Nobuntu takes act to US


BULAWAYO’s dazzling all-female ensemble, Nobuntu, has left the country for their debut tour of the United States.


The award-winning ensemble kicked off their three-month tour yesterday and their repertoire is a fusion of traditional Zimbabwean-rooted music with minimalistic percussion, traditional instruments and silky dance moves.

Group member Duduzile Sibanda told NewsDay that they were happy as their dream to perform in the US has come true.

“We have been looking forward to performing in the USA and finally we are here. We will kick off our tour this week and we are looking forward to be there for three months, touring the USA. We will be dishing out our best interpretation of being Zimbabwean and African through our music,” she said.

Another member, Zanele Manhenga, said the group has a lot to share with the audience in the US.

“A lot of people hear of Zimbabwe in passing and also there is so much fascination of one being African in the USA, so we have a lot of work on our shoulders to share as much as we can with the audience that might have never heard of Zimbabwe or Africa. We are glad our music does that and we will aim to continue sharing our stories and being ourselves throughout,”she said.

Nobuntu are the winners of the Inaugural Bulawayo Arts Awards 2017, Best Imbube Group and after winning the award, the group went on to tour Europe for a month.

They came back to prepare for their US tour where they will perform in West Virginia, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, among other places.

The group is a new generation of young women who celebrate and preserve their culture, beauty and heritage through art.


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