‘Govt to blame for Tsholotsho accident’

THE MDC has blamed the government for the death of 21 workers who perished in the Tsholotsho accident on Saturday, saying the Health ministry carelessly overloaded people and equipment in the vehicle.


MDC Matabeleland North chairperson, Leonard Mhlanga said the party was deeply saddened by the deaths of members of the Matabeleland North malaria control team in a fatal road traffic accident while being ferried to work in an overloaded government truck along the Tsholotsho-Sipepa Road.

“We convey our deepest condolences to the bereaved families in the Lupane-Tsholotsho communities. We pray they find peace and comfort in the Lord during this difficult time. We also extend our sympathies to the injured workers, wishing them a speedy recovery,” he said.

“MDC is convinced that this tragedy could have been avoided, had it not been for gross negligence on the part of the Ministry of Health. Allowing a drunk driver to get behind the wheel and overloading the truck with both people and goods shows gross incompetence and how little government values human life.”

He said his party was calling for justice for the victims.

“We call for financial compensation to all the affected families who in one swoop have lost hardworking men and women, breadwinners, parents and loved ones.

“The MDC also takes this opportunity to remind the general public and motorists to practice extreme caution on the roads, particularly as we approach the festive season to avoid unnecessary loss of life,” Mhlanga said.

“Most importantly, we appeal to the government to urgently attend to the bad state of our roads which have become death traps for motorists.”

The remarks came after at least 30 survivors of the Tsholotsho road accident were discharged from hospital. This was confirmed by Matabeleland North provincial medical director, Nyasha Masuka on Monday.

The government has declared the accident a national disaster, meaning there will be State-assisted funerals for the deceased, while the injured would have their medical bills settled by the State.

Some of the deceased have been identied as Dumisani Ngwenya, Bonisani Moyo, Nyalani Mukulu, Mongikazi Tshabalala, Mlungisi Ndlovu, Thulani Murwira, Vusumuzi Ncube, Brendon Muvengwa, Khulekani Sibanda, Mthabisi Tshuma, Ntombezinhle Ngwenya, Vote Sibanda, Obey Moyo, Ben Tshuma, Elton Mpofu, Thabani Maphosa, Bolma, Bishop Ndlovu, Mxelelwa Donga and Soyaphi Dube.



  1. Comment…Mapurisa vabva muroad wave kuma courts manje.

  2. Very strange that there were so many ndebeles when we know that most jobs have been taken by the shona tribes.

    1. go to school and stop blaming shonas that was ndebele driver.

  3. No no MDC this is not the way to regain relevance by going for a cheap jab like this, accidents always do occur and this must be the time to sympathize with the bereaved not to score unnecessary political points, you are offside on this one.

  4. Hey MDC-N, how do you expect the govt to check every driver ferrying govt workers?This was an unfortunate accident and the solution will need all of us to work together.

    1. Richard Deschain

      Nokuda, the government should employ competent drivers and in this case there should have been a supervisor available to monitor the trip to avoid blatant indiscipline the driver showed as it involved a lot of people being transported and also the fact the workers were ferried in an open truck instead of a bus shows how poorly the health ministry is run. How you are defending the government is beyond me, safety should never be taken granted and I hope this is a lesson learnt to avoid horrendous loss of life like this.

  5. Very true Richard Deschain

  6. @Elisha and NOKUDA, government is 90% to blame.
    1. Since when did truck become buses for government workers?
    2. Since when did a truck be allowed to load more than 71 people?
    3. Since when did people and equipment be mixed as one cargo in an open truck?
    Why is government behaving like a poorly managed tobacco farm?

    Will the thieving health minister himself be happy to ride in a nissan ud pan. Stupid and idiots. You do not value the sanctity of God Given human life.

    I implore the minister of health to do the honorable by resigning out of shame.

  7. They you hear Black people scream BLACK LIVES matter, only because a whiteman has killed Blacks. How many Blacks kill Blacks in Africa?

    Black lives will never matter to white people until they begin to matter to Black people and their governments – PERIOD!!

  8. did the government buy beer for the driver,it was avoidable if the driver was not drunk

  9. Very Sad indeed, it’s true that the Government is to blame,have you ever seen the tyres of those lorries i wonder why they are allowed to use our public roads with such bad tyres and the funds for these programes are sponsored from donors.

  10. Night driving is not a good policy – surely the govt recognizes this? A lot of private companies have banned night travelling due to the high risk of accidents this govt should take the lead…

  11. Newsday you should give us the option to like comments so I can ‘like’ Mntungwas comment. Use Disqus or some such portal

  12. No one is saying what happened to the drunk driver of the truck did he also did ,did he survive?

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