Who are you? Moyo asks Mnangagwa


Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo has requested more information from Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa before he can respond to the $3 million defamation lawsuit filed last Friday.


In a request for further particulars filed by Moyo’s lawyers, Hussein, Ranchhod and Co, the Tsholotsho North MP wants Mnangagwa to explain a number of issues before he can submit his defence. Moyo wants Mnangagwa to explain what the politburo is and also the position held by the Vice-President in the forum.

“Plaintiff (Mnangagwa) is required to state what Zanu PF politburo is, what positions do the plaintiff and defendant hold in the politburo, how many members consist of the politburo?” part of the request read.

Moyo wants Mnangagwa to explain how he caused the video, which he presented against Mnangagwa, to be circulated to the general public.

“The manner in which defendant instigated the circulation to the general public of the video, what date and place did the defendant ‘instigate’ the circulation of the video to the general public?” the demand read.

Moyo also wants Mnangagwa to provide him with a copy of the video or transcript of the exact words, which he uttered, which are defamatory and also demands to know if Mnangagwa was given an opportunity to respond to the defamatory statements in the politburo.

Mnangagwa filed a defamation lawsuit against Moyo after the minister allegedly claimed the Vice-President attempted to murder veteran broadcaster, Godfrey Majonga by forcing him to jump out of a window in a Harare building.

The Vice-President says the allegations are patently false and have affected his credibility and undermine him as the Vice-President of Zimbabwe and government official responsible of administering the Justice ministry.


  1. Like in the Zimdef case Professor Moyo is again wasting the court’s and people’s time on frivolous technicalities. If what he said about VP Mnangagwa is true, why waste time like this. Prove it in court.

  2. Please spare the Lame Duck he is still recovering from the alleged poisoning and needs some quiet time to be fully fit.

  3. Comment…The proceedings of zpf politoburo meetings are private and how does one claim that his statuture has been damaged.? Pedzeranai. After all Godfrey Majonga is still alive and maybe the alleged girlfriend is also around. Both will be called to court to give evidence. I hope both will placed under police protection until the case is finalised.

    • @Jojo. Well put.Chickens finally coming home to roost. The good thing about the Mafia is that Every member has a secret file which will be conveniently unearthed when the “right” time comes. Seems like for the VeePee that “right time” has come for him to face his comeuppance.His secret file, it seems, stinks to high heaven and his enemies full know that!

    • WHO IS Jonathan to report Godfrey Majonga’s matter as if Majonga is late?-i smell a rotten rat. Producing the video in the politiburo is a s good as giving away your control of the document. Jonso knows who uploaded the presantation and everything else on youtube thus publication. Spare us this nonsense jonso. hauna mafacts wahwa. enda unodya ice cream unyerere

  4. what makes a good lawyer is looking at the technicalities rather than just the merit of the case. the law of defamation is a tricky one particularly on public figures like VP Mnangagwa. after all the proceedings in Politburo meetings are private as the other reader has said. I think VP should have done his homework as a lawyer before filling this lawsuit. you guys in zanu pf stop these lawsuits against one another. as far as i can remember only one lawsuit sailed through which was filled in 2005 by Professor Moyo. you guys must behave like Ministers and work for the country than what you are presently doing. look at the state of our economy and you are busy with useless things. history will charge you very harshly.

    • The president disclosed what happened in that politburo meeting when he was addressing an ‘interface rally’ remember? so hi is the only one who should violet the rules or what? Why did Mugabe, the old man, still cling to power when he should just retire and rest like all other old men do. Pliz give us a break, we are all tired of this Zanu thing. It must be extincted.

    • Proceedings of the Politburo ceased to be private when they were leaked to the press. Even the President has talked about them at very public gatherings. What matters in the court of public opinion are not legal technicalites but plain truth and the motive behind it all.

  5. The problem is that there are some idiots who are claiming the presidency on tribal grounds instead of national appeal, and these idiots have been making a lot of noise in support of a particular VP. The VP is seen socializing with with the same idiots, thus reflecting he is of the same ideology with these primitive hooligans. Zimbabwe is past that era and we can not be drawn back into stone age politics by such imbeciles who opt for entitlement as opposed to consensus. I am Karanga and will never support anyone who says i must get married to a karanga only. that is primitive and hog wash.

    • You are the company you keep. Ed, Mutodi, I am the boss cup-hmmmmn too bad. All about perceptions but a picture tells all!!!

  6. I support you 100 per cent Jonso. Clip the Ngwena wings. Who is he anyway. He should not hold everybody to ransom. He is quietly coveting the Zim top post position. He lies that he was not poisoned and when with friends, continues that he was poisoned. Which is which. Being a lawyer does not make you play around with people,s minds. Take him halfway Jonso.


  7. Comment…what’s primitive is a whole vp dancing and singing like a big drunk tout “mazezuru conquerable “f@#% all of you all who don’t see anything wrong with that. dirty fagats

  8. ED’support is not tribal at all. People who have been suspended or expelled for being perceived to be his sympathisers are from all the provinces. Which province has not suffered suspensions and expulsions? The demos against Kasukuwere were all over but were over-ruled by you know who simply because they were perceived to be pro-ED. Even if you go way back to Mai Mujuru’s ascendancy,ED had won the popular support in the party. Everyday there are new and recycled charges against him: hee he is plotting a coup, he is corrupt, he is tribalistic, blaah blaah. These are desperate attempts by people who are afraid of facing ED in an open leadership contest.

    • “…open leadership contest”, my foot! Since when has a dead-end closed rural party have an “open” contest. Its mobs kill and intimidate voters. Its a dark, feudal cruel party of evildoers, back biters, thugs, murderers etc who never talk straight and fair early enough in a situation, except when it is to do down one of their own. It’s a closed group of stupid people with very closed minds. Zimbabwe will never prosper under such hogwash!

  9. KKKKKKKKKK we are enjoying Zim Politics now no more the British and the Americans no more Chematama MDC bla bla supprising now what you hear is Pasi na ED Pasi na Moyo Pasi na Mutsvangwa chickens comming to roost.

    Tirimo muma Terraces tiri kuona zvedu kkkkkk

    • The First Lady’s Chiweshe rally where G40 reportedly sang and danced to “maZezuru Unconquerable” is the most regrettably tribalistic utterance from our rulers. Such people cannot accuse others of tribalism. That would be hypocritical.

  10. Zvava kumaker sense. As goons are eating each other cooking oil is disappearing from shops n appearing in street corners. l God will fight your battles!!!!!!!

  11. moyo dzidzisa baba ava kuti idofo vanotaura kwavasina kuswera zvavakanhonga munewspaper votofamba nazvo havanyare

  12. Comment…Mnangagwa is testing his own medicine,pakadzingwa Mai Mujuru wakapembera,zvakanakira Gonzo kana achinyenga nzou,kana akuda kunyengwawo anodaidzira kuti kwangu kudiki.

  13. Apa pave kushanda chikoro zvino. Garwe is not learned at as compared to the philosophical Jonono. go Jonono take the croc head on its a toothless croc. Naro tidye stalle zvedu isu.kkkkkk

  14. Why do they no just expel Emmerson from the party like they did with Joice Mujuru? Just say he is plotting against Mugabe, end of story.

    • Mugabe has split loyalties. His wife wants Ed out but he knows they have a long history together, he can’t just get rid of him overnight. ED was Mugabe’s errand boy, he knows too much. Jabulani Sibanda was jailed for saying power is not sexually transmitted, he foresaw this long ago. Lastly, Mugabe only looks out for Mugabe, he wants to die in power, cant trust anyone. Where the hell is Sibanda now????

      • @Zuze -you are totally wrong. Mugabe has no friends, never had any friends. Whether Emmerson knows too much does not matter.

  15. Comment…Guyz munangagwa is the chief architect of mujuru downfall Im not saying mujuru is a good person but aisafanira kudzinwa kunge chana chitoko like that so munangagwa must sink the same way then Jonso will follow followed by Dr G mbuya vaSimba then Zanu pf will be strong again

  16. Jonso urimbwa haunyari kuita ruvengo rwakadaro. Asi wakazvarirwa pachitembo. Chasara kuroya ndokunge usingatoroyi izvozvi

  17. Huuuuu no laughing matter. Things fall apart.seems we do not have leaders in Zim. We have power hungry mafias. Revolution was not about bread and butter to the masses we now know what it was all about.

  18. urayanayi mupedzane kuti dhuu dhuu kna hanya nani chidhoma chekwaChivi…hanzi zanupf inzou haicheuki tumbwanana twunogwauta……pedzeranayi ikoko…..soon will be @ HEROES acre….watch this space

  19. Lawyers are after money and they always tell you they will win any case for you even with overwhelming evidence. The President made public Moyo’s allegations against Ngwena at the Bindura rally and that is corroborating evidence. Majonga denied ever having any confrontation with Munangagwa and referred the Press to their source as he did not know anything about that case. Muromo webenzi ndiwo musungo waro and Jonso is one such madman who utters rubbish before thinking, just like Mboko inozviti Mphoko. Munangagwa is a lawyer and Moyo you are still a student. Handeyi tione.

  20. Comment… When you go technical, it means your defense is “mambara”. Technically you can be penalized for time wasting. If Ed files his particulars in time allowed in terms of court rules Jonso still has obligation to answer every allegation. What it means is that Jonso ari PA tight. Book intelligence is quite different from wisdom. Both sides Jonso is on the wire. Jonso uses politics of lies and deception.ZIMBABWE is unique it has ordinary reasonable people. They analyse every perceived fact before acting, which is why Jonso the learned finds himself where he is now. Good luck.

  21. “Pamberi ne ice cream Yamai’..pamberi..Zanu PF circus on a roller coaster we just watch from a distance with frenzied excitement .who cares!

  22. It is surprising that people are sympathetic to Mnangagwa yet he has been riding the same donkey with his Zanu PF. colleagues. He is just as accountable if not the most notorious of all Zanu PF. cadres. He has natural hate and one can easily see his evil right from his face and eyes. Its unfortunate Zimbabweans love those individuals who oppose the President yet they have been part of all the rot that all of Zimbabwe is worried of.

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