Mugabe reshuffling: WHO vindicates Zimbabweans

President R.G.Mugabe

WHEN World Health Organisation (WHO) director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced four days ago that President Robert Mugabe had been appointed the United Nations agency’s goodwill ambassador for non-communicable diseases in Africa, Zimbabweans were dumbfounded.

The reason was Mugabe has, in his 37-year-old checkered rule, destroyed the country’s health delivery system such that together with his family, they no longer visit local institutions even for such illnesses as flu.

It is on record that the First Lady Grace Mugabe took her daughter Bona’s son to Singapore for a six-week review. And how could Mugabe then be appointed to that lofty position?

If the dethroning of Mugabe by WHO is anything to go by, then Zimbabweans are vindicated. Indeed, much has been said about Mugabe’s legacy. What will it look like? Can the next generation of Zimbabweans hold it in high regard as a benchmark for good governance?

Zimbabweans look at the late former South African President Nelson Mandela as an African icon, and ask themselves: Does Mugabe match up to that?

Mandela left office after one term because he felt South Africans should not be burdened by rulers with overweening personal ambitions and wives who are even worse. Are they really indispensable, as they claim?

Clearly, Mugabe has destroyed the country’s economy over 37 years to high levels of unemployment and destruction of the health delivery system, coupled with a poor human rights record in his quest to remain in power.

Through poor governance, corruption and abuse of authority, Mugabe turned the country’s clean, healthy and beautiful cities into filthy bazaars, in addition to the destruction of almost all State enterprises, destruction of our road system, decimation of our food chain, allowing corruption to run riot among cronies in the name of indigenisation, travelling abroad several times a year with a retinue several times bigger than delegations from thriving countries — all at State’s expense, while his people are starving in the rural areas.

With a legacy like that, who would want to be associated with such a character? And so we wondered what WHO really wanted to portray about Zimbabwe.

Perhaps they realised the world needed to turn its attention to the suffering Zimbabweans by appointing Mugabe as goodwill ambassador. The sad reality, though, is that they will not wriggle out without bruises as well.

Citizens should understand that Mugabe, who never misses an opportunity to attend international summits, has over the years, through his actions, de-branded product Zimbabwe.

Who in their right senses would need a brand ambassador without good will as a goodwill ambassador? We know that bureaucrats would want to blame the media on this and their failure to understand that Mugabe’s continued stay in office will not do any favour to the country.

We wish to remind Mugabe that it is his tainted history of bad governance that resulted in his new Foreign minister Walter Mzembi losing the United Nations World Tourism Organisation secretary-general’s post.

As goodwill ambassador, Mugabe was expected to deliver goodwill or promote WHO ideals and put Zimbabwe on the world map, but he squandered the chance due to his tainted history of bad governance.

Zimbabweans should seize this opportunity to banish him to his Zvimba rural home, come the 2018 elections.


  1. it was as good as awarding Adolf Hitler with the Nobel Peace award in world peace for his WW2 misadventure, how ridiculous. Thank God sanity prevailed!!

    • so,so happy to see this ageing despot and cruel dictator being humiliated so publicly. its time this disgusting creature shuffled off into a shallow grave along with its typing pool shag.

  2. The whole episode reflects badly on us as a country. It re-confirms our laughing stock status. All that has happened largely highlights the inexperience and incompetence of the Foreign Minister who in the first place should have foreseen the consequences of his leader accepting the appointment.We should expect more bungling from the likes of Mzembi, Chombo and others who are in their positions because of their eagerness to please, praise sing and bootlick the centre of power.

    • The whole episode is reflecting badly on us as a continent
      There must be more suitable people on the continent who could do this ethiopian idiots job and deliver by a mile and ensure the poorest of the poor get free health services in their countries etc and not just waffle and get it wrong the first time

  3. Comment…The whole episode is sickening. Did Mzembi campaign for Mugabe to be appointed or its some idoits at WHO who appointed him? The position is honorary and brings no benefit to Mugabe personally and Zimbabwe. Its similar to being chairperson of Sadc and AU.

    • Mugabe’s appointment would send wrong signals to the health sector across the world. It’s that simple sekuru.

