Only transitional govt can restore stability: War vets


WAR veterans in Manicaland province have joined growing calls for Zanu PF’s top leadership to urgently rope in other political parties and set up an inclusive transitional government to jump-start the economy and stabilise the political environment for the good of the general populace.


Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association Manicaland provincial deputy political commissar Irvin Mbengo told NewsDay yesterday that only a transitional government would quickly restore political and economic stability.

“We need to tell each other the truth here. There is need to have solid relations among the political parties in Zimbabwe.
The parties need to be united. Transitional government is the only solution here,” he said.

In 2009, the government of national unity (GNU) was set up following an electoral stalemate between Zanu PF’s President Robert Mugabe and the two MDCs led by Morgan Tsvangirai and Welshman Ncube.

“We had too many thieves in the leadership of this country. There was corruption everywhere and our country’s leadership was protecting corrupt officials. In countries like China and India corrupt officials and thieves within the country’s political leadership are executed by way of shooting. So in Zimbabwe, someone needs to be shot in the head with a bullet,” Mbengo said.

“We want ethical leadership and good corporate governance. How can a minister present a fake $10 million cheque for the Zimunya-Marange Community Share Ownership Trust and yet up to now we still do not know what happened to that money? During the unity government we saw local industries, public education and health care systems shaping up after they had virtually shut down in 2008 due to political turmoil and economic stress,” he said .

Mbengo added: “Now we are back at it again, we have long queues and cashless banks. We should not be late again, a transitional government is the only solution. We grabbed the land, but, what are we producing? We are importing maize worth more than $200 million. Companies have closed and nothing is there, something must be done as early as possible and a unity government is the answer.”


  1. Elections are only next year, better for Zanu PF to finish its term. I dont see any need for transition authority.

  2. The opposition parties must focus on preparing for next year’s elections rather than being romped into the ZANU PF crisis, they should in fact take advantage of the crisis and prepare for elections. Transitional govt for what, lets suffer once and for all. The economy is already on its knees, there is no cash, everything is tough, this is the time to reed off this ZANU PF gvt through elections.

    • Agree @Bonzo, no transition govt needed. Zanu PF wants to use the transition to its advantage. At the moment there is chaos and a new leader in Zanu PF and so they want to buy time using the transition. Next year’s elections must go ahead as scheduled.

      • No to Transitional or UNITY Gvt ZANU PF will be in the driving seat again when u cushion them like you did in 2008 this was bcz of Mbeki undecratic behavour so why is he not at the National Sport Stadium he is a sell out.
        When we marched we wanted Kulu to go so he is gone its now each man for himself


  3. The MDCT must not be used by ZANU PF to impeach Mugabe. The MDC does not learn lessons, they are always used to solve ZANU PF problems and dumped later. IF ZANU PF wants to impeach Mugabe, let them do that on their own. Mugabe being there as President will continue to destabilise ZANU PF and that is an advantage to Opposition parties. Let there be chaos in ZANU PF so that change finally comes to the people. MDCT wake up and smell the coffee, prepare for elections, leave ZANU factions to fight for themselves.

  4. Its true Bonzo. China-man said it all. it is a ZANU thing let them finish their term in office. Zec should continue to plan for 2018 harmonised elections. Mbengo thinks MDC is there to stabilize ZANU messes, history cannot repeat itself. Iwe neni tene basa.

  5. Finally, the thinking process has begun in Zanu (RF) circles. Better late than never, I suppose.

    I like the “Shariah” approach to corruption mentioned here. For it to be meticulously executed (mind the pun) a lot of faith has to be infused into the rationale behind it….and there will be no exceptions. I don’t know if Zimbabweans are ready for this but it is very necessary and urgent. A bullet in the head for corruption, no exceptions…wow!!

  6. mdc stop being fools stay out of inclusive gvt you can see how this arrogant babbon called chinamasa talks prepare for election in Zanupf is still a part of racists we want a government that include all white and black chinese russians americans british soldiers must not blind us they must return stolen land to farmers for productive use coz only zanupf big babbons have farms poor people also want land but not the mugabe way

  7. Comment…mdc should not be fooled with these sweet toungs from zanu pf,makudo ndoo mamwe,mwana wezizi izizi harifi rakachema senhengure,zanu i zanu,chakatanga ndoo chichenjedzi,let them finish their term,come election he he heeeeeee,

  8. MDC wake up and open your eyes, What Chinamasa said is exactly what is in the minds of all Zanu PF. Nothing new about what he told you OPENLY. Biti and Chamisa come together , bury your difference are work on the immediate third liberation of this country. Hapana chinochinja after Bobs fall out, dont allow an inclusive gvt with hiden clauses NO! and if you are going into it, vie for the VP post not PM CHII ICHOCHO!!

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