Gukurahundi to headline Human Rights Day

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) has said proffering solutions of reconciliation to Gukurahundi atrocities will be central in this year’s International Human Rights Day commemorations to be held in the capital tomorrow.

By Tinotenda Munyukwi

In an interview with NewsDay, ZHRC chairman Elasto Mugwadi described this year’s celebrations as unique and presenting an important opportunity to challenge President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration to address the recurring Gukurahundi narratives and allow the nation to progress on a path of reconciliation and forgiveness.

“This is the occasion we would want issues involving Gukurahundi to be spoken about openly and we want people to know about what went wrong, forgive and forget. That is the essence of digging the past and making sure that once it’s buried, it’s buried for good,” he said.

Mugwadi said it was important for people and human rights advocates to seize the opportunity and engage and co-operate with the new administration so that promises that were made by Mnangagwa to uphold all pillars of democracy and promote human rights would be met without fail.

Mugwadi said as people celebrated the day, it was important to uphold and reflect on the plight of vulnerable groups, including women, the elderly, refugees together with people living with disabilities and ascertain that their rights are respected.

“This is the time to seize the opportunity in respect of the new administration’s promises to ensure that we move along, so that promises that are made will be realised and fulfilled. We have to make sure that we move with the current administration while assisting it in promoting and protecting the rights of the people,” he said.

This year’s International Human Rights Day commemorations will take place in Highfield with a march scheduled from Gwanzura Stadium, through Machipisa shopping centre to Takashinga Cricket Club, where Justice minister Ziyambi Ziyambi is expected to officiate.



  1. If we are to avoid Gukurahundi again and live peacefully, Zimbabweans should learn to respect each other and Human Rights Groups Should warn A Matebeleland King who is advocating for a breakaway republic that such kind of utterances is quite unnecessary and will only cause suffering to innocent people who otherwise would like to live peacefully.

    1. You are a Gukurahundi

  2. The only way to live peacefully is for idiots like you to shut up and a proper truth and reconciliation to be established and facts to be known ao that people can have closer not to avoid the issue. There is nothing wrong with establishing a ndebele kinhdom,this is a cultural kinhdom not a government.stop dustorting facts bro

  3. Gukurahundi that’s not where the story begins. how many were killed by dissidents , which lead to the 5th Brigade being sent to Matebeland and Midlands? How many were killed by Ndebeles when they fleed being subjects of Tshaka and displaced many of the Rozvi people.

    1. Yes you are right; let the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) deal with all that. They should also call you in to present your case on dissidents and Tshaka. They should also allow you the aggrieved party to bring forward your witnesses of Tshaka’s atrocities. Dont forget to bring the Rozvi people too.

      Colonialists should also be brought into the mix and let everything be laid bare in the open.

      Even the Khoisan/Basarwa/Abathwa should come forward and let the issue of their land that was taken over on the arrival of the Bantu from North/Central and East Africa, who now call themselves the Shona be discussed, apologies made and reparations done.

      We want this whole thing to be as comprehensively inclusive as possible so that we lay to rest our past ghosts and live in peace and harmony as a nation, henceforth!!

    2. Iphithule kaMaphosa

      take time to present all your alleged violations by Ndebele people before a properly constituted TRC. Thats the purpose we want it for, so that every agrieved citizen gives evidence and proffer solutions. Dont sweat making allegations only, present the evidence and all will be solved.

      1. Exactly my point Mfondini. Let these people come forward and present their allegations against the Ndebele people to the TRC. They should also come forward with witnesses to prove their cases.

        That is the very reason we are all arguing for a TRC. Should their cases be proven, we in Matebeleland stand ready to welcome them to to our provinces to collect their women and cattle, as we apologise profusely.

        On the other hand, we in Matebeleland will also present our Gukurahundi cases. We will bring witnesses and demand the perpetrators Mugabe, Shiri, Mnangagwa, Sekeramayi to appear before the TRC.

        I am sure this will bring to finality our past confict situations as a nation.

    3. Give us the numbers wena slima killed by dissidents, so the government had to kill all Ndebeles because dissidents had killed people, with people like you peace between Ndebeles and Shonas is a distant dream.

  4. A few weeks back, a Bosnian “Warlord” drank poison after realizing that he would be convicted of being at the front of the murder of 8 000 Bosnians a decade or so ago. Zimbabwe is not in isolation – any past misdeeds will not escape INTERNATIONAL scrutiny, never mind how self-important we may want to appear. The victims of such atrocities can only forgive the perpetrators IF they ask for forgiveness, but expecting them to forget is futile. One of the important reqirements for Zimbabwe to join the international fold is simply to follow best practice, we’re not the first to be ruled by a mad man, and not the last!

