‘Zim faces worse dictatorship should Grace take over ’

ZAPU leader, Dumiso Dabengwa, yesterday said the country faces a “worse dictatorship” should First Lady, Grace Mugabe take over from her soon-to-be-94-year-old husband President Robert Mugabe.


Dabengwa yesterday said Zimbabweans were so desperate for change and were against a Mugabe dynasty to an extent they would even support a coup, as long as it was bloodless, but ruled out axed Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa from the race saying he would likely perpetuate Zanu PF’s bad governance.

He said Zanu PF’s G40 faction, which has the backing of the First Lady, should be stopped in its tracks from accomplishing its State capture motives.

Mnangagwa was expelled from government on Monday on accusations of disloyalty, deceitfulness, disrespect and unreliability, among other charges, months after he had come under sustained attacks from Grace.

“If there are people who think it’s the only way, I don’t know them, I can’t stop them, but if they are there let them be level-headed enough to ensure that there is no violence, there is no bloodshed. I cannot stop them and that if they did it, they will get 99% support from the people because of the way people feel,” Dabengwa said after unveiling the Dr Dumiso Dabengwa Foundation at a private Bulawayo lodge.

The foundation is a non-profit organisation that seeks to carry out a number of development and humanitarian projects which will help mitigate shortcomings in areas of human capital development, promotion of democracy and constitutionalism, leadership and governance and humanitarian aid particularly the welfare of ex-combatants.

The organisation will also push for redress and restorative justice for Gukurahundi and political violence victims since 1980.
“The manner in which people have become desperate, anything that can change the way things are going in this country, they will now support,” he responded to a question on his thoughts on whether there can be a possibility of a coup in Zimbabwe.

The Zanu PF youth league on Monday threw their weight behind First Lady Grace in her bid to succeed Mnangagwa, as provincial structures called for a female VP.

“I smell worse dictatorship facing our people if those elements are allowed to continue and do what they think they have to do. These are people who have no sympathy about the fate of Zimbabweans, feelings about the suffering of the people of this country,” he said.

“I don’t believe that if any of those people are allowed to continue our situation will be any better, on the contrary it will be worse than it is today.

“With the crisis that we face today, all I can say is that it reinforces statements that I made when (former Vice-President) Joice Mujuru was fired that it was the beginning of the end. Whoever, emerges victorious, whether it is the First Lady or anyone else there is not going to be any immediate change….”



  1. Ngcitshi Ndiweni

    Hear! hear!

  2. let her takeover she is better than Mnangagwa.The taste is in the pudding.

    1. you must be out yah damn mind as the americans would say



  4. you would be mistaken to think this country would be better under Mnangagwa.let Grace succeed her husband.she would no doubt enter govt with a new younger team which is capable of changing things for the better.do not judge her before she enters govt.lets give her a chance.

    1. Kutonga is not trial and error.

    2. @ Analyst Its people like you who are naive and have a weird train of thought that this country is in a situation like this. What makes you think Grace is qualified to lead this country? Have you ever heard her speak and actually think she has the capabilities of turning the fortunes of this country? The stupidity of some people in this country is unbelievable!

    3. The youngsters she leads are all thugs why do you think they will run it properly, all they are interested is lining up their pockets.Those youths in G40 don’t care about Zimbabwe that is why whilst ED was working for the governement they were planning to topple him. really what wrong do you think ED did to Zimbabweans and Mugabes other than just people respecting him more than this loud mouthed good for nothing gangsters?

    4. Comment…Kurasika kusasvika pachidanho chekuisa Gire

    5. you are are stupid enough to think grace will rule zim is our country a mugabe’s dynasty ichiri nyika kana kutonga kwacho kwakusiranwa zvakadaro fuck you if you supppot mugabe’ lineage to rule our country

  5. Chimangeni Mapiko

    Mugabe’s behaviour is like that of a robot that has been programmed to destroy everything in its way and kill everyone that it encounters. Eventually that robot must kill itself after achieving its mission. So the current scenario shows the coming off of the pieces that kept that robot intact. The pieces of that robot have indeed come off all of them,including the arms and the legs. Whats left now is for the head of that robot to blow off. The scary thing is that when the head blows off some will be hit by the splinters. So whether u are scampering for cover or braving yourself and enjoying the explosion its all up to u. But one thing for sure is that a new era has been ushered in Zim. An era like no other. A genuinely free Zim is on the horizon.

