Mavura fulfills dream, launches debut book

AUTHOR Abel Mavura has fulfilled his dream after launching his much-awaited debut motivational book titled The Art of Realising Your Dream, which he said was a reflection of his life.


Mavura told NewsDay on the sidelines of the launch on Friday night at a hotel in the capital that despite being a reflection of his life, the book was also an inspiration to young people to realise their dreams despite the challenges they face or their

“The book The Art of Realising Your Dream to a greater extent is a mirror that reflects my life journey testifying on all the success stories. Just like it is for the Bonsai, the final figure is magnificent, but the growth was terrible, the same is the story of my own growing,” he said.

“People should adopt certain aspects of life in order to realise their dreams. We need to set goals in life, what it takes to have desire, self-belief, faith and hope, staying power, visioning, discipline and courage for one to realise them.”

Mavura said he had discovered that life was not just a continuous moment survived, but a dynamic system, which he then tries to reflect through the book.

“I have learnt something about life, it (life) consists of inputs, processes and outputs. Inputs are the efforts we put towards our goals, while processes are the challenges we face and outputs is the new being after all the hassles,” he said.

“Through this book, I also seek to present lessons with an objective to assure all age groups that life is not a constant cycle, but is dynamic, as I offer genuine and practical examples with references to my life to bring readers close to reality,” he said.
The Mutoko-bred Mavura said it was his desire that after reading the book, readers would rekindle their hope and work towards accelerating their movement to achieving their goals.

Before launching the book, Mavura has worked with different arts organisations and musicians, among them seasoned singer Leonard Zhakata.

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