Tighten your belts, CCZ tells consumers

Consumer Council of Zimbabwe executive director Rosemary Siyachitema

CONSUMER Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) says weekly surveys have shown an upward trajectory in the prices of basic commodities triggered by the September 23 panic buying, urging consumers to tighten their belts.


Prices of basic commodities shot up last month following social media messages warning Zimbabweans of a looming shortage reminiscent of the 2008 era.

CCZ executive director, Rosemary Siyachitema told delegates at the Buy Zimbabwe retailers and suppliers’ conference on Friday that prices were going up despite denials.

“Now if someone can put a message on social media that causes havoc, it means there is confusion already. It just does not happen when people go filling up trolleys with goods. It’s because people don’t trust you already. This trust issue has always been a subject that is talked about and between you producers, retailers and manufacturers and the banking sector. So it means that things are not okay already. Then we say social media has been wrong it’s not happening [prices are not going up], but prices have not gone back to the levels they were before September 23,” Siyachitema said.

“They have stayed higher and they are still going up as we have been doing our price surveys every week. Years ago I was a student then and they were talking about International Monetary Fund Economic Structural Adjustment Programme (ESAP) and they said consumers tighten your belt. We have an ESAP and we tell consumers have to tighten your belts.”

She blasted retailers for failing to reduce the price of meat even after the reversal of Statutory Instrument 20, which had promulgated tax on certain meat products.

“All the time when policies come out which always come when producers, retailers who has been sitting in harmony with ministers to say we want the following things. You say you want SI 20, when meat goes up from $4 to $8 per kg and there is a policy reversal and prices don’t go back to where they were. You are the ones who are proffering these policies that don’t seem to be solving your problem and what do you expect consumers to do,” she said.

Siyachitema said there was no synergy between retailers and manufacturers, resulting in misinformation about the availability of certain products on the market.

“You talk about synergies between retailers and manufacturers; it’s not there and there is a gap. We know that you are not producing what is demanded by the consumers. So September 23 happens and there is shortage of cooking oil in the shops and manufacturers come on television and this is not scientific, we relate to what we see. You show us all these boxes of cooking oil and you say they will last until December. Only a week or so after the 23rd, we are told again there is a shortage of cooking oil because manufacturers said they are not getting sufficient foreign currency. Where are those boxes that you showed us on television that were supposed to last until December. You know it’s all very confusing,” she said.

Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries president Sifelani Jabangwe, however, said only a few commodities have gone up adding that genuine retailers did not increase prices to astronomical levels.

“The majority of basic commodities have not gone up. When we did our survey at most the price increase was about 10-25%.The issue is sometimes it is a corner shop or a person is seeking to profiteer,” he said.


  1. The country’s administration revolves around lies, rumour mongering, fear etc.Even the CZI which is supposed to be free from political control is now being directed from shake shake House and only tells the nation what Zanu pf wants to hear not what is real obtaining on the ground.The whole scenario is to shift blame from one point to another and project the policy makers as victims of conspiracy and economic sabotage.The 2008 economic meltdown is glaring at the nation no 2 ways about it.

  2. In short CCZ has washed its hands on the price increases by advising people to tighten their belts, it was better if there had kept quiet.

  3. Sifelani Jabangwe is the most useless CZI president that we have ever had. Last time he urged government to do away with civil servants bonuses and now he is claiming that there are no price increases. He has become a mad man.

  4. why tell us to tighten our belts instead of facing the problem headon. its your duty to protect the consumers face devil and save us from hell.

  5. gentlemen the issue and problem here is ZANU PF, this party is now a burden to this country including that sekuru at state house.

  6. CCZ ndiyo inoona nezvekodzero dzevatenge. Zvino kana yoti vatengi sungai mabhandhe zvoreveyi, yakoniwa
    kumiririra vatengika. Bva mahofisi ovharwaka. Pane kungoita kupupa kwevakafa kubvira kwezvipoko zvisingapise sora.

  7. Zimbabwe is the only country in the world where the government prints bond paper and make it legal tender then use it to collect real money from its citizens. As long as Zimbabweans condone thug government, as the americans say “you ain’t seen nothing yet “.

  8. CCZ yakaora, nyaya iripo ngeyekuti maZIMBO THEORY dzakawandisa nekutaurisa ndozvedu chete chazoburwa hapana, kutaura chete.. Guys lets be PRACTICAL, thats why wazhinji wachida zvekuparidzirwa sterki, nyaya THEORY dzakawandisa, CCZ yacho hapana chewarikuita basa rekutotaurawo zvirikuitika, saka ngawavhare zvimaoffice zvawo full stop, wanhu tozvionera tega, kubangotaurawo kana, pwaiteni, pwaiteni maskruzs, tibvirei kumhepo..

  9. Rhino board sheet was being sold for $14.00 per sheet and now being sold for $33.00 per sheet which is a 135% increase please help authorities

  10. Prices have gone up recently and I doubt if this is going to stop. I bought a pack of bond paper for about $13.00 yet a few weeks ago the same item was priced at about $5.00. Is this not profiteering if not “sabotage”.

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