White farmers trickle back


HARARE — A white Zimbabwean farmer kicked off his Rusape property at gunpoint in June has been told he will be going home within days, the first signs of the post-Robert Mugabe government making good on promises to respect agricultural property rights.


Rob Smart, a 71-year-old farmer from Manicaland province, said he understood his case had been taken up by new President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who heard of his violent eviction while at an investment conference in Johannesburg, South Africa.

“Apparently Mnangagwa saw that and flipped his lid,” Smart told Reuters, saying new Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Monica Mutsvangwa had assured him the eviction would be reversed. “Our governor is getting us back on the farm,” he said.
According to media reports at the time, Smart and his family were kicked off their Lesbury Farm by riot police armed with teargas and AK-47 assault rifles.


  1. Comment…ED is caught between a rock and the hard place as he is likely to face resistance from war vets and youth who dont have land as he want to be seen by the international world as different from Gushungo. He nees votes in the next year’s elections as much as needs finance from the international community which comes with conditions such as respect for property rights.

  2. Government should go back to the intial plan cut down the commercial farm sizes and distribute land to the landless…It should not take productive land and utilised sides of the farms …That was the intial plan in 1998 before the madness

  3. Correct, courageous move that will earn him votes in the next election. Farms should not be for status but for production. Most of those war vets are starving. They need food, cheap food that they can afford. Those of them who were given farms wasted time and energy hunting down all manner of animals, cut down all the trees for firewood, and then now have nothing else to do. The farms are lying fallow.
    It is not sensible to think that youths can get land every year. The youths are always being born; but the land does not increase or expand. It therefore makes more sense to create jobs on the land and elsewhere for young people to be gainfully employed, not to always expect government to invent land to give to the youth of that particular year.
    Furthermore, land does not just mean a plot on which to dig with a hoe. It also means land for houses, flats, commercial and industrial enterprises.
    It is a good strategy to give land to the former white farmers because in more than twenty or so years it has not managed to raise resources to compensate them financially. Downsize the farms and give each one of them a farm and the compensation issue will be closed for good.

  4. We have plenty of land for those who want to farm.But thieves want other people homesteads in disguise by invoking land distribution.There are genuine landless people out there but there are land barons who want to make a quick buck I hope their days are numbered.We can not continue with their insatiable greed

  5. Any student of history should know that personal land ownership did not exist before white rule. Land “ownership” lay with tribal chiefs. It is a fallacy that everyone should “own” a piece of land. My personal thought is that all arable land should be owned by Government and leased to those with the skills to best make use of it.

  6. a balance between the two extremes is what is required.

    in the process, we should not become racists to our own kind and elevate white people back to the level of racial superiority.

    if in future they want to flex some muscle, once again, with the confidence they now have of a shameful failure of the past on our behalf, let us just learn to accept them the way mutsvangwa did, as Zimbabweans with as much rights as every other.

  7. Corruption by the Monica Mutsvangwa and the Vice president. We dont need to hear of individual white farners being treated differebtky from the rest. We need a policy position that was applied in this case, so that all those who list their farms can come back

  8. Let those with money and will to farm do serious commercial farming irrespective of the colour of their skin. This must be followed by a professional police force.
    Go Emmerson Go.

  9. ngwena kana madai marongeka manje, inclusivity is the way to go, even though degree of inclusivity may vary

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