Observe road rules: ZPA

THE Zimbabwe Passengers’ Association (ZPA) has called on public transport operators to observe traffic rules to reduce road carnage ahead of the festive season.


ZPA secretary-general, Paul Makiwa yesterday said many lives were being lost during the festive season through road accidents, mostly caused by human error.

“To our valued drivers, we say drive carefully since some roads will be slippery, avoid speeding and overloading, some of the rivers will be flooded, avoid driving across [flooded bridges] and avoid venturing where you do not have proper sight, this will help to save your lives and others,” he warned.

“Let us avoid having high passenger [fatalities] and disabilities, remembering we all live once. As a nation, let’s all unite to save lives.”

Makiwa warned transport operators, who flout the Road Motor Transport Act by hiking fares during public holidays to desist from such or risk cancellation of their licences by the Transport ministry.

“We all know that transport operators have a tendency of ripping off passengers during public holidays. Passengers, let it be known that this is in violation of the International Transport Treaty Agreement. All operators, who do that, are robbing the public, all stage carriage transport operators or transporters must display fare tables,” he said.

During last year’s festive season, police arrested 6 855 motorists for various traffic offences, down from 7 017 in 2015, while 90 defective vehicles were impounded.


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