Gweru converts disused pub into clinic

Gweru City Council

Gweru City Council has converted a cocktail bar in Ivene suburb into a clinic, in a bid to improve the health delivery system in the area.

By Stephen Chadenga

Council finance director Edgar Mwedzi said the health facility would be known as Ivene Clinic.

“Council plans to relocate Ivene Clinic to Ivene Cocktail bar and the move should be effected next year,” Mwedzi said. “We have since budgeted $60 000 for the relocation (Ivene Clinic), construction of additional working place at Mkoba 1 Polyclinic as well as the construction of a kitchen and laundry at the Isolation Hospital.”

Mwedzi also said council had budgeted $24 000 for the construction of auto-way pits at Mkoba 1, Mtapa, Mkoba and Senga Polyclinics to be used for the disposal of placenta and other medical waste.

Last year’s council health report revealed that Mtapa Clinic and Isolation Hospital were operating without incinerators and dumped their waste, including used syringes, bandages and linen in open spaces, posing a health hazard to residents.

In 2014, the health department recommended that council should include the issue of incinerators in the 2015 budget, but to date, the recommendations have not been implemented, owing to financial constraints faced by the local authority.


  1. Health services are a necessity to any community, regardless of geographic location but the conversion of a cocktail bar into a clinic leaves more questions than answers. This can prove that community health is not a priority for council period! Council has the land to establish a modern clinic that can incorporate other areas of speciality through partnerships.
    Clearly the Ivine community is growing in population and you allocate a budget of only 60K seriously! I am of the opinion that as residents lets not encourage poor efforts in a attempt by the local authority to solve matters affecting the community coz once we begin to do this we are accepting shitty standards and what follows is shitty service. So let us push for nothing less than the best!!! Edgar Mwedzi pls give us a comprehensive break-down of your budget for operational projects and also your budget for the works department and stop hood winking us!

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