  4. A well deserved decision of reversal from an initial horrible blunder.His appointment would had sent wrong signals to all dictators of the continent who could had felt that bad governance with its unrestrained destruction of health service delivery and failure to deliver other public goods and services could easily be rewarded with such lofty appointments by respectable global institutions.

  5. yes its an honorary position but just like in AU and SADC we were bombarded with how great person he is as if no one else could hold the position and further more AU and SADC ddnt have to be campaigned for, if Lacoste was president then with 3 days in office he would have gotten both posts because it was Zimbabwe’s turn in the rotation basis, but eissh we were given news after news, WHO would have been worse.

    • He who reshuffles others will be reshuffled too and faster than expexted.I’m sure someone in WHO had been promised or given a farm or diamond,Kazonyara kamdara kaye

  6. Musafambe nezvivanhu zvine ropa redhongi nezvizino zvegold. hamusati mati.. kusvika mati..Makaudzwa kare kuti chizororai but zvima advisor zvinewani zvichakufurirai mundege imomo kusvika mawa

  7. There was a possible silver lining to this appointment for Zimbabweans. In typical reverse psychology behavior this appointment could have helped to stop RGM from going to Singapore for health reasons and perhaps forced him to pay more attention to the health sector for a change. We probably would have ended up with the best eye and renal centres in the region.

    • Madekufamba the goon is too old to do anything regarding our national interest .he is only iunterested in giving Grace the presidency and forfeiting the Who position to Grace Russian Roullette

  8. This editorial comment is appreciated by the voiceless Zimbabweans because it speaks clearly and fearlessly to the expectations of ordinary citizens. Thank you !!

  9. Comment…kanga kakutotsvaga mabooks ekuverenga kuti Goodwill ambassador anoita sei.Am sure a speech was prepared already concerning the WHO appointment at the next burial at heroes acre or youth interface rally.
    It was going to be like”Isu vemuno takasarudzwa kumirira WHO zvinoreva kuti mabasa akanaka!!!!!
    Povo yoti….yeeeee!!!!

  10. Mr/Mrs Editor, you have simply missed the point altogether! In short, this is typical racism taunting against Zimbabweans in particular and Africa in general by the USA, UK, and their Europeans allies.
    Yes, our economy, social and health sectors are in dire straits largely because it is on record that with Zidera Act, the sanctions law promulgated in USA statutes laws with the intent to ruin, delete, and make our economy “scream”, in Chester Crocker’s words.
    You are so eloquent and in delight in listing all the adverse effects of the illegal sanctions imposed against our Motherland; but deliberately heap all the blame on Mr R.G. Mugabe for obvious reasons of trying to hoodwink your gullible readership, largely opposition political activists who delight in our suffering in equal measure.
    Your editorial policy is clear and unambiguous about our economy: you speak with a forked tongue when it comes to economic development.
    You can only discern an economic development under the stewardship of your preferred political party……
    The WHO is actually the institution which is having an egg on it’s face. Our President neither applied nor campaigned for the appointment in the first place!
    The appointing authority was obviously undermined by the so-called bullies of the world who are cheered by characters like you who accept inferiority and believe that Africans are created by a lesser God.
    Your hatred for our President defies all political and economic logic.
    The President is regularly and consistently democratically compete in our elections and the opposition political parties endorses our democracy through participation.

    • You sound like a Russian Bot. Stop blaming the rest of the world for your idiotic, kleptocratic president and his thuggish thieving wife. Are you suggesting that when you or your family get sick that you go to a local Zim public hospital, well stocked and equipped and manned by highly trained personnel? If so, please give Mr. Mugabe (and us) the name of that institution so he can go there instead of flying off to Singapore for treatment (on the peoples’ money). And you’re correct that WHO has egg on its face for coming up with that ridiculous appointment in the first place. The head of WHO should be fired for gross stupidity. Your country is an economic disaster and it is the enablers, apologists and supporters of the Mugabe Kleptocracy who are to blame. You apparently are one of them.

  11. The timing could not have happened at a better time.For once Mugabe has been slapped right in the face literally.If he fails to read the huge message behind that international belittling,then he definitely needs to be sectioned under the mental health act.

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