MDC-T goads army over polls

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai

THE Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC-T has challenged the country’s security chiefs to publicly commit to respecting the outcome of next year’s presidential elections regardless of who wins.


In response to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s State of the Nation Address on Wednesday where he pledged to ensure elections would be conducted in a free and fair manner, the MDC-T, in a statement yesterday, said democratic forces would only find comfort if the army makes a similar commitment.

“The MDC will take comfort from a state of affairs whereby the newly-appointed Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF), General Philip Valerio Sibanda, would publicly announce that the army is not going to take part in campaigning for any political party and also that the army will accept the results of a free and fair election regardless of who is the winner of the presidential election,” MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said.

In the run-up to the 2002 general election, the country’s security chiefs, then led by the late ZDF Commander General Vitalis Zvinavashe, declared they would not salute “anyone without liberation war credentials”, a statement which was widely perceived as targeted at Tsvangirai.

Over the years, senior military officers have consistently disparaged the opposition in particular the MDC-T, seen as the greatest threat to Zanu PF’s near four-decade rule.

Opposition parties have expressed fears that given the pivotal role played by the military in Mnangagwa’s recent ascendancy to the Presidency, they were likely to either tamper with election results or refuse to hand over power if their preferred candidate loses the presidential race.


  1. This is were we will see that we have moved on from the Mugabe era of intimidation by use of security apparatus which where almost used on you Mr President. Prove people wrong by keeping that army in the barracks and let them tell people they will respect the vote outcome and will not campaign for anyone….if they did that then my vote is on Zanu for the 1st time in my entire 66 years on this earth

  2. ….the army will go back to the barracks, they will not be seen to campaign for anyone, there will be no violence by the security forces – BUT Zanu will & shall win very comfortably! Surprised? The ‘smooth’ operator has it all planned – he is well experienced. ‘China model’ indeed beckons. At least it should/will be peaceful. Much as I support MDC, I don’t think we stand a chance in next years poll. I hope events prove me wrong.

  3. Let the events unfold. We are watching from a distance. Elections seem so nigh, yet so distant! A lot will happen in-between, and the populace will wake up sooner or latter, as the economy crumbles down upon them, only to realise that while elections can be rigged, the economy cannot. One week is more than enough for MDC to revive the economy.

  4. Kykykykykykykykykyky! Ko rimwe bato risiri MDC-T rikakunda zviripachena, ivo vanozvitambira here? Hatidi anozoti ndabirwa. Nekuti kana panokwidza vemapato ose vachitsvaka anozokwikwidza tinozviona. Nyaya dzezvematongerwo enyika, handione paine anonyatsogutsikana. Runyararo rwunotanga NENI. Runyararo rwunotanga NEWE. Runyararo rwunotanga NESU TOSE.

  5. Elections now do not work. Lets give the new leader together with opposition parties time to build the economy.

  6. Our foe, Mugabe is gone and what is left is for us, to unite and build the nation. After 5 yrs from now, elections should be held.

  7. thank you Rico. i buy this idea, lets forget about elections and lets built our economy. 5 years its good enough and those who want elections now they dont have pple at heart

  8. mdc will never rule Zimbabwe, they will keep on barking and barking cause people now understand our country politics and no one wants the 2008 in their lives. we are going to experience another China in Zim( One party state) believe it or not

  9. I used to believe in mdc up until I found out that they are cry babies, arrogant, selfish and being greedy of having power in expense of people.has anyone of you followed their rallies,the leader don’t take sense just Mugabe must go, reforms which they failed during the gnu time. in Zim we don’t have opposition party, someone once said, MDC is a Zanu Pf project and for sure I believed it.

    let’s support this new leadership and let’s not focus much on parties but being one people as Zimbabweans working together. I believe in ED that he will deliver the promise

  10. all is rubish, we need free and fair elections. Any Zimbabwean has the right to be a leader not these propangadiest Zanu pf thugs. They had destroyed our country for 37 years.We dont expect any miracle from them.

  11. SO NOW WE HAVE CONFUSED PPLE WHO THINK ZANU IS NOW OK AFTER F….KING THEM AROUND DESTROYING EVERYTHING JUST A MONTH SOME ONE HAS FORGETEN THE SUFFERING AS IF THESE SUFFERING HAVE GONE HEEISH IDIOTS .Those who are saying they will vote for zanu ok its their right but please after elections if zanu wins do not run away from the country and go to SA please sta.

  12. Comment…@ Rico and palessa are u seriously in support of the same system that has caused untold suffering and many deaths due to lack of basic necessities. The same that has maintained one tv station for the sake of propaganda. u ve even fallen for the fake hopes they ve given us. I understand words that come frm beneficiaries of the then corrupt system.

  13. Comment…Thz guyz r just bn myopic, thy shud focus there energy to mobilises fo votes. wat if th army mk a proclamation todae bt it doesn’t suffice on th election dae, th cornerstone of elections iz to mk sure pple vote, zvekuti army inozoramba bla bla w wl cross th bridge whn w gt thr, ndekupi kwakambo itwa ma free nd fair elections on ths world???, th proof of th pudding iz in th eating, rigging cn only nd only b countermand by voting overwhelmingly eclipsing zanu rigging shenanigans coz rigging in itself iz a game of estimates just like in 2008, zanu obviously rigged coz its in thr dna bt w crashed it by tremendously voting, wana gutu nd crew shud desist forthwith wth politics dzekhuti kana ndika nhonga mari…

  14. Zimbabwe has all resources human and natural to be a success. But zviri kuramba because vanhu vacho educated but not learned = dololo.

  15. Mdc will always cry foul because they expect victory to be handed to them. Where is your manifesto? What are you promising citizens.? Nothing is fair in politics let alone Zimbabwe, You are full of intellectuals buy present a disjointed front because each of you wants to outshine the other. 2008 you had the chance to shine, 2013 you slackened your compaign coz you got drunk ne power and got complacent. Nothing is certain mu politics. So if Valerio does not promise will you boycott?


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