Change course or perish: Tsvangirai warned

AN MDC-T youth official has advised his party to shift its mindset and change its approach in order to win over the electorate following political developments, which saw the new President Emmerson Mnangagwa seemingly adopting strategies similar to theirs.


MDC-T Matabeleland South youth vice-chairman, Archibald Nyamayaro told Southern Eye yesterday that there was excitement, which was seemingly working against party leader, Morgan Tsvangirai.

“We need to start to shift goalposts. In the past, it has always been ‘Mugabe must fall’. Now there is Mnangagwa, whom we feel has garnered support from people by making people hopeful about Zimbabwe. This in turn is a rejuvenation of Zanu PF, so how do we react to this and make our party relevant to the situation?” he said.

Nyamayaro felt it was necessary to reconsider the face of the party.

He said since Tsvangirai was not in good health, it was time for young blood to take over constitutionally.

Nyamayaro said the party cannot talk about electoral reforms when MDC-T itself cannot reform as a political grouping.

He said what MDC-T had been promising people about change, was now being implemented by Mnangagwa.

Nyamayaro said his party should go back to the drawing board and refocus its rhetoric if it was to remain relevant.

“Although there is need of supporting and engaging on transitional issues, we owe the party an identity. We need to be visible, we need a new face to rejuvenate us not by disrespecting our party president. This is food for thought, which should be digested and acted upon in good time,” he said.

Nyamayaro said Mnangagwa had taken a leaf from the MDC-T by engaging in economic rejuvenation and this had brought hope to the common man.

He said if Mnangagwa’s administration repealed repressive laws such as the Public Order and Security Act, Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act and Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, this would seal his acceptance by the masses.


  1. the man spoke well morgan should now rest. he tried to the past 18years we need new blood

  2. i think you are not mdc t member. this party is playing its cards closer to its chest. it might pull a good check mate. lets wait and see. this is why I think this guy is not mdc t guy.

    1. Very true. MDC members would not really want to discuss such issues in public. What people sometimes fail to realise is that sometimes its not easy for opposition to just change leadership without dire consequences. In the MDC, look at it this way, atleast two names props up whenever this issue is discussed: Chamisa & Khupe. Chamisa and Khupe. If they go to congress, then one of them loses, what will be there for her or him to stay in a party in which he will nolonger have future? What will simply happen is they will be defection. But its different when you are government because those who would have lost at congress will at least hope for a government post or something. So any talk about leadership renewal in the MDC is something that comes from people outside the party who wants to see it implode.

  3. Any party cadre who wishes the party to prosper today and into the future would be fully aware of the correct procedure for making suggestions. Nyamayaro is a fake.

    1. nehanda nyakasikana

      but clearly there has nothing persuasive from the mdct anymore…the party needs leadership renewal or it will be irrelevant.

      1. You have never been MDC, and for you nothing has ever been persuasive.

    2. Hon. Nelson Chamisa

      @ Ian Makone, iwewe ndiwe ‘fake’. Only two choices for MDC and it’s a no-brainer: adapt NOW or face certain death!

    3. tendai chaminuka

      Boss Ian Makone I thought democracy entails freedom of expression.Once upon a time there was a real cadre who told people that power is not sexually transmitted and all stones were thrown at him but he was a visionary just like Nyamayaro.Your problem is you want someone with a title like Professor Chakuti.. or Doctor Amai or Doctor General in order for you to see the light.No wander many people did not believe Jesus when told them that he was the Son of Man coz he came as a commoner

  4. i agree Nyamayaro wants to distabilise MDC T knowing very well that come 2018 elections zanu pf is beaten under tsvangirai leadership. Unfortunately the electorates dont buy that mr nyamayaro.They know what they need plus war vets know this very well (mutsvangwa).

  5. That is why Mutsvangwa insists on Tsvangirai being included in the transtional government.

  6. Tafadzwa Zisanhi

    Nyamayaro is right this habit of keeping with one leader for far too long is what brought Mugabe down ,,,, watch the space. just a thought.

  7. if Tsvangirai believes its about MDC-T not him.let him rest.Mugabe resigned and Zanu Pf is still alive and reformed.if Tsvangirai is democratic let him leave a succesor.i believe in young blood taking over.besides hes more unhealthy than the resigned Mugabe.

    1. ZANU PF Reformed???????????????

  8. Comment…yes sir !Ed grabbed everything even obert gutu said so ,reform or get finished

  9. Tirikukuhonai Hedu

    I dont think Nyamayaro is fake! Take heed guys. MDC-T is lacking strategy and look ED aenda nenyika. Almost everyone is now believing him – now we are just waiting for the announcement of the cabinet. You will see that it might be too late for the MDC-T to come out of the dustbin. What the people want is “change” and if ED can bring about the change then why worry about the opposition. You are spot-on Nyamayaro

  10. we know what to do when the right time comes ,not now comrade.stop causing confusion to our party

  11. tswangirai is the lock and unlock of zimbabwe economy if they dont include him now then tpmorow he gona die with the keys and you kno what i mean

  12. My fellow mdc supporters dint be fooled by the people who are not real mdc supporters. Kuti tisvike parinhasi ndi Tsvangirai payirohwa achibvaruriwa hembe pamwe chete nekushaikirwa ne family yake ,mayidiyi kuzvitaura. Tsvangirai deserve to be our mdc president.

    1. Kikikiki that’s what they used to say to Mugabe. They used to call him their god and you are also saying the same. OMG!!! Kuna Mwari mumwe kudenga. Learn from other people’s mistakes MDC and you are going through the road that Zanu went through. Sorry for you. Isu na ED tavekurova road hatimire.

      1. Mugabe and Tsvangirai are different. because of Mugabe it has been difficult for many people to see the difference.

  13. You are spot on MDC risks extinction like it or not. Their mantra has always been Mugabe must go and now he is gone whats next?? I trust and believe that ED will do the best that even MDC cant do. MDC is gone unless if they change their tactic. ED is coming hard as a reformist; he is not copying MDC he is only doing whats good for the country don’t lie to yourselves MDC guys saying he stole your ideas. NO NO NO NO.

  14. nehanda nyakasikana

    MDCT needs own version of a “soft coup”

    1. Tirikukuhonai Hedu


  15. Ngaachibva kani Tsvangirayi, unoda tiite zve army here? Take heed, Nyamayaro arikuitaura genuine. If you are not careful Jonathan Moyo can form a party that can compete with you. Evan Mawarire showed you what the young generation is capable of. Change as per the C in the party name

  16. Isn’t a party built upon a certain mindset. An opposition should not exist for the mere purpose of there being an opposition but because it believes in a certain direction of development a nation should take alternative to the current , so if the new president is making reforms that actually benefit the nation , why then should u get sour. Embrace the changes , isn’t that what you wanted or was it the power to do it yourself ??? Plus a party should be identified by an ideology , if you change it especially this close to elections I don’t see much good coming out.

    1. Tirikukuhonai Hedu

      well said, thank you

  17. The feared man in Zanu is Morgan. I am convinced there are a lot of fake MDCs’ in the contributions made to enhance the MDC demise. Removing MT now will destabilise MDC in the period leading to the Elections in 9 months time. Many people say Chamisa should take over. How? Remember he was restored to an influential position courtesy of MT and not by the party structures which will ultimately determine who the President is. The rightful person to take over is Khupe who apparently will be unacceptable to the Alliance hence more instability. 9 months is not far off and if ED wins and MT loses let it be so, then the Chamisas will then emerge to take over.

  18. chematsenganzungu

    kumhanya na tsvangirai kumhanya nebhiza rakaora.anotonga sei nehutano hwamutiza anopedzera mari yenyika mukutsvaga hutano samugabe.reform pliz vechinja better Chamisa.isu hatisi kugona neGarwe redu……viva Garwe.

  19. Tsvangison wakatiunzira ma sanction . All people of Zimbabwe dont like you

  20. kamu youth wo zvako tarisa kunewamwe vako vana chipanga thats were you belong iwee nonsense since when uchipa advise through newsday sell out mutengesi mutakati…. pasi newe

  21. pamberi na garwe I voted for mdc all my life chakabuda hapana paakasayina gnu paye zvange zvatonaka dai nyika yakanaka tisiri kunze kwenyika akapushirwa kukona zvino hoyo anyudzwa manje ndikawana basa ndowan chikafu chemhuri ndoendesa vana kuchikoro ndovaka imba yangu ndoita bhizimisi paside ndichadei hanti ndozvandaifunga kuti tsvangirai achatiitira, saka hapana apa awacha vote yangu yaenda ini byeeeeee! I did my part in voting he was suppose to do his party in making sound decisions 2008!

    not that handimude Save he will still be my hero but nguva yafamba tinofira musango seshiri kweteba pamberiiiiii nemhanduuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. chimbotanga wariritira mhuri yako wena wozo pembedza vamwe

  23. l would strongly recommend Mr. Tsvangirai to step down.

    Mr. N Chamisa is now the potential candidate. If Mr. Tsvangirai do not resign in time, MDC-T is gone for good. I implore you members of MDC-T to act on time to save your party. With the new dispensation, i would like to notify you that you will not win come 2018.

  24. The guy is spot on, MDCT supporters always live in denial they cannot accept clear facts, the current events relegate them to irrelevance unless if they have a wicked strategy that can turn around their fortunes. As l have always said it before mdct strategy is for the Zim population to suffer then they take take advantage,l was once criticised when l questioned them what will happen if Mugabe goes since they were of Mugabe must Go and castigated anyone who wanted to venture into politics as coming to split their “entitled” vote. As it is if things become better for zimbabweans they have no plan B except for saying Ngwena stole their manifesto, now they are losing their staunchest supporters to ED. RIP MDCT unless if you embrace renewal

  25. Totenda dzamwa dzaswera nebenzi.kana economy mukaisimudza neZanu kunonaya mari

  26. tendai chaminuka

    MDC-Tsvangirai falling into the same demise like zanu p.f.Please stop hero worshipping Tsvangirai.His time is up and this was the best time to remove him considering that zanu has just gone back to its old conceited policy yeku exclude mayouths.

  27. This Nyamayaro guy is saying the Truth, mdc make hay while the sun shines leadership renewal is the way to go. They way things are changing at the hands of Ngwena the opposition will be left with very few advantages in the eyes of the electorate. We need our democracy to thrive by having a healthy opposition. Though iam a Zanupf supporter I like people like Nelson Chamisa why not groom him if you start now he has the potential of leading a youthful cabinet one day . Don’t create your own RGM by hero worshipping a man who is sick he needs time to deal with his personal issues.

  28. dawn of a new zimbabwe

    zanu pf will always be zanu pf …whether with mugabe or munangagwa ,…they were all curved from the same stone ….politically economically and socially zim isnt ready for an election ….they might be free but not fair …people need a political ease to effectively express themselves democratically

    munangagwa knows he has an up hand and is pushing for an election ,we both know hapana munhu aida mugabe weather jah prezha was to be the new leader for zanu pf pple will still be happy ….kana gudo chairo wanhu waifara

    okay come elections do u think zanu pf is willing to let go that easy …

    Tsvangirai ndizvo… zanu pf is a ticking bomb waiting to explode ….wait and see the guy is under pressure from our defence forces our war liberators how long will it take him to repeat the same mistakes by mdra bob hahahahahahahahha funny ….

    its a dawn of new era ….and its a step forward removing zanu pf from power ..

  29. mdc-coup in the making?

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