Allies dump Mnangagwa

FORMER Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s allies, both in the ruling Zanu PF party and government, reportedly dumped his camp to save their political skin after President Robert Mugabe last week gave the greenlight for the massive purge.


The officials, many of whom have already been shortlisted for disciplinary action for hobnobbing in Mnangagwa’s Team Lacoste faction are reportedly nicodemusly approaching top officials in the rival camp, pleading for mercy and pledging to switch loyalty.
Mnangagwa was fired from government and Zanu PF last week on allegations of plotting to topple Mugabe from power.

The axe is likely to fall on several Cabinet ministers and politburo members who include Oppah Muchinguri (Water and Climate), Patrick Chinamasa (Cyber Security), Kembo Mohadi (State Security), Christopher Mushohwe (Presidential Scholarships), Josaya Hungwe (Psychomotor), among others.

“You will be surprised to see how people are making frantic efforts to cleanse themselves. They are desperate to disassociate themselves with Mnangagwa,” said a source who, however, declined to name the somersaulting Zanu PF career politicians.

“We are talking of people who have known no other political home except Zanu PF. They are knocking at every door to pledge loyalty to Mugabe. Some are have started denouncing Mnangagwa openly and this week of central committee elections, more will be coming.”
Chinamasa, who chairs the party’s national disciplinary committee and is also on the firing line, yesterday refused to comment on the matter.

“I cannot comment on that. Thank you,” he said.

Mohadi also refused to comment.

Mnangagwa’s known key ally, Daniel Mackenzie Ncube, who chairs Zanu PF Midlands province publicly denounced the former VP at the party headquarters last week after he was cornered and ordered to declare his allegiance.

Another suspected Mnangagwa backer, Transport minister Joram Gumbo acted as if it was business as usual when he officially renamed Harare International Airport to Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport on Thursday.

“They have to change with the winds otherwise they will be fired, Mnangagwa stood there and denounced the likes of Victor Matemadanda and Christopher Mutsvangwa when they were fired from the party. Why do these people have to act any differently,” the source said.

Midlands provincial spokesperson Cornelius Mupereri refused to comment on the stance taken by the province on Mnangagwa.
However, a close source said the province was not going to ditch their godfather although it will be difficult to be openly hostile to Mugabe.

“We know the well-oiled violence machinery in Zanu PF, we have been part of it, so being openly hostile at the moment is not in our best interests, but Mnangagwa remains ours and he has our support. If you looked at all the provincial chairmen who denounced ED, only Manicaland chairman Samuel Undenge was sincere,” said the source.

In other provinces, Mnangagwa’s allies whose names were forwarded for disciplinary action are reportedly pleading with their leadership seeking for forgiveness.

Political analyst, Rejoice Ngwenya said it was predictable that Zanu PF leaders will behave the way they are behaving. “Zanu PF politicians are not gifted with courage. My take is that they will do what Nicodemus did best — hide under the cover of darkness, lie prostrate at the feet of Mugabe and tearfully ask for his mercy,” he said.

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  1. GumboreShumbaKaguvi

    HIDE & SEEK ! Deception

  2. Misleading headline, giving no examples of those who have dumped him; only anonymous allegations, both of the information sources and the dumpers. The renaming of the airport was planned long before e d’s firing and it is senseless to expect the minister to have behaved contrary to the plans in place. Sensational journalism at its best.

    1. typicall of newsday headline contradicts content of story

  3. Clinging onto power at all cost. Another can’t imagine living outside the state house. That is what all this is about. The self-centredness is dumbfounding. They won’t get my vote this time.

  4. Comment…I agree with you Prophet Profit. “Misleading headline, giving no examples of those who have dumped him; only anonymous allegations, both of the information sources and the dumpers. The renaming of the airport was planned long before e d’s firing and it is senseless to expect the minister to have behaved contrary to the plans in place. Sensational journalism at its best.”
    Hapana nyaya apa!!!!

    1. Newsday,Standard,Independant now biased Herald has gone quiet shows the real enemy of the people is bthe ndebele owned papers supporting msoro bhangu Jonathan and mboko muchamama the sleek crocodile knows when to strike you can’t treat it like a cow ploughing fields

  5. What about Mayor who made a mockery of Kasukuwera the other day in parliament under the watchful eye of the former VP ED by claiming that he need to be investigated and arrested for abuse of youth funds, will he survive the axe i doubt it very much, its time to settle past scores.

  6. Rubbish propagandA article penned by JonSO himSElF

  7. And George Charamba? He was so loud mouthed and needed Grace to humble him. Fire him Bob or move him to scholarships!!kwaaaaaaaa! or pyscomotor!!! kwaaaaa or cyber watsapp!!!! dead !!!!!!

  8. kana usiri weG40 then hausi wemusangano

    1. haha wonyepawo iwee

  9. Jamengweni Godonga

    So Garwe Akuuya Mdara thinks he is making sense. You and your garwe engineered the gukurahundi and today you think his one life is very important. Sizabona ke uzalilungisa uMugabe then you will know that tribalism does not work. Continue spewing your tribal crap sibone kumbe lizalibusa. How do the Ndebele owned papers become enemy of the people? Which people? The very tribal ones backing ED? Is this what you are saying? Shame

    1. Uzakunya godonga lokuzibhotshela mfanani hancho hini elihlabelela zezulu unfosholable lizafoshola mhana ubone ndodha mina umasalu is ndebele its just that these papers are being used by Jonathan my apology if i sounded tribal you are my brother and we are commenting the current scenario mfowethu,Yes um with you on the gukurahundi issue i’m only taunting the taunted or the booed baba.Thankx neh nohard feelingswejust need to fight the oppressor together hancho!!Peace

  10. Fake confidants! I’d rather quit with my head held high than conspiringly administer a rogue system against the public will. Politics of the belly -me, myself and I.

  11. It has not started in government otherwise Mabasa who revealed that he was a Lacoste sympathiser in a general staff meeting at the Polytecchnic would have gone

  12. daily rubbish better produce tissue paper than these baseless stories

  13. Comment…coraputed zanu pf we need 1970 down not those old

  14. Comment…vanhu ava vanotevera kudya chete,ukaona vanhu vanoti kana ,mukuru wavo adzingwa mubato vanosara vachikumbira rugerero imbwende,panze pekuti vataure kuti mudhara ari kunganisa.kana iye munangagwa muchanzwa zvonzi akadzoka kuzokumbira ruregerero.Joice chaiye nekusafunga iye zvino ari busy kutuka tsvangirai panze peku kambena.Vanhu vanobva kuzanu havachinje,vakajaira kupiwa rice rakaora nezvipfeko zvemukati zvakambopfekwa.Regai vana chinamasa vademberere .

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