Police raise concern over increase in suicide incidents


BULAWAYO police have raised concern over an increase in suicide cases in the city after a 70-year-old war veteran took his life on Saturday over unexplained reasons.


Alick Ncube, a war veteran, hanged himself at a bush in Pumula South high-density suburb.

Provincial police spokesperson inspector Precious Simango confirmed the incident


“I confirm that Alick Ncube (70) hanged himself in Pumula South on Saturday. We always advise people not to go to an extent of taking their lives, but rather, should look for counselling,” she said over the phone.

“We are very concerned about the rate at which suicide cases are happening in Bulawayo. Almost every week, there is a reported case of suicide.”

Cases of suicide are on the rise in Bulawayo, as this is happening barely some few days after a school boy was found hanging in Mganwini suburb and was buried on Sunday this week.

However, one of Ncube’s neighbours, who refused to give her name, said the man took his life after having bade fair well to a number of his friends, including his family.

“He went to his family at Pumula South on Friday evening from Old Pumula, where he stays and bade them fair well before proceeding to hang himself in his field,” the neighbour said.

“It is understood that the man said he is fed up with life and it was better to hang himself.”


  1. times are hard but instead of committing suicide, go and fight against Boko Haram or something. You will not make it to heaven and you will not be able to escape from the flames of hell if you do that.

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