Sulu’s ex-wife dodges maintenance downward variation proceedings

DENDERA music maestro Sulumani Chimbetu yesterday accused his former wife, Marygold Mutemasango, of attempting to delay proceedings after she applied for postponement of the musician’s application for downward variation of her maintenance claim.

Sulu’s remarks came about after Mutemasango asked Harare provincial magistrate Lazini Ncube to postpone the hearing, saying she needed time to seek legal representation.

However, Chimbetu, who was represented by Ashiel Mugiya, opposed the postponement and told the court he had served Mutemasango with the court papers on October 19 and as such she had ample time to secure a lawyer of her choice.

But Ncube postponed the matter to November 6 after warning Mutemasango that he would not tolerate another application from her if she fails to avail a lawyer on the next remand date.

Chimbetu last week filed his maintenance downward variation application, saying he was struggling to pay the $800 ordered by the court for the upkeep of his two children.

He further submitted that he was in a position to pay $200 since he had three other children he was taking care of.

“Mutemasango is sitting on her whims doing nothing. She survives and thrives on maintenance money. ads Ads

“She is doing nothing in regard to searching for employment, but she frequents places of entertainment, while bragging that she has no need to look for employment as she is earning more than civil servants,” Chimbetu said in his submission.

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