Musicians should not fan violence: Tarrus Riley


JAMAICAN reggae star, Tarrus Riley has urged local musicians to avoid using music to fan violence and promote immoral conduct.
Speaking at a Press briefing on Wednesday after jetting into the country ahead of his debut Zimbabwean performance, Riley said artistes should think through the content of their music.


“I don’t see violence in music, but sometimes people take seriously the things that they hear in music, which (can) then lead to immorality and that’s why I always take responsibility of the content in my music,” he

“I am very particular about the things that I sing because I believe music should not lead people to getting physical, so I urge artistes to take responsibility for what they say.”

Local dancehall musicians have been accused of using music to diss fellow artistes and this has often led to outbreaks of violence at shows.

Riley also urged musicians to be original and unique “because everyone wants to hear a new voice”, adding that musicians should trust their instincts rather than follow the crowd.

The musician said he was eager to experience Zimbabwean “cultures, the food, the fashion and the music”.


  1. but hes also in the habit of dissing other artist too lyke wat he did at ANTONY B he got on stage took the mic from Fantan Mojah and started to play hate songs to Antony B Tarrus let your words lead by example

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