‘Mnangagwa was ready to spill Gukurahundi beans’

ZAPU has claimed that former Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa was hounded out of government and Zanu PF because he was ready to expose the ruling party’s shenanigans in the 1980s Gukurahundi massacres that claimed over 20 000 lives in Matabeleland and Midlands provinces.


The remarks were made by Zapu’s economic development secretary, Mark Mbayiwa at a rally in Ntabazinduna, Umguza district over the weekend.

Mnangagwa was expelled from both government and Zanu PF last week, prompting him to sneak out of the country into South Africa allegedly after threats on his life.

Mbayiwa told supporters that President Robert Mugabe reportedly panicked at the beginning of this year when Mnangagwa, in an interview with a British newspaper, New Statesman, absolved himself of any culpability in the early 1980s Gukurahundi atrocities.
“Had he not indicated readiness to speak and co-operate on this contentious issue, Mnangagwa would still be cozy and comfortable in Zanu PF and government,” Mbayiwa said.

“One thing about Mnangagwa that angered Mugabe after so many years as his closest ally is the shifting of responsibility of the massacres by the deputy to his 93-year-old master, who at the burial of (the late Vice-President) Joshua Nkomo referred to Gukurahundi as a moment of madness.”

Mbayiwa, who is Zapu parliamentary candidate for Umguza, urged constituents to dump Zanu PF and its incumbent legislator Obert Mpofu.

He claimed that Mpofu, who is originally from Jambezi in Hwange, did not have Umguza’s welfare at heart.

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  1. Matakanana chaiwo

  2. spilling beans wouldn’t help. He masterminded everything during that era, anga asina kurara ba. The reason why Mnangagwa seems to be liked haisi yekuti anodiwa but at the moment he is the only option inenge irinani. But calling a spade, a spade, He is ruthless and heartless. Many died for democracy ivo vakasunga nekuda kudya vachiba. Hudzvanyiriri hwa Smith hakutoita sehwaive nani pane kutsikirirwa newako. Ngazviende kuChikurubi ndokwavo, they have serious issues to be answered.

  3. Gukurahundi “a moment of madness” hoooo nhai. Who was mad and are they now sane? 20 000 lives lost and 37 years later, the ghosts are back in full swing!! Those 50 bedroomed mansions are not big enough for the 20 000 tormented spirits. Prepare for more duppies dem.

  4. The moment of some mad men!

  5. Jamengweni Godonga

    ED was the chief architect kasitshiye thina. I am waiting for the day he will be brought back in leg irons, handcuffs and you name it. 20,000 my foot – more than that.

  6. Well said good people. He is part of the stupid fights against civilians. Chiwenga what? He has been quite all along how many people have suffered while the arm was watching and brutalising people. These monsters have no heart. They belong to Khami and Chikurubi maximum prisons.

  7. Kugarakunzwanahamandishe Garanewako

    Comment..Pa20000, vamwe havana kuuraiwa naRichard Gwesela, vatungamiri vake here muMidlands. Kana 20000 iri Matebeleland chete. Ko Midlands yakafiwawo nevangani. Buritsayi huwandu hweMidlands.

    1. ivhukuvanhu chete chete

      Yes, it takes tow (2) to tango. It was Dissidents Vs Zimbabwe National Army. The dissidents were so innocent that they could”nt kill even Chick……!
      Ladies and Gentlemen, the Gukurahundi period was a sad period in our lives.
      The ugly head of tribalism had reared its head. And, we thought the Unity Accord of 1987 had firmly buried it? Unfortunately, some politicians who have no clue to lead our nation to prosperity; can only harp and remind us of the darkest period in our Motherland. That dark period must never be condoned evermore.
      But, what if we could learn from the Rwandese who suffered similar a debacle OVER A MILLION PEOPLE. However, they are moving on and developing their country…… Forgiveness and love are Godly virtues…..
      Revenge is for the Almighty and He ALONE judges fairly and square.
      If you continuously open the old wounds mozodii?

  8. munangangwa haasisipo full stop kutaura kwamusina kuswera

  9. Mr Zapu candidate don’t lie. Gukurahundi has nothing to do with what’s happening in Zanu PF. That’s one of the best moves ever by Mugabe.

  10. Person of Interest

    Garanewako has a point. Shonas who were unlucky enough to meet Gwesela and his other dissidents were butchered. In those days Matebeleland and parts of Midlands were no go areas for Shonas. Even driving you would be stopped and asked to nkuluma. You fail you and all in your car would be hacked to death or used for shooting target practice. Noone says anything about this aspect of Gukurahundi. Yes, Gwesela and company may have had their beef with Mugabe and Zanu PF but us Shonas what had we done? Senze thina?

  11. an overzealous zeloat trying to seek our attention.what evidence does he have to substantiate the fact that ED could surely have wanted to spill the beans

  12. at least all spleping,, veterans start work up one by one

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