Mugabe cancels Goba’s appointment

Ray Goba

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday repealed Advocate Ray Goba’s recent appointment as Prosecutor-General, but gave no reasons for his change of heart.


The decision came six weeks after Gova formally assumed the post following his appointment by Mugabe.

Chief Secretary to the Office of the President and Cabinet Misheck Sibanda announced the decision which came six weeks after Goba assumed the post, following the dismissal of his predecessor Johannes Tomana on corruption and incompetence charges.

“Repeal of General Notice 493 of 2017 concerning the appointment of Prosecutor-General of Zimbabwe. It is hereby notified that the captioned General Notice that was published in the Gazette Extraordinary on the 13th of September 2017, is repealed,” the notice reads.

Mugabe could have succumbed under pressure from members of his Zanu PF’s G40 faction who claimed the appointment was done unprocedurally.

Goba’s name is alleged to have been forwarded by Vice-President and former Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Team Lacoste faction.

A source privy to the matter told NewsDay yesterday that a fresh selection process for the Prosecutor-General would be launched soon.

“There has been some heavy lobbying behind the scenes and the President to save face has rescinded his decision saying he was not satisfied by the three nominees he received from the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) and referred back the matter to the commission,” the source said.

“It means Goba will most likely continue in the acting capacity until the commission conducts another round of interviews and sends another list of names to Mugabe for appointment.”

In the last list sent to Mugabe, the JSC had Goba, Misheck Hogwe and Wilson Manase.

Goba’s critics had latched onto his obstruction of justice conviction in Namibia which arose from a road traffic incident in 2002.

However, Goba despite the conviction went on to be promoted twice in Namibia to the position of Attorney-General. He only came back to Zimbabwe in 2012 after the expiry of his work permit and opened chambers as an advocate and among his clients was Mugabe in the case for setting of dates for the 2013 harmonised elections.


    • Goba will be like I was never appointed, even if i was appointed i would not accept the appointment, its just the imagination of some overzealous papers blah bla bla kkkk

  1. dzingai vose kusvika vapera go
    ushungo muri one power centre imwi muri zuva but mochenjera parkingson ne dementia izvo hazvinei nemutupo or one power ndezvamwari

  2. Kwanzi chingoma kana choririsa chinenge choda kuparuka. Expulsions, Suspensions, Demotions, Sackings, Eliminations ndiko kutonga kwevapererwa nemazano. I have been voting foolishly over the years. This time my vote will be a weapon to end this kind of madness.

    • Comment…when the drum beat louder the listeners know, its about to burst , we have reached a boiling point it’s about to tell the history, in God we trust Amen.

  3. Ray Goba represented Robert Gabriel Mugabe and appointed AG. Manase represented Grace in $1.4M ring saga, he is to be appointed AG.

    All this points to the person in charge at the moment.

  4. Vese vanhu are rallying behind Mnangagwa. Vanotaura nevanyerere saka we will witness a lot of appointments reversalof appointment firing of the appointed like Mtswangwas being fired Tshinga Dube replacing him and being fired again after being perceived to be on the wrong side. No one in their rightful minds would condone what Grace is doing to the party, the country as a whole and to our culture. Noone in their rightful mind would be blind to the fact that we are the first country to have the oldest president in the world. For us then to think of another term it’s just imaginable and also to think that a marriage certificate could snick a successor is just lack of respect of the intelect that one intilled among his people. Who is blind not to see through the firing expulsions suspensions as a ploy to give way to a snicked successor through a marriage certificate. THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE WILL PREVAIL AS IT DID AGAINST THE ODDS OF MZOREWA AND SMITH IN 1980. Imomo MuZanu the wilk of the people will prevail. Down with manipulators

  5. I am not a Mnangagwa fun but would love to see us being givenice the opportunity to choose our successor. The firing key people such as provincial chairmans perceived to belong to a certain side and the exoneration of those who are perceived to be on the favourable side is a sign of manipulation in the search of a success.The continues shouting of a first lady to senior members of the party and government is a sign of a manipulative hand exactly what Smith and Lord Soams were doing to manipulate the electrorate system towards Mzorewa. Let fairness order and sanity prevail. Zve ma youths interface rally ukutuka ma senior members of staff in front of our children should not be encouraged

  6. I think the guy was discovered that he is lacoste and does not sing the praise and worship hymn. There is no permanent position in zanu pf ask Chinamasa, Priscila Mupfumira and Simarashe Mumbengegwi.

  7. Comment…Jonso told Goba longback that he has no place at NPA coz of his attachment to Ngwena but he took those words so lightly. Now the axe fall on his head, matters came to light. Why taking so long to see the real brains behind this?

    Only Mutsvangwa, George Charamba and a few others know the chief architect of this discord. But it was too late and too little to scuffle the elephant bull out of their house. what is left now for them is to find or build a new house for them very fast b4 the rainy season.

    Tsvangirai built their house long back but vairamba kupinda, vaitoda kumuuraya. Kkkkk, these naive comrades never knew that what goes around comes around. Didymus Mutasa- vakuru vokuziva zvinoiitika inside all our bed rooms countrywide havana kuziva zvaizoitika kwavari. Kkkkk. Now he’s suffering from weight loose coz he lost the spy job. kkkkkk. Spying our bed rooms, while neglecting his job.

    Jonso has the last laugh, Kkkkk!

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