  5. Mafirakureva weDiaspora

    The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC)was not instituted to deal with Gukurahundi issues only, they are so many important issues to focus on not this why do you always want to open old wounds and put salt to it.
    We have elections coming look at human rights issues around that area and address. Poverty on its own is a human right issue what are you doing about it. Why bring debate/issues like Tshaka’ atrocities zvisina ne basa, the British occupied this land for 100 years killing people Shona and Ndebeles alike take them on so as to brink closure. Taurai nezve misoro yavanhu iri ku UK idzoke that’s a clear indication of human rights abuse.

  6. I have never understood why many Shona people always argue on behalf of ZANU PF when it comes to this Gukurahundi issue.

    Strictly speaking – Shona people should basically stay away from this. Gukurahundi is a matter between the people of Matebeleland and ZANU PF!!

    1. i think wakurwara

      1. Ngoba, is it because Shona = ZANU PF?

        Is that so? That’s news to Matebeleland people – we didnt know!!

        1. I think this mentality is the problem that we have. Why is collectively one tribe against another. I come from Matebeland my mother is Sotho with a Brother who was killed by ZIPRA dissidents for being a ZANLA soldier during the liberation war even though he was from Matebeland during Gukurahundi.
          There are official records of dissidents being relocated to Filabusi after 1987 and these were the same men that killed my uncle.
          Truth Commission if it is to be there should address the following
          1. The in discriminant killing of all innocents in this period (whether Ndebele or Shona or Sotho or White)
          2. Name all the perpetrators involved (dissidents did not happen without leadership the same way that 5th Brigade did not happen without leadership)
          The idea that people like you try and paddle that the Ndebele/Zipra(Zapu) was blameless in all that happened is a grave and dangerous misconception that influences the younger generation into hate that is not productive in the progression of Zimbabwe. The only thing that Zanu is guilty of is that they fought fire with fire and their fire was a lot hotter than the one the Zipra started.
          3. The extent of outside influence should be exposed – we all know that some of this was engineered by South Africans to distabilise Zim.

        2. Wena Lucy, do you even understand what you read? How far did you go with school or did you even go to school? Just go all over and re-read my contributions on this subject.

          I have been stressing the fact that we need a TRC that will include everyone who is aggrieved – going back to the Basarwa/Khoisan whose land was taken by the Shona (Bantu people), the Rozvi/Lozwi, the Shona, the Ndebele and the so-called tribal wars on the Shona, and the Whites and Colonialism and racism, Gukurahundi, Murambatswina, MDC Election members abductions and killings, etc etc.

          It is the Shona people here who are the problem, because they always seem to fight on the side of ZANU PF. Most people in Matebeleland demand answers from Mugabe, Shiri, Mnangagwa, Sekeramayi etc etc – in other words from ZANU PF, not from Shona people in general.

          But then what happens?

          Shonas simply muscle in all the time to defend ZANU PF. And whenever the issue comes up, they start talking about the so-called tribal wars. What is the connection between tribal wars and the so-called dissidents that we are told are what led to Gukurahundi?

          On this particular point, they have no explanation, but to run way from the discussion; only to pop up again at some other fora, where the same Gukurahundi topic is up for discussion, still advancing the same stupid arguments of tribal wars.


  7. You are right everyone should be broght to nook including the killing of innocent voters when zanu pf lost the election and all those in charge of the army who are now supposed to be heroes you foolosh mashona,how do you kill more than 20 000 people looking for less than 50 people, the number was siper imposed to kill innocent people ,its idiots like you who are protecting the killers,it eill come back to dump

  8. Usho ngoba amaShona ne ZANU PF kuyafana, vele? Yinto eyi ONE!!

    Yebo – bengingazi!!

  9. Uyibeke kahle mfuwethu,sikhonza kuwena.let them come and account

  10. when you say ‘…these people…’ which people are you. it shows deep inside your heart you are not part of the big zimbabwe family, you gave premitive and miscalculated separatist agendas which inhibits progress in matebeleland

  11. …and since there are no separatists in Mashonaland, I presume there is progress?

  12. Ts i mean ndebeles and shona,dont pretend you do not know,facts when gukurahundi was unleashed to the ndebele people,shiri was the commander,crock was the security minister,sekeramai was the defence minister,chiwenga was a junior army commanda,mugabe was the commander in chief,people not logs were killed,these people should account,in 2008 when zanu pf lost the election,mnangagwa was put in charge of the process together with chiwenga and chihuri to mame but a few,people were killed,they should come and account,when chiwenga took over a coup co-operating with mnangagwa which is treasonous anywhere,at chomnos house people were killed and we dont know how many more which we dont know,the basic principle is that these same people should come to account,this cant go on and on bro

  13. ya all sound like tribalists .gukurahundi was bad though

  14. It should not be avoided then,why behave like you justfying.people should account just accept it

  15. You need help lucy izanu ikungene ekhanda do you justify the killing of your brother to more than 20 000 many zipras were killed at entumbane and by many in harare to name but a few.this is above the are young get it grom me.zanu is a killing machine including its own me i have seen and experienced this.

  16. Iyazi mfethu i wish people can understand like uou do,we can go further,i salute you bro

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