Four things your life will respond to in the New Year

It is fascinating to me that today, Thursday 28 December is my birthday. I praise God to be alive and to be writing to you on my day of birth. It feels good and pretty awesome.


I look back from where I have come and the things I went through and four important things fill my heart.

I am not yet a master in these, but I can assure you they matter in your life too and we are better off mastering them, so that we can realise the kind of life God set for us enabling us to walk in the power of that life to transform our communities.

At some point I had to deal with these four things and it has been a long process and I am still fine-tuning and challenging myself in these. Let me show you these and challenge you to work on them, so you can surely live an intentional life that will impact your world. Life responds to these four things:

Your thoughts

Your thought pattern is critical as it influences the quality of your life. You carry yourself and do what you do because of what you think and how you think.

Many of us live messed up lives because of our thoughts. Equally, many of us live exciting lives because of the thoughts we have. Your thoughts determine the quality of your life. The Bible says that as we think in our hearts so are we.

Our thoughts make us. This is the reason we should work on our thoughts. Before you condemn the circumstances and situations around you, please consider your thoughts because they affect you more than your physical environment. As you move on even into the New Year, try your best to think about true, noble, pure, praiseworthy and excellent things concerning yourself and your community.

Many people in the country are trapped in this negative thinking about their circumstances and even themselves. What you think about, you become it. Believe it or not, your life responds to your thoughts.

Your attitude

Your thoughts will always influence your attitude and your attitude will determine how you live your life. Your attitude can spoil your life.

I have seen many people messed up by their own attitudes towards life and towards other people and even towards themselves. You have a huge responsibility to help yourself by developing an attitude that will take you where you want to be. Be positive about yourself and about things around you.

The challenge we face in Africa is that we are too negative about everything. You just have to listen to a few people talking and you will be shocked.

If you cannot see any good around you and about you, how do you expect your life to be good? You make your life and it is your attitude that matters the most.

Take time to deal with your attitude. Deal with anger, a critical spirit, a faint heart, tribalism, racism, and all those unnecessary feelings and emotions in you. Stop going about with all the negatives you hear around you. You will sink with those who choose to sink. The Bible says that we should guard our hearts because in it are issues of life. Carry a better attitude, for your life responds to it.

Your beliefs

What you believe makes your way of life. Many people are caught up in their beliefs that are contrary to the spirit of life. If you want to change your quality of life, change your believing. How do you believe a lie and expect to get the truth? How do you believe in poverty and expect to get riches? How do you believe in failure and expect to get success?

Many people are believing in their weaknesses more than their strengths. You will always magnify what you are believing. I challenge you to take stock of what you are believing. Your beliefs matter to where you are going and where you shall end. They determine your destiny.

Your planning

Life is very principled. It operates on a plan, your own plan. God causes your plans to succeed. If you do not plan for yourself the devil will plan for you. He already has planned all the negative things you are chasing and you spend all your life chasing the wind and catching misery. Sit down and plan the course of your life.

As you act on the plan little by little, you will see life shape itself into that. Our challenge is that we are not a planning people. We believe life just happens. It won’t. It responds to your planning.

My suggestion and encouragement to you as you transition into the New Year is to carefully work on your thought patterns, your attitudes, your belief system and your planning.

I can assure you that you will see some great improvement. Stop fighting yourself and develop yourself. Life is beautiful if we are intentional about it.

Have a supernatural new year

Grow in abundance and live intentionally. All the best in 2018.

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