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Students’ interface rally cancelled


GOVERNMENT has cancelled President Robert Mugabe’s tertiary students’ interface rally which was scheduled to take place in Harare tomorrow following new political developments that saw the military intervening in an operation to “fish out criminal elements” within the ruling Zanu PF party.


Higher and Tertiary Education deputy minister Godfrey Gandawa told NewsDay yesterday that the rally had been postponed indefinitely.

“We have notified our institutions countrywide of the postponement and advised them that we shall have the same at an appropriate time,” Gandawa said.

Asked what had motivated the decision to postpone the rally which was supposed to be addressed by Mugabe and his wife Grace, the deputy minister curtly said: “Circumstances beyond our control.”

Mugabe has been holding interface rallies across the country with youths which have been used to attack a faction linked to former Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa and he was supposed to meet the students in Harare.

Due to the public attacks targeted at Mnangagwa, the military on Tuesday night “stepped in” and confined Mugabe to his house while they arrested Cabinet ministers and Zanu PF officials they labelled as the “criminal elements surrounding the President”.

Gandawa, however, said Mugabe would today officiate at Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) graduation ceremony in Harare and proceed to Midlands State University for a similar function next week.

“As far as we are concerned, the chancellor of the university, His Excellency President Mugabe, is going to be the guest of honour. The team from ZOU were supposed to have gone for a briefing this morning with the President, but they were late and it has not been rescheduled,” Gandawa said.

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  1. Comment…Asi nhai Gandawa anopenga here, you mean that someone under house arrest could offiate at a graduation ceremony, waputa mbanje here, and you still dream kuti Mugabe achiti kutonga .

  2. I even doubt if Mugabe still wants to appear in public ever again after such humiliation by the army & being turned into a temporary bachelor with a wife gone AWOL

  3. Manga majaira kushandisa vana vavarombo to advance your political agendas. What goes around comes around. Is interface rally employment creation? The youth need employment and not those stupid rallies

  4. Whoever was planning these stupid rallies must be arrested for wasting money that can be used for better things like medicines in hospitals etc. That person(s) are the evil criminals who were hoodwinking their god into believing that he is popular when in fact he is not. They must pay the money back into the fiscus.

  5. All those people who are still and were attending to and listening to Mugabe and Grace’s gatherings are useless and unthinkable human beings.

  6. Heey serious mhani how can a bhantinti sibotshwa sigebenga can be left to do what the law abiding citizens do .If you are under arrest you have no freedom to do what the sinner Mugabe who has sinned to us for 37 years till 15 November 2017 has been doing since our military brought him down to earth and put him under house arrest .

  7. Haa rally yainyengetedzwa nekumanikidzwa ma students iyo….it was not for Robert futi but it was meant for his beach..to maneuver her own political carrier which did not have a background.

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