21 health workers die in horror truck accident

TWENTY-ONE government health workers died, while 50 others were in critical condition when a truck they were travelling in overturned in Tsholotsho on Saturday.


The malaria control team was on a mission to spray every household in Matabeleland North province when the driver, who survived the accident, failed to negotiate a curve at Jimila near Tsholotsho business centre.

Villagers helped retrieve the dead bodies that were trapped underneath the truck.

Matabeleland North provincial medical health director, Nyasha Masuka confirmed the deaths and injuries, adding some injured personnel had been transferred to Bulawayo.

“I confirm that 21 workers died, most of them on the spot. Twenty-six are admitted here [Tsholotsho], 20 are at Mpilo [Central] Hospital, while the other four are at United Bulawayo Hospitals, so all in all they were 71. The two at Mpilo are in a critical condition as they sustained head injuries together with other five who are a bit less critical, but all the survivors sustained varying degrees of injuries and fractures.”

Tshayile headman, under Jimila Village, Thanda Gumbo, said a dark cloud hung over the village after the tragic accident.

“They were coming from Lupane to spray the whole district. We had been notified of their programme and it is very, very sad.

“We spent almost all night at the scene trying to rescue survivors and it was a job that required every villager’s help. The driver did not die and we heard that he was drunk and as a result failed to negotiate a well-known dangerous curve.

“Some of the people who died were well-known in the area and related to some villagers and up to now, the situation is somber.” he said.

The yellow overalls team is popularly known Omafafaza in the province and they were in Victoria Falls a few days ago carrying out a similar programme.

Team members come from seven districts that is Nkayi, Bubi, Tsholotsho, Umguza, Lupane and Hwange and Binga.

Provincial police spokesperson, Siphiwe Makonese could not be reached for comment.



  1. So sad to see bread-winners’ lives cut short in such a way. Hopefully, the driver had no obvious fault.

  2. A DRUNK driver. Kill him too

  3. The driver is accountable. The government is liable too. How could the workers ride in a truck.They are human beings and not cargo. Parirenyatwa we need a response

    1. mo there’s two sides to the story who saw the driver drinking the problem here is how could the government let 50plus people ride on to the back of the truck who does that ???? think people its the goverment fault not the driver how do they know he was drunk any tests to prove that nooo he;s now a scapegoat shame zimababwe

  4. This is unacceptable and is a clear sign of government failure. How can 71 health workers travel in a truck. Its even more sad that the same minister – Parirenyatwa who presided over the collapse of our health system has been re-appointed. Disappointing!

    1. This is sad indeed considering that the minister has a fleet of cars that he uses by himself and his family. Health workers are made to travel under such dangerous conditions. The blame lies with the minister and, if he has a human heart, he must resign immediately.

  5. In Matebeleland we don’t have government, trust me ..
    how can health workers travel in a truck? ??????
    Zimbabwe must be divided into two because no one cares for Matebeleland people

    these SHONAS are so corrupt in government they only think for themselves. …..

    1. Are you saying Mr Obert Mpofu is from Mashonaland? Proj Jonathan Moyo is from Masvingo province and ZimDef funds were stolen by some Shona person?

  6. Don’t put SHONAs into this we are equally hurt and traumatized by a system which we all let over-grow.

  7. We all marched in support of you CDE Gagwe Munangangwa. We need to see an overhaul in all government departments. Please make the minister of health to account for this misfortune .

  8. if mugabe runs for president as an indepedent candidate l will personally vote for him

  9. So sad to have such patriotic humble civil servants perishing like that. Humanity has lost their own. Professionally, I’ve lost my sisters and brothers. RIP the deceased, Quick recovery to the injured. Rumbie’s ‘Uya Mweya Mutsvene’ song comes in my mind.

  10. point of correction.All spraymen in the ministry use lorries as means of transport in all the provinces.

  11. This is the so called the New Zimbabwe we are celebrating. This would never happen in Mashinaland where people are packed like potato sacks.

    Mandebele sinyile. They are here to eliminate us once again.

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