Zuva opens fashion school


INTERNATIONAL Zimbabwean fashion designer Joyce Chimanye of the Zuva label has opened a school of fashion at Sam Levy Village in Borrowdale, Harare.


The designer, who has been running a fashion club since last December, said she will officially be running the school for both children and adults, which will also provide short courses and diplomas in fashion in due course.

Chimanye told NewsDay on Friday that she seeks to play a part in changing the lives of others in Zimbabwe.

“The vision of Zuva is the delivery of education, empowerment and corporate social responsibility in the area of fashion designing and manufacturing first in Zimbabwe then the African continent,” she said.

“I am a testimony that in Zimbabwe you can actually start a fashion brand and prosper despite the challenges, so we are going to do all we can to teach our students what we know and make their brands flourish.”

The fashion school will also teach fashion drawing and modelling and makeup techniques.

The fashion club will be offering six products , which are Zuva short courses, certificate in fashion, diploma in fashion, workshops and the fashion hub.

The Zuva brand was established in 1994 inspired by the Savanna region, coupled with the Zimbabwean art and culture and expressed through contemporary styling.

The brand also shares Zimbabwean heritage and culture with the world through handmade deco, furniture pieces and art.


  1. Comment…I love fashion and I want to attend your school. but I am in Namibia. may you tell me more about your school.

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