Nengomasha distances self from court case

FORMER Warriors and Kaizer Chiefs hardman Tinashe Nengomasha has distanced himself from a guardianship wrangle with a local woman, Farai Victoria Mlotshwa, saying the person referred to in the court papers was simply his namesake.


Nengomasha said his middle name is Washington, whereas his namesake’s middle name under case number HC11144/17 is Geoffrey.

The woman, identified as Farai Victoria Dambudzo Mlotshwa, recently approached the court seeking sole guardianship of the ex-couple’s minor child, accusing her former husband, Tinashe Geoffrey Nengomasha, of neglecting the pair’s child over the past two years.

“I (Washington) am surprised that I was mentioned as the party involved in the guardianship wrangle with this woman (Mlotshwa). I am not the one, my middle name is Washington. I did not even know that there was another Tinashe Nengomasha out there,” Nengomasha said.

Mlotshwa filed a court application on Thursday last week and the matter is yet to be set down for hearing.

In her founding affidavit, Mlotshwa said she was the biological mother of the minor child born on April 24, 2009 and has been living with the child since the couple parted ways in December 2011.



  1. Comment…Our media guys failed to notice this anomaly and rushed to publish the story without even cross checking with Tinashe Washington Nengomasha. Even if it is a court record but cross checking is vital .

  2. Ruramai Mutemasaka

    they checked and verified and knew it was not “father” but because celebrities sell in the print media they decide to go against the norm. remember the story Mugabe files for divorce, or Mnangagwa sues mugabe? Newsday is trying all it can to become a tabloid paper like H metro and its sickening to say the least!

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