they managed to register about three million people.

She said if they record a low turnout, then they might be forced to reconsider and redo voter registration in areas they recorded low numbers.

“Depending on the figures we get, we may need to come up with a mop-up exercise to capture all the communities that we may have left out,” Makarau said, adding if the turnout was satisfactory, they would keep registration open until elections, but they would not necessarily conduct a mop-up exercise.

Independent electoral watchdogs have expressed concern at the low number of people registering to vote.

Turning to the acquisition of the automated fingerprint identification system (Afis) that is used to clean the voters’ roll to remove multiple registrations, Makarau said the onus was on the State Procurement Board (SPB) to advise them on the company to engage.

She, however, said they were still within time for the procurement.

“The procurement is being handled by the SPB and they are the ones to tell us which supplier to go into a contract with.
“So far, they haven’t told us anything.

“We are not running out of time.

“We are very much still within time, remember the Afis will come into play after we have collected all the data from all the potential registrants and at the moment we are still at the third phase and we still have another phase to go,” Makarau said.



  1. operation restore mnangagwa

    nikuv is the company to win this afis tender.as usual they will be expected to do their job of doctoring the voters roll to reflect acceptable outcomes.

  2. aluta continua Rita

  3. its not about extending the registration date, but its about making this voting thing exciting in Zimbabwe. mugabe and rita made this voting thing so boring. think about it rita

  4. A lot of diasporans who intend to vote next year will be coming in for Christmas and will want to take the opportunity to register mainly between the 19th Dec and the 5th Jan, 2018. Why not, therefore, extend the registration period to facilitate their participation? OR are we trying as much as suspected to exclude them?

  5. Voter registration should not be stopped at an given point , let the people register to vote since this is a process and not a project , people are turning the age of voting everyday so ZEC must think outside the box and stop to closed down the citizens from the right the choose there future leader. I know Mugabe and Zanu PF did’t want people to vote that is why the used to set some time for registration .

  6. Its a pity that Rita speaks with arrogance and self inappropriate confidence. There is more the system can do to ensure that prospective voters turn out in their numbers. Furthermore the new voters roll must be open for inspection to anyone particularly citizens. Variables must be compared between the old one and the new one, this way we can identify irregularities and apply corrective measures in a bid to give credibility to the election process. If less people are registered to vote then an imbalance is created, hence Mugabe engineered areas that could discourage prospective voters from registering.
    As for the tender, firstly tell us what happened in detail to the tender of the toilets that was later cancelled due to influence of corruption…. There is no confidence in you or your administration so please stop trying hard to sanitize yourself, infact we don’t trust you at all… Nxaaa

  7. For transparency, please invite all political players when you finally procure the AFIS data base machine so that they know there won’t be any other information from Nikuv as alleged. Thereafter, political players should as well monitor the information being fed into the data base but Zec should not pay the representatives who will be monitoring. This way, the voter’s roll will be acceptable by all. As it stands, Zanu PF has this kind of machine, ZRP has one in conjuction with Mudede so it is shrouded with suspicion.

  8. Her “appointing authority” is gone, I thought she would follow him….

  9. Give time to the people of the Diasporah to come and register. be open the whole of December to the 15th of January we will come and register since we will have come home for the Christmas holidays. Unless the objective is to deny us a vote but begging us to bring the forex we earn home. Me I always smell a rat in the activities of this woman and Mudede. these two are not for a free and fair election but a Zanupf win. A leopard never changes its spots.

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