George Weah attends TB Joshua’s church service


LAGOS — Liberia’s leading presidential candidate and football legend George Weah yesterday attended a Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (Scoan)church service in Lagos, Nigeria to “seek God’s face” for his nation.

The famous Liberian Senator was part of a multi-cultural congregation at Scoan led by Pastor TB Joshua.

During his sermon which was broadcast live on popular Christian channel Emmanuel TV, Joshua warmly welcomed Weah and spoke directly to him.

“My brother is here today because he loves his country and wants God’s choice for his country,” Joshua stated. “He is not here to impose himself. What does God say about his country, Liberia? What is God’s opinion? That is why he is here.”

The cleric went further to reiterate that he was not favouring any particular side of the political spectrum, but his own role was to pray for “the will of God” to be done in the nation of Liberia. — Reuters


  1. Liberians will regret if they vote George Weah out of emotions. Having been a senator for the last 3 years, uneducated Weah has proved that he lacks the adminstrative skills to deliver and only thrives on football glory and flamboyant showmanship. This is synonymous to rural Americans who voted for fast-talking and know-nothing TV actor billionaire Donald Trump out of hysterical euphoria. Both men lack moral character, temperament, financial discipline and skills to run the office. Money and fame are secondary factors to consider during an election .

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