Chinhoyi residents welcome police street patrols


Chinhoyi residents have welcomed the reintroduction of police patrols in high-density suburbs during the festive season, saying this confirmed that the Zimbabwe Republic Police has gone back to the basics.


Some residents confessed that they last saw police doing rounds in high-density suburbs years back, as they were now more concentrated on roadblocks.

Chinhoyi resident, Laxon Tom said he was surprised to see police officers patrolling in Chikonohono using a public address system to urge residents to secure their homes against burglars.

“I think the military’s Operation Restore Legacy has helped things as the police now know what they are supposed to do in their day-to-day operations,” he said.

“We used to see them long back patrolling with their bicycles, but all that disappeared after they became a permanent feature on the roads fleecing motorists.”

The police have also scaled up highway patrols to reduce road carnage.

Mashonaland West provincial police spokesperson Inspector Clemence Mabgweazara declined to comment on the police’s decision to resume street patrols.


  1. It was experienced and proved with no doubt that the presence of ZRP police in Zimbabwe roads was causing lots of accidents. During Operation restore legacy there was no accidents . Police realised that they were the most unwanted Government organ because of corruption. It is high we the public deserve to be respected and return it unconditionally.

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