    1. I like u dude-these are all works of mugabe-people amazingly seperate grace from mugabe- it mugabe`s fault and lack of insight and foresight old cruel man,

    2. great analaysis…sad but true

  6. I’ve never heard Grace Mugabe utter a single word of economics, I wonder if she even knows what a manifesto is

    1. YOU know ZIMBOS we are heading in a ditch with this clueless orator this country was worn through the gun but there it is gone by the pant ayaas you regret all people who got killed and maimed fighting for our independence only to create a DYNASTY zvorwadza,kubuhlungu lokhu bantu bakithi,vanhuwe

    2. even mugabe himself has never uttered constructive economics-early 2000s said text economics dont work- idununu chairo mudhara uya so what would u expect from grace..

  7. Take over what..she will never be president

  8. Comment…cry our beloved country whilst we fold our arms and watch hmmmmm l cant believe what is happening in our country

  9. iwe gukurahundi violence is wt you remember ko hondo dzenyu dzemadzviti wen you raided and stole we want that adressed

    1. But who stops you from collecting your cattle and women?

  10. I can not imagine that Dabengwa is accepting a Grace Mugabe presidency.The country has gone to the dogs

    1. Va Mugabe is feeling very very insecure. Thats why is dumping his friends of the early sixties. Prefering G40. But Zimbabwe as a country is sinking big time. I can only see a fibble hand waving the whole body is submerged.

  11. Grace Mugabe is already running the country. She will win the next elections (to formalise the current position) hands down with the support of Nikuv and ZEC, and Cde Zuma will be the first to congratulate her. The rest of SADC will follow suit together with the AU. Zimbabweans, this is the time to organise for rolling national demonstrations. The army will join you together with other elements of the security establishment that are not feeding from the trough.

  12. I totally agree with Cde Dabengwa. It will be a fatal mistake to allow this woman to rule. Tinopera mafuta ese.Its time to get rid of ZANU PF. We need new blood and new ideas for our nation to move forward.

  13. This country is now in a war mode and it looks like everyone, especially the leaders want it as evidenced by the way they are behaving and poking everyone’s nose.This country is not for a few individuals as some people tend to think.Leaders come and go but the country remains so we should leave peacefully and our children and grand children must inherit a good country.Scolding,chiding,blaming,accusing,lying,power hungry,oppressing,etc,etc are acts of people who are greed and who do fear God.Kana bere roda kudya mwana waro it will start blaming him for smelling like a goat.Mwari haarambe akanyarara nekusingapere.

  14. Mgobhozi Wezintabeni

    Idi Amin Omsikazi.The country would be plunged into worst humanitarian crisis ever imagined in the history of human kind.The country is already groping in the darkness and one shudders to imagine what real is going to happen if this woman takes over the reins of government.She lacks state craft let alone the basics in civics and with her dangerous ignorance the country would further plunge into a Somali scenario,obviously into a failed state.

    1. muagbe has already plugged the country into-such what worse could grace do

  15. handisati ndamboona nyika yakatongwa nemukadzi ikaparara in the last 30 years.

    1. kumhat* kwako

  16. @analyst…..uri duzvi please usati nhuwirewo……..bt mnangagwa is the best zanu pf offered musamu fananidze naana bobdisgrace

  17. Can you lead the people Mr Dabengwa you exguerilla military supremo ,you have the knowhow and the tactics, we do not forget early year 2000 when you almost pushed Mugabe out when you teamed up with the late great zanla guerilla commander Solomon Tapfumaneyi Mujuru but you were sold out by the now deposed Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa and others and Mugabe managed to hang on, but he is now spoiling all the gains the comraades achieved in the bush, what a sad closure to the liberation chapter.
    Dumiso its now your call and other exfighters to engage in another war of liberation this time brother against brother and no white buddies around.

  18. I smell a dead rate here

  19. Dear newsday editor,please post my comments

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