NetOne launches OneMoney

NETONE yesterday unveiled its mobile money service, which it said would offer Zimbabweans a choice on which platform to use.

Speaking at the launch of the service, NetOne acting chief executive officer, Brian Mutandiro said: “We are cognisant of the fact that millions of subscribers have migrated to our network and kept on holding other network provider lines because they could not efficiently do mobile transfers using our previous platform. OneMoney is finally here and indeed this is the most effective platform you can get. We have invested in a robust system, one of the best in the world that gives our customers convenience.”

Mutandiro said the launch of OneMoney gives Zimbabweans a choice on which “mobile payment platform to use and this eradicates a monopoly like scenario at the same time brings about competition and the consumers are the winners”.

“With the promotions and quality, we bring to you, it’s clear OneMoney is the platform to use as it impacts the lives of the generality of Zimbabweans,” he said.

Mutandiro said NetOne would ensure that OneMoney is used even in the remotest parts of the country and allowing customers to do person to person transactions such as paying utilities.

The debit card, which was unveiled yesterday allows customers with a OneMoney debit card to make payments at any ZimSwitch point of sale machine.

“We will put this card in every hand that makes a basic payment. The price point for the card is $3 and gets swiping from your wallet,” he said.

“What this means is that Zimbabweans now have a choice on which mobile payment platform to use and this eradicates a monopoly like scenario at the same time brings about competition and the consumers are the winners.”

Information and Communications Technology, Postal and Courier Services minister Supa Mandiwanzira said competition is healthy in the digital ecosystem, as it drives innovation and forces companies to be customer centric.

Speaking at the unveiling of NetOne’s mobile service, OneMoney, in Harare yesterday, Mandiwanzira said there has been a global decline in the reliance on cash for transaction purposes and, therefore, mobile money payments must drive significant lifestyle changes for Zimbabwean consumers.

“During the third edition of the Mobile Money and Digital Payments Conference this year, I expressed concern over monopolistic tendencies in the telecommunications sector. It is of grave concern to us as government that a lot of people rely on a single supplier for a critical service such as mobile money services. The OneMoney platform is, therefore, a welcome addition for Zimbabwean consumers,” he said.

“I now implore operators to engage on issues to do with connectivity and integration of mobile money services across networks; as this provides convenience for the customers.”

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  1. Ict minister should consult his finance and industry and commerce counterparts to compel all banks to co-operate and link up with mobile money service providers.

    1. with ecocash’s “swipe into ecocash” there is no more need for banks to link up with mobile money service providers. using your zimswitch enabled (any) bank card, you can swipe money from your bank account into your ecocash.

  2. This is all nonsense what we need is hard cash

  3. Competition is indeed healthy. Let’s have it on Television, Radio and granting of other political parties permission to hold their million man marches without hindrance.

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