Chombo faces graft charges

Ignatius Chombo

EXPELLED Zanu PF secretary for administration and Finance minister Ignatius Chombo is set to appear before a Harare magistrate today facing a litany of graft-related allegations.

Staff Reporter

Chombo was reportedly returned to his house on Thursday following his “detention” by the military last week.

His lawyer, Lovemore Madhuku, yesterday said Chombo was detained at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals after he sustained injuries while in detention and would be charged for abuse of office and corruption.

“We have agreed that they will bring him to court tomorrow at 9am. He is being charged for abuse of office basically when he was Minister of Local Government. Some of the allegations arise from his actions he allegedly did in 1997 and the latest charge being allegedly the abuse of government inputs scheme in 2005,” Madhuku said. He was picked up by the military last week during the launch of “Operation Restore Legacy” targeted at “criminals” surrounding then President Robert Mugabe.

It is alleged that Chombo was being held at King George V1 Barracks (now Josiah Magama Tongogara) since his capture.


  1. Comment…regai vambonzwawo kuti zvavaita vamwe zvinorwadza sei.Pairohwa Tsvangirai,Chamisa,vamwe vese vakadamburwa maoko nguva yema elections.Zvese izvi zvaitwa nevanhu ivava.

  2. He must be also be sued by concerned citizens for ill-treating Marian, who’s now virtually an alcoholic and an emotional wreck as a result of extreme abuse during the subsistence of their ill-fated marriage. Fellow citizens, let’s help our dear sister, Marian Mhloyi…

  3. Chombo kuPari I can’t believe that kkkkkk dzaive ngwere vave ordinary povo!

    wat happened to private clinics and hospitals?

    Change is constant sure.

    Things never remain the same I can’t believe Mugabe’s gone also apa Chombo ari pama1!!!

    kunge nyambo kķkkkk or fiction! !???

    The sad thing though is that people in their desperate quest to remove mugabe have set a bad precedent where people have supported military take over of national affairs in a desperate move to get rid of sekuru baba chatunga

  4. Munangagwa said let bygones be bygones! why are we now being selective? Are the bygones for him alone or everyone. Let us not be vindictive. Take away the ill gotten gains and leave the guy to live his life just like the rest of them who are equally guilty of a miriad of crimes .

  5. Exactly how many criminals were “around” RGM? Are they all in remand? If not why? Was the military operation successful in all its objectives?

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