MPs take govt to task over fuel pricing

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MPs have taken government to task over its fuel pricing policy following revelations that the country’s petrol and diesel is the most expensive in the region.


Hurungwe Central MP Godfrey Beremauro (Zanu PF) on Wednesday quizzed Energy deputy minister Tsitsi Muzenda on why Zimbabwe’s fuel was way more expensive compared to neighbouring countries like Zambia, Botswana and South Africa.

“It is true, our fuel is a bit more expensive compared to others in the region because we have several taxes we add to the fuel when it reaches here,” Muzenda replied.

But, Harare West MP Jessie Majome (MDC-T) said if it was the government taxation systems that were causing high fuel prices in the country, then the same government must review its taxes to ensure fuel prices were fair.

“Is it not that the ministry is falling afoul of the general policy of improving ease of doing business and making it easier to do business, instead of the government being a cost and a pain to producers and industries?” Majome queried.

Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba (Zanu PF) then questioned why Zambian fuel transported from Mozambique via Zimbabwean was cheaper than the local one.

“Zambian fuel passes through Zimbabwe and goes through Chirundu Border Post and when it is there, it costs 80 cents per litre.

Mozambique sells fuel at 50 cents per litre. The minister should explain to us. If they are failing to explain the issue, then the Finance and Economic Development minister must explain because they regulated this,” Chinotimba said.

He said it did not make sense that in Zambia fuel costs 80 cents per litre when in Zimbabwe it was going for $1, 36 per litre.
“As a liberated country like us, we should be enlightened as to why our fuel is so expensive. We are in a liberated zone, not Rhodesia,” Chinotimba said.

Muzenda then said the questions on taxation of fuel should be directed to Finance Minister Ignatius Chombo.


  1. When we say we are oppressed by Zanu Pf they think we are mad. These thieves have been robbing us blind not only in fuel taxation but in all taxation even our VAT is 1% more than other countries in the region. And at the end of the day mari yacho yoperera mundege baba idzvadzvatsva havagare pasi.

  2. ZANU PF is and has always been the new oppressor. They took over from Smith and they love all Smith stood for. Did it not take them more than twenty (20) years for ZANU PF to repeal LOMA and replace it with POSA which is even more oppressive? They tax us to the bone and all we got to show for it is the opulence this regime lives in: the mansions, the latest limos, the endless travels with obscene allowances. And when we say things are not ok, they laugh at us and swear we are intent on regime change. Why should regimes not change when they are this oppressive? Haven’t all our standards of living tumbled while they live like they were later-day queen Antenoitte of imperial France? ZANU PF has just closed off ordinary people’s way of earning an honest livelihood by banning vending when they oversaw the closing of all industries, and they want us to die of hunger and malnutrition when the die of over-indulgence in everything. They are just a cruel lot, and they can only be Satanist, at the very least.

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