Breaking: Mugabe too old & must go- All Zanu PF provinces

In a dramatic twist of events, all the ten Zanu PF provinces have passed a vote of no confidence on President Robert Mugabe, and declared the 93 year-old leader – who has been in office for 37 years – too old and incapacitated to lead both Zanu PF and government.

The move, which comes at the height of a drama-filled week that saw the military taking control of the country, is a huge knock on the veteran’s leader’s prospects of retaining his presidency for much longer.

Tomorrow, Mugabe’s long-time allies, the war veterans, are hosting a national rally in Harare, where Zimbabweans from various political parties, religions and elsewhere are expected to attend.



  1. which provinces. give us names of spear-headers,signatories and quorum .
    hatizodi kunzwa kuti nullified or unconstitutional

    1. All provinces buddy. What is all? Its like asking if there is water shortage in all suburbs of Bulawayo then you ask if Nkulumane Province has water… Just use google

    2. Wezhira PaMasvingo

      you right pal like the one in masvingo was being chaired by Chadzamira whom we last read about his suspension/expulsion last week

      1. Those were illegal Kasukuwere expulsions/suspensions. Also you must have been under some rock lately

    3. Cut that bull shit my friend! This is nothing compared to the decisions taken by Mugabe in the last 37 years (most of which are dictatorial and unconstitutional).

    4. All means all

    5. which other 10 provinces in Zim do you know?

    6. Ko zvanzi all provinces wani? Iwe wobvunza which provinces????


  2. It appears they have finally seen the light and fear is quickly fading away. They still have to remember that it’s a tough journey ahead it won’t be easy to revive what they destroyed.

  3. Rovai pasi Gushungo… KWA KWA kwa

  4. Cut that bull shit my friend! This is nothing compared to the decisions taken by Mugabe in the last 37 years, most of which are dictatorial and unconstitutional. It’s time for Mugabe to go.

  5. Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come. Well articulated ZDF. The ‘Tsunami’ is catastrophic and unstoppable. True change is knocking.

  6. Sorry, my previous post was in reply to citizen’s comment

  7. Mujokochera Wamujokochera

    Thank you Grace for a job well done!!!! The poisonous vitriol you loved spewing at adult men and women, some old enough to be your parents, could yet prove to be our saviour. At this moment I think most people want change, ANY change. It not possible for that change to be any worse than things already are for the vast majority of Zimbabweans.

    1. much truth in what you say muju..wamu..!

  8. When thieves fall out..

  9. Feisal Greenland

    Now please ask the 10 Provinces if they still endorse Grace for Vice President???

  10. All they have done is opened the door for Chinese colonization.

  11. Guys. Where is Mandiitiraweti Chimene?

    1. that wasmy question too. rumours were that she skipped to Mozambique. she thought mugabbage had called for another war to be launched from Moza

  12. Thank you God. For answered prayers. Take us to the promised land father….

  13. Confused people only yesterday you were endorsing mugabe as sole candidate for 2018 and endorsing the expulsion of mnangagwa now you are doing opposite kikiki.zanu yaparara iyi.who us your candidate now???Next year opposition wins i tell u

  14. Now zanu can recall Mugabe very fast must not waste time he is very very very very very very old and the country can not have a leader of that age hamba phumula lapo Zvimba . .

  15. Those who are skeptical go to zbcnews and u wil see this same story.its the end of an error.

  16. I hoep the army will salute someone who didn’t go to war otherwise this’ll be an event for ZANU-PF alone

  17. Thank u Constantine u derseve a pam pam and now i can walk tall and say i have a defence force which is my protector a force for me not against me and regard a soldier with the respect it derseves. ZRP we are in a new Zimbabwe bye bye corruption the army will lock u away.

  18. Comment…Usiye wadzinga mapurisa eparoad Chiwenga wakagona chibaba

  19. Kkkkkkkkkkkk. Traffic police raising money for Chihuri! The earliest reform I expect!
    Dont tell me tomoro guys that I was dreaming people!!!

  20. Blessed mugwagwa

    Stop it!!! Kkkk.

  21. Munhu wese kuna Amai.kkkkkkk.

    1. Force Tyson and company to sing Zezuru unconquerable 24/7.Munhu wese kumasoja kwete kuna Amai. Dr Amai.kkkkkk. The fall came earlier than expected. Mai vakatamba naMwari ava, addressing mapositori vakapfeka madhikauzi. kkkkkkkk. Njere shoma dzinoparira vatenzi.Batai vanhu vakomana. Musakanganwa uya wekuvukura kwaMutare. KunokuMasvingo bataiJaboon, Nenjana,Muzembi nevamwe vavo.

  22. ZDF the only real men in Zimbabwe.they know hw to play hardball

  23. ZDF acted in a professional manner. I salute them for a job well done. Their intervention was timely as the country was heading for a disaster. It’s very sad to note that people queue at banks and even sleeping in queues only to get $20 When one selfish individual had 8million in hard cash at his home.

  24. Typical Zimbabweans. Tsvangirai won the 2008 elections, and Mugabe used his cunning ways (election reruns, meticulous verification, mediation and GNU) to cling on to power. No all provinces want him out, why is he still being allowed to fight? Munangagwa was out on 8/10 provinces wani? Mukasangwara vana veZimbabwe, muchatanga Hondo muno.

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