Sakunda CEO seeks peace order against MP Wadyajena

Gokwe-Nembudziya MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena

SAKUNDA Energy chief operations officer Mberikwazvo Charles Chitambo has taken Gokwe-Nembudziya MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena to court seeking a peace order against him accusing him of resorting to “mafia style scare tactics” which are “intimidating and harassing in nature”.


Through his lawyers Manase and Manase, Chitambo filed the application at the Civil Court on October 11 this year under case number B799/17.

“The respondent continues to take the law into his own hands and has caused untold psychological trauma to the applicant (Chitambo), its business and its employees,” Chitambo said.

In his founding affidavit, Chitambo further said he was representing himself and other employees who were also being intimidated and affected by Wadyajena’s alleged conduct.

“I am duly authorised to depose to this affidavit in my personal capacity as the victim of the harassment and breach of peace that has been perpetrated by the respondent and also in my official capacity as the head of Sakunda Energy (Pvt) Ltd representing all my employees under me affected by the unlawful acts of the respondent,” he said.

Chitambo said Wadyajena’s alleged harassment started in April when the MP parked his Range Rover Vogue (registration number ABC8489) at the entrance of his business premises and blocked traffic.

“The applicant’s business came to a halt that day as both my employees and the business community that the applicant deals with were intimidated by his brazen act which had the adverse effect of forcing the applicant’s employees and clients’ vehicles to be stuck and grounded within the premises of the applicant,” he said.

“The applicant and its employees fear the respondent as he is a very influential individual both in the Zanu PF youth league, in government as a Member of Parliament and in the country as an influential businessman.”

Chitambo added Wadyajena also allegedly threatened his employees with unspecified harm if they removed his vehicle.

He said on October 9 this year Wadyajena again allegedly returned to Number 34 Princess Drive, Newlands, where he parked his vehicle and started loitering around demanding to see Sakunda’s chief executive officer or the COO.

“As if that was not enough, on Tuesday October 10 the respondent again proceeded to Number 4 Lunar Road, Borrowdale, Harare and he blocked the entrance with his vehicle, a Toyota Land Cruiser registration number ABG4147. He just parked there blocking the entrance demanding to enter. Again the respondent had no reason to be at the premises,” Chitambo said.

The matter has been set down for hearing on October 26 this year.


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