Khama plans to step down


BOTSWANA president Ian Khama has announced plans to step down at the end of his term in April next year.


Khama announced the decision in a State of the Nation address on Monday where he said he will leave the country in the hands of his deputy Mokgweetsi Masisi until the elections in 2019.

“Five months from now I shall be passing on the baton of leadership of this great country into the very capable hands of VP Mokgweetsi Masisi. While we will undoubtedly continue to confront significant challenges, when we place the interests of Botswana first we shall find the strength to overcome all obstacles,” he said.

Khama succeeded former president Festus Mogae in 2008 after serving as vice-president since 1998. He was elected for a full five-year term in 2009 and re-elected in 2014 for his final second term.

The former military commander will also be replaced as the leader of the Botswana Democratic Party by his vice-president who was elected in July to lead the ruling party.


  1. we used to think that wisdom comes with age but alas, look now Khama who is way way younger than the zanu pf leader is now teaching the Old man what a good leader does. what a shame that zim has a allowed someone to take the country as his personal property.

    • 37 years has gone by, how many more “years later” are you talking about. You must be one of those who admires him from a very safe distance!!

    • Nonsense! He is not he only person who can run this country. There are many potential leaders even in Zanu PF. Lack of leadership renewal has done a lot of damage to the party. Yes Mugabe played his party but let us not treat him as if he is God. He is a simple human beings with many weaknesses and failings like any other person. I guarantee you there are many who can compare to Mugabe and even do better, even within Zanu PF itself.

    • Dude , what greatness are you talking about, A Great leader when only thieves and politicians prosper, hard workers are at a brink of loosing all their hard earned savings for the umpteenth time .Wake up Zimbabwe!!!!! I repeat wake up Zimbabwe!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Vamwe vanenge vachingoti vanhu vanondida, vachidzivirira mbavha kuti dzisasungwa. Ko American airbase richiko here Botswana nhai varume. Very strategic kana ririko.

  3. Its you Nikita Lempadi who is going to miss Mugabe,not Zimbabweans.We have suffered to much.Mugabe is a blessing to you.
    Of course he was but has over stayed.

  4. You do not take clues from your neighbors,”pangwa zano iwe uinerakowo”, our elders counsels. Saka muchitorerwa vakadzi kudokwaiirira zvinhu zvasahwira.

    Mr Mugabe is consistently and democratically elected by the majority of Zimbabweans, despite your hatred.

  5. Hapana apa according to their constitution his time is up. Mugabe is eligible to stand for presidency another term.

  6. Comment…well done, Mugabe kusanyara vezera vako vese vakaenda,kuda kukunda Banda who was removed from office @94 chete hapana zvimwe,muchatiza mose na Gire wako ,nguva yasvika nazvino yatovapo.

  7. Usatinyepere very few people and I repeat very few people like you iwe! You will certainly and eternally burn in pain in hell!!!!!!

  8. We will never ever regret about Mugabe. He was a cruel and dictator without vision. Definitely life without Mugabe is going to be better. If at all he was a good leader he was suppose to realize that he is old and need a rest but instead he continued mismanaging the affairs of our beautiful Zimbabwe with Marujata.Khama and Botswana as a country are a role model of democracy. Sometimes i think having one Vice President is indeed a good idea.

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