Chimene couldn’t listen to our advice: MDC-T

Mandiitawepi Chimene

MDC-T has claimed that it used to advise self-exiled former Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandiitawepi Chimene of lack of freedoms in the country, but was ignored, as the firebrand war veteran acted as someone “intoxicated.’’


Chimene, who was a top G40 member, and used to throw vitriol at President Emmerson Mnangagwa, reportedly skipped the border to Mozambique and is reportedly seeking refuge in Burundi after escaping a military operation targeted at “criminals” surrounding former President Robert Mugabe.

MDC-T Manicaland provincial spokesperson Trevor Saruwaka yesterday urged G40 members not to apologise to the current government, as they were exercising their rights when they supported former First Lady Grace Mugabe, who was initially earmarked to be elected the country’s Vice-President at the Zanu PF extraordinary congress.

“When people are in power they should remember one day they will wake up out of power, hence, they must lead with honour and restraint. She (Chimene) went overboard like someone who was intoxicated. Now she is out of power reality has dawned on her,’’ Saruwaka said.

“Remember she (Chimene) is someone who was used to claiming that she was a powerful war veteran. So she should come back to Zimbabwe and enjoy her freedoms. Why is she running away? We used to tell her that there is no freedom in Zimbabwe and she was scornful.’’

He added: “No one should apologise for expressing different views. So all these G40 members who have been apologising, they should stop and come and join us and fight for our freedoms.’’

A number of G40 members have since sent apologies to Mnangagwa for supporting Grace, among them former Zanu PF Manicaland youth chair Mubuso Chinguno, who is reportedly in Lesotho.

Mubuso said he regretted being aligned to G40, claiming that they were misled. A top ally of Grace, Letina Undenge said she was used by the G40 cabal to advance their agenda.


  1. Mgobhozi Wezintabeni

    The problem in this country is that the people consider politics as source of income.Most of them are political and ideological bankrupt to the extent that they are easily manipulated by those who wield plenty of influence because of money,in which ever party they are.Grace is so political and ideological bankrupt that one get surprised even shocked to learn that such an imbecile is nominated for the most powerful post of Party Vice President.There is nothing that Grace exhibited that anybody could be attracted in entrusting her with any party/state responsibility let alone a pre school but people did the unthinkable, to nominate her for Vice President of the Party.

  2. Oh yeah Saruwaka? Mad Mandy has nothing to apoogise for? Would you still feel the same way if you were poisoned and somebody knowing full well what had happened stood up and said you had feasted on guavas too much.

  3. Oh yeah Saruwaka? Mad Mandy has nothing to apologise for? Would you still feel the same way if you were poisoned and somebody knowing full well what had happened stood up and said you had feasted on guavas too much.

  4. If she slows down on dagga-smoking, she might soon find yet another hubby/boyfriend in Burundi; Tall and handsome Tutsi one this time around.

  5. Well said Suruwaka the same people who are putting on Mnangagwa’s face this morning if the next morning another person is to come in power they will all change and claim that they were misled. So its all about money none of them cares for the ordinary man in the street. Political turncoats shame on you. Everyone should come home after all Mugabe wacho waisauppota is sitting preatie here in Zimbabwe whilst they are in foreign lands seeking for refugee status Shame on you. In everything never you go to extremes. If Zim is for every Zimababwean everyone must come home without any conditions

  6. Yeah, you are right Cde Kris. Life without intimacy is totally unbearable to her-remember she quickly mothered 3 babies during the 4 years she claims to have been seriously actively involved in the armed struggle?

  7. Gukurume ReMasvingo

    Saruwaka are you saying that you can degenerate your President Tsvangirai or Chamisa in the manner Chimene was doing to Cde. Munangagwa and you can stand with your head tall. There other ways of campaigning but ngative ne unhu ubuntu hama yangu. Leaders in the society are fathers and mothers to us. What stopped Chimene to go privately to her boss then VP and address her concerns to him.
    Apa warishika
    Teach your kids and the nation manners if you want to be a respected leader

    1. “Denigrate”, not “degenerate.”

      1. Gukurume ReMasvingo


  8. Chii chaizvo chakamboitika?

    The MDC T is now poking its watery nose into ZANU PF internal affairs. It is akin to ZANU PF announcing that those MDC hooligans who battered Khupe should not apologize.


    Its a lesson to all politicians that they are human beings after all and not gods.Zimbabwe politicians must show maturity.

  10. Independent 21/12/2017

    Saruwaka is just seeking relevance. Surely he’s not making any sense. Nowonder Mendi did not listen to his advice. Is it not logical or common sense to apologise to the other person if you realise that you were wronging someone? Why does he have a problem with that l wonder. He sounds like someone with suffering from relevance issues.

  11. Who the hell is this Saruwaka to shout on top of the mountain telling someone to stop taking weed, slow down Saru.

  12. Saruwaka is out of line with normal thinking . What is freedom to you ? You are free to say all your nonsense and still talk of fighting for your freedom . MDC can not give advice to anyone because you are very confused . Instead of working on your party , you spend your time trying to give your so called advice to your enemies . You should be working on your party strategies . This is why you will always cry rigging when you lose elections .Leave Zanu PF alone and work on your party .

  13. Jamengweni Godonga

    Mandi should have known that ageise she was a junior to ED, politically she was a junior but the ‘pasi’ syndrome caused people to be big headed and lost respect for elders. I sincerely hope that there is going to come a time when the Zimbabwean will know that it is important to respect one another whether I share the same ideas with them or not. ‘Pasi’ then what; tables are turned then you are scared of the person you were saying pasi to.
    I wonder how the ‘super Sunday’ mapostori are feeling right now; surely they cant claim to have been hoodwinked.

  14. Noone is hunting for Mandi. She is just running away from her shadow. She should come back home and enjoy herself. Those who opposed Mnangagwa or still oppose him have nothing to fear. It is allowed to oppose him. However, those who committed crimes should face justice, like anyone else, and this should have nothing to do with whether one supports Mnangagwa or not.

    1. you nail it, nobody cares about mandi neither does anyone have the energy to hunt for this lady she is equally harmless like the statements which she used to make, come back mandi.

  15. Zvitadzo zvako zvinokutevera. She run away soon after she was told ED is coming back to lead Zimbabwe. i think its normal considering the way she behaved to the then President of Zimbabwe. Grace is now saying i did not put words on anyone,s mouth Mandi was acting on her own or may be under the influence of marijuana.

  16. Chimene maprazi tirikutora imbwa yemunhu.

  17. Comment…Think some of these guys have something bigger than we know, running away, why, Paddy Zhanda, what have you really done which forces you to run away . This shows that there is some elements of criminality in some of these guys. Saruwaka missed the point here because freedom of expression does not go beyond lack of respect to your elders, there is always a way of putting across a point to your elders than to denigrate them in public. Can you do that to your party elders like Chamisa, Mudzuri and Khupe.

  18. Comment…If that was the kind of advise you were giving to her (Mandi) then she had the right to ignore it because it was poisonous, denigrating your elders in public in the name of freedom of expression.

  19. I advice the govt and Army to hunt for this idiot called Chimene. Either you arrest or shoot her. She was not even a soldier but a cleaner during the war. Chiwenga said it in his articles.

  20. What crime did she commit? She was a poor person who took advantage of her big mouth and got herself a job, is that an offence? She indeed has no value to the country but all they can probably do is fire her from their party, unless she did something else they never did,that which is criminal